Harry Potter. Anna Wilkin saves Harry from going to the Dursleys. Harry/Ginny Goes through Years One to Four

Dark Swan and The Philosopher's Stone

Harry, Neville and Padma become friends in their first year, and something is trying to steal the Philosopher's stone. Meanwhile, Harry's guardian Anna's most tragic events are revealed.


The lone figure of Anna Melissa Wilkin walked up the hill, not knowing where she was going. She was huanted by her nightmares. How her husband and family had been killed in front of her.

"Can you please make Andrew shut up", Anna moaned.

Her mother frowned. "You know, you shouldn't speak to your brother like that", she snapped.

"Why should i. I mean, he is asking what Hogwarts is like, and i keep telling him, but he just won't listen", she nearly screamed.

Andrew stuck his tounge out as Melissa Artemis stared to shout at her. Sometimes, she hated her family. "And don't think of contacting Alice and Lily, i'm banning you from using your owl".

Anna frowned. Lily Rose Evans and Alice Sarah Brown were her friends. James Harold Potter had a crush on Lily, and Alice had a crush on Frank Ian Longbottom.

"Why no-", she was cut off, as a big boom was heard. "Oh no", Melissa whispered.

"Get into the basement, NOW", She screamed as another big boom was heard. This time, the wall exploded, and two massive trolls stood in.

Anna quickly grabbed Andrew and both fled into the basement. Anna turned around to see where her mother was, and heard screams.

"Stay here", Anna ordered Andrew, and ran upstairs to see what was happening. She was horrified of what she saw.

She saw the infamous death eater Alya Chow Black, Siruis Orion Black's relative. Siruis wasn't a death eater, most of his family was.

What she saw chiled her. Mellisa was getting raped by Black, and Black hadn't noticed her. However, Melissa did.

"Please", She mothed. "Go".

Anna forgot about the trolls, as one tried to hit her with a club, whic barely missed her. Anna raised her wand. "Soptimus".

As expected, Alya's head exploded. She had overheard Alister Moody and Albus Dumbledore talking about the curse.

However, Melissa soon died from her injures. "NO", Melisa screamed. However, the troll tried to pick her up, which caused the monster to trip up and flaten her mother.

Anna rushed outside, avoided the other troll, and ran down the basement. She saw a death eater, Marlon Malfoy, holding a dead Andrew.

"SOPTIMUS", She screamed, and Marlon was not hit. Andrew was. Anna screamed in rage and used the curse on Malfoy.

Soon, the trolls had destroyed the manor, and she heard sirens. Order of the Phoneix were there. They couldn't get into the basement, but when they did, something frightened them.

Anna was singing songs to a dead Andrew, not caring about the Order. "What do you want", she asked, weekly, and fainted.

Anna shuddered at the thought. She was nearly placed to St. Mungos, but she managed to accept that her family was dead. Her father was committed suicide when he heard the news.

Anna then remembered her husband's tragic death. Neil Feren, a hufflepuff muggleborn. She was Gryffindor, although the sorting hat seriously considered her to be in Ravenclaw.

"Neil, what is that noise", Anna asked lazily. "Something down the kitchen. I should have a look", he said. "Wait, this doesn't add up. I hear laughing", Anna whispered.

Neil's eyes widened. "Josh has betrayed us", he whispered. Anna looked furous. "This is ever so sweet for my revenge", she said.

Just then, the door blasted open and in came Lucious Malfoy, Crabbie and Goyle. Goyle raised his wand, and killed Neil on the very spot.

Anna dropped her wand. She looked on as Neil managed a week smile, before passing on. Anna got up, and tackled Goyle to the ground.

She barely avoided the killing curse Malfoy used, and kicked him in the privates. She turned around and punched Crabbie's nose.

She rushed to where she dropped her wand and raised it at Crabbie. "SOPITUMUS", but the deadly curse avoided him.

Malfoy, Crabbie and Goyle quickly apparated. Josh came the next minute to see if the death eaters had done their deed.

What he hadn't expected was Anna to butched the living days out of him, chop his head and stick it up in the wall.

It was that day she was aproved to use Unforgivables, but if she did it to a innocent, she would be sent into a life sentance in Azkaban.

Anna had been told by Dumbledore that James and Lily were dead, Harry was still alive and the Dursleys were getting him.

Anna was raging. She had met Vernon Dudley Dursley and his wife and Lily's sister, Petunia Janet Dusley.

