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{{Character infobox|image =
Danielle Boyd

Danielle in "Kidnapped - Part 1"

|birth = February 14th, 1993

|death = --

|gender = Female

|height = 5' 7"

|hair = Brown

|eyes = Hazel/Blue

|affiliation =

|role =

Danielle Boyd is a recurring character on the American crime drama television series Law & Order: Miami and she is youngest sister of Ashlee Boyd and Jake Boyd and the aunt of Ella Boyd and Samantha Boyd.

She is portrayed by actress Aimee Teegarden.




Kidnapped - Part 1Edit

Kidnapped - Part 2Edit

Kidnapped - Part 3Edit

"Jake, please don't hurt me, please?" (To her older brother, begging him to not kill her)

Black JusticeEdit

Who Shot Harris? (Part 1)Edit

Who Shot Harris? (Part 2)Edit

Who Shot Harris? (Part 3)Edit

Who Shot Harris? (Part 4)Edit

Who Shot Harris? (Part 5)Edit

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