Harry Potter. Harley Siruis is the boy who lived. His brother Harry is ignored. Harry/Ginny

Chapter One

Lily Rose Potter cooed at her new sons, along with James Harley Potter. "There beautiful", she whispered. "Aren't they", James grinned.

"What shall we name them, my love", James asked. "This one will be Harry James Potter, and this one will be Harley Siruis Potter", she said. "You can pick the godfathers", she said.

"Remus will be the godfather to Harry, and Siruis to Harley", James said. "Come here love", and the married couple kissed.

Halloween, 1981

"Lily, he's here. Take Harry and Harley and apparate to the Burrow", James yelled as the gate at the front garden exploded.

"No, i'm not leaving you", Lily screamed. "You have to. Please, think of the children", suddenly, the door exploded, and Lily turned around and screamed.

Voldermort grinned at their faces. "Where is the little ones then", he asked, taunting them.

Lily quickly ran upstairs, and Voldermort was stopped by James. "If you want them, take me instead", he snapped.

"Oh, Crucio", he said, and James screamed in agony. Lily heard the screams, but she ignored them. "Come on boys", she whispered as she saw Harry and Harley in their cots.

She picked up Harley and was about to pick Harry when the door exploded. Lily turned around, still holding Harley. "Where is James", Lily asked the monster.

"He is in pain. Now stand aside, mudblood, and you will be safe", he said. "No", she said, still holding onto Harley. "I have no choice then. Crucio".

Lily dropped to the floor, screaming in pain. Voldermort turned his wand to Harley. "Avada Kedarva", he said.

However, something happened. Harry's cot flew up to the killing curse, and the cot exploded Harry screamed as he was chucked aside.

Voldermort screamed in pain as his curse hit him on the head, and the curse hit Harley as well. Lily didn't notice Voldermort vanish.

She saw Harley crying, and saw a scar shaped like a lighting bolt. "My boy is famous", she whispered, before passing out.

1988, Harry and Harley's Birthday.

Harry James Potter awoke as the sunlight hit his face. He got up, and his small feet carried him to the nearby bookshelve. He picked up one of his favorite books, and continued to read it.

Harry heard the door knock. "Get us. It is your birthday, boy. And i swear, if you do anything like last year, i will kill you", James Harley Potter shouted.

Harry quickly dropped his book and made the bed up and cleaned up the room. Harry was a rather smart boy, as he continued to read books and his knowledge increased.

The only person that cared for him in the world was the house elf Winnie, and his godfather Remus John Lupin.

Ever since his twin brother, Harley, was declared the boy who lived to the world, Harry was ignored and shouted at most of his life.

He never understood why James and Lily loved him so very much, but one moment they hated him, wanting nothing to do with him.

Harley was spoiled rotten, as he always got what he wanted. Harry, on the other hand, had gotten chocolate frogs, and books from Remus. The latter was most dearing to him.

However, his other deared persent was a cat from Siruis, when he was younger. He named the cat Snowy, and Harley was jealous. Once, he tried to kill the cat, but Remus stopped him.

Harry opened the bedroom door and saw Lily looking at him. "Harry, the Weasleys are coming, so you are to stay in your room, is that clear", she said. Harry nodded.

"Good, get showered and changed", and with that, Lily walked off. Harry had tears in his eyes, but he shrugged it off.

One Hour later and the Weasleys arrived, and Harry continued to read Hogwarts: A History. He then heard crying coming from out the hall. Harry listened in.

"Why would you play Quittich", Harley's voice rang through the hall. "Yeah", someone else said. Must be one of the Weasleys.

"Please", a girls voice was heard, and she was crying. "I cccaannn". "No you can't. Girls can't play", and with that, the two boys walked off.

Harry opened the door. "What's wrong", Harry asked. "Who are you", she asked, tears on her cheeks. "Harry Potter, Harley's twin brother", he said.

"Why weren't you down there", the girl asked. "Because i wasn't allowed to", he explained. "That's horrible. I can't believe they would do that", she said. "What is your name".

"Ginevra Molly Weasley, but please just call me Ginny, everyone else does", she said. "Come in Ginny", Harry said.

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