Name: Dark Kagami

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: 10th

Relatives: Fuma Kagami (Twin Sister), Light Yagami (Father), C.C (Mother), Mr. Matsuda (Cousin)


Dark is one of the main protagonists of the series. Dark was born a day after Fuma was born. He is very sickly and is not active much. Instead of having gym, Dark has music and plays the violin very well. He is the chosen keyblade master (Along with his sister) and like his sister, is the one who can relink the chains of memories. Dark seems to always have a run-in with women (Though he hates it). He seems to hate having the attention of women. He also has a club named after him. He also hates having women fall in love with him. Dark is also tormented by his father who wants Dark to be just like him. He then snapped and attacked Fuma in rage of hating perfection. But Roxas appeared and stopped Dark who ran off the Ashford Pond. He looked at himself in the river and saw Light thus activated his neass and started cutting himself. Kira came along and saw Dark hurting himself and try to stop him but it didn't work. He was then knocked out by Zoro and taken to Disney Castle. He awoke to see Kairi standing at the door of the room. He activated his neass and pointed his arm bone sword at her telling her to back away. But Kairi tries to comfort Dark and then Ichigo comes and Dark snaps at him blaming him for everything and throws the badge summon at him. Ichigo accidently lets out the remark that he should go join his freak father. This causes Dark to starts screaming and hurting himself to the point of death. He was wrapped in bandages and after a while was able to go back to school.


Neass AbilityEdit

Dark has the ability to turn any part of his bone structure into a weapon. He can turn his back ribs into wings. Make his fingers into claws. Turn his whole entire arm into a sword-like weapon. Combine his arms into a bone shield and much more. But due to his ill state, the Neass effects his body.


Keyblade 1

The badge summon and keyblade

Dark when he summons his keyblade can also gain gliding boots that allow him quick speed. Dark is also the chosen keyblade master.



ZERO, Dark's Knightmare

ZERO is Dark's Knightmare who was created by Alice (COM). It can only be piloted by Dark and activated by his keychain. The only downside is that it can react to his emotions too and shut down when is not feeling well.

Other formsEdit

Berserk ModeEdit

After getting stabbed by Light Yagami, Dark began to act berserk at random. His eyes will glow and he would be faster in speed and stronger. He would do it in a rage of hating perfection.

Soul ReaperEdit

16051-kira uzuru large
After attempting to kill Fuma and hurting himself, Dark was taken to Disney Castle to heal. While there, Dark made up his mind to become a soul reaper to get stronger. He begged Ichigo to train him (Ichigo refused because he didn't remember how to train to become a soul reaper) but after a while helped Dark become one.

His zanpakuto Nigai Bara (Bitter Rose) is activated by 'Arise'. His sword is in the shape of rose with the hilt as a petal. He can create rose petals out of dark energy.


Zero Code Geass by Orph sama
In order to bring peace between Britannia and China, Dark decided to bring back the Black Knights. He and Fuma both act as the roll of Zero.

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