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Dante Vaughn is a main character in the American Crime Drama, Law & Order: Miami.

Dante is played by actor James Marsden.


Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, Dante Vaughn always wanted to become a law enforcement officer, and eventually, he joined a Miami Police Academy, where he trained for over a year until he became a police officer. His most notable act in his career was when he single-handedly busted a drug ring near Daytona Beach, and received a promotion to Junior Detective for a Homocide Bureau in Miami, where he worked there for two years. Again, he performed another amazing feat by catching a serial rapist who preyed on more than 10 women. He was promoted to Senior Detective, and was transferred to the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science Bureau in the heart of Miami.


Detective Lance Carlson - Dante and Lance's relationship can be compared to a brother-brother relationship, since the two look out for each other during dangerous situations and they both care about each other's well being. Their friendship is fully demonstrated in the episode "Agenda".

Detective Ashlee Boyd - Vaughn and Boyd were not originally friends, since they barely talked to each other, but in the episode "Square One", Vaughn and Boyd started to become good friends. Since then, they've been good partners during certain cases and have often helped each other out when either of them were in trouble.

Captain Russ Griffith - Originally, Vaughn never really took a liking to Griffith because of his gun-ho attitude and nonchalant behavior, but eventually, Vaughn learned that he liked Griffith because of his nonchalant behavior. He found him to be "exceptionally cool under tough situations", and this is demonstrated greatly in the episode "From The Ashes". When Griffith died from anthrax poisoning, Vaughn was kneeling next to him as he tried to coach Griffith to stay breathing, but the captain passed away, which left Vaughn inconsolable.

Detective Owen Juarez - Dante's friendship with Owen is not the text-book type, since the two frequently argue about the decisions made by court systems, lawyers, and judges. Since their political and religious views are both different, they never get along with each other often. This is demonstrated in the episode, "Differences".

Tricia Harding - Tricia Harding is Dante's girlfriend. The two met in a fancy restaurant where Tricia worked as a part-time waitress. The two eventually began to go out and decided to move in together. In the Season Six episode "Biblical", Dante discovers that Tricia is pregnant with twins, which forever changed the two's relationship, since Dante would propose to Tricia in the next episode, "Nuptials". By the episode "Found Out", the couple were happily married and awaiting the arrival of their twins children.

Favored Weapon

Glock VBR 7.92 Pistol


  • Dante has an A- blood type.
  • Had never been married, Up until the episode "The Wedding"..
  • His closest friends in the CIFS are Lance Carlson and Colin Harper.
  • According to Dante, his girlfriend's/Wife's name is Tricia. She first appeared in Season 2.
  • Is right-handed.
  • Is the most accurate shooter on the CIFS team.
  • It is revealed in the episode "Undone" that Dante's sister was killed by a robber while working in a convenience store.
  • He stated in the episode "Nupitals" that he had a brother in Tampa and that he had another sister who lived in Tulsa.
  • Does not like Owen Juarez due to their differences.
  • Likes rock music.
  • Has a personal fear of falling.

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