Dark Hydroid Medusa

Dark Hydroid Medusa has two features: Capturing victims to add them to the sith legion or combat mode.

The Dark Hydroid Medusa is another creepy Sith creature that resembles the Hydroid Medusas from the Clone Wars. They are often used to capture or kill the enemies of the Dark side. They got electric tendrils and tentacles and are almost impossible to stop due to strong armor and they can travel through space and air and water and the size of a Minotaur Class Battlecruiser. If they capture someone with their tentacles the victims will be paralyzed and then become prisoners to the sith. After the Transformers Wars the Dark Hydroid Medusa were exterminated to the last monster jellyfish in order to never see these monsters again.

Capture Mode

In Capture mode they grab victims with their many tendrils and tentacles but also wraps em up then poison them with dark side poisoning which stuns them but not kill em.

Combat Mode

In combat mode they are swinging their tentacles which grabs, shocks, crushes and destroys its victims.

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