It seemed like luck, as she witnessed Hagrid drove off into the night with Siruis's bike, and McGonagall and Dumbledore apparate away.

She quickly changed into her animagus form, a Kneezle and quickly ran to the doorstep. She changed form and picked baby Harry James Potter.

"You are so much like James, and you have Lily's eyes", she whispered. However, there was an ugly scar on his forehead. "You-Know-Who did this to you".

The actual name was cursed, as if saying it, death eaters found you. Once, Anna and her partner, Gordon Brown, had been chased by death eaters when they said it.

Gordon had a child now. Lavendar Brown. Anna looked at Harry. She had not seen him at all when James and Lily went into hiding the moment he was born.

Anna quickly picked up Harry, and apparated. She wished she hadn't done this, but she had no choice now.

She was at Wilkin Manor. Anna quickly opened the door, and was soon greeted by the sight of her two house elfs, Brownie and Tooney.

Brownie was the male, and Tooney was the female. The elfs had been in her family for many generations. She let out a tear as she remembered her other elf, Sammy.

Sammy had been murdered during the Artemis invasion, most likely by the troll. She had given birth Brownie the week before, and Brownie survived.

Brownie was forced to be given clothes, and after she and Neil met, she managed to get Brownie back. Brownie came with his wife, Tooney.

"Mistrees Wilkin", both of them said happily. "Tooney, can you take care of Harry. Brownie, can you pack your belongings as well as Tooney's", she asked.

They obeyed with out question. Anna dashed upstairs, and packed her belongings.

She quickly ran downstairs. She decided going to New York, along with her elfs and Harry.

"Brownie, Tooney", she said. Tooney was enjoying playing with Harry. "Yes, Brownie asks why we are going".

"Becuase we are going into hiding, along with Harry", she answered. "Come on".

Chapter Two

It had been exactly four years since the boy who lived had been kidnapped. The Wizarding World in Britan was horrified, but some who knew Anna thought she had taken the boy under her wing. Of course, those people were right.

Harry James Potter Wilkin was an intelligent boy for his age. People picked on him in class because he was smarter, intelligent than him.

Brownie and Tooney had one child, Sally. Tooney was yet again pregnant.

"Harry, lunch", Anna called out into the garden. Harry looked up, and carried his bookw with him. "What is your book darling", she asked.

"Hogwarts Founders, Life Before Hogwarts".

Anna was impressed. She knew she and Lily were brainy, but this was just wow.

"Okay, here is your sausages", she gave Harry the plate of sausages, who happly eat it.

Anna had told Harry what happened to his parents. He kept asking for storys, which she happily told him about James, although she never told Harry about Lily. It was just too painful.

Harry happily eat it. After he eat it, he rushed outside. Anna looked on as he read more books. "A Ravenclaw himself", she whispered.

Finaly, it was Harry's Eleventh Birthday. Anna and her new husband, Remus Lupin, were at the kitchen, talking.

She wasn't going to lie. She had a crush on Remus during Hogwarts, but that crush went away when she met Neil.

"Hello, Darling", Remus said as he softly kissed her lips. "Hello", Harry said as he walked in the kitchen. Harry was polite, intelligent and caring.

Harry also wanted to be an anmigus. Anna had two animal's. One was an owl, the other was a kneezle. She felt this way, if she wanted to sneak on her enemies, nothing would look suspicious, unless they met the small mark on her forehead.

They had moved back to England when Harry was nine, which is when she met Remus. Remus didn't want to fall in love with Anna, since he was a werewolf. But he did.

Anna had also became friends with Siruis Black's cousin, Andromenda. Siruis was the secret keeper who betrayed the potters, but his cousin was nice enough.

Andromenda also had a daughter that had been training as an auror. Nymphadora Tonks, A.K.A Tonks, as she hated her name.

"Own thoughts", Remus asked. Anna blushed and playfully punched him. Two Owls came in, one with Harry's hogwarts letter, the other was from Ginevra Molly Weasley.

They had met the Weasleys. Harry only made friends with Ginny, the twins and Bill. The others, he didn't like them so much. He had made Ginny smart as well, so they had a lot in common.

Ronald Billuis Weasley was a different story. They had nothing in common, hated each other at first sight, and Harry had pranked him hundreads of times, which made the twins put to blame.

Harry read out loud the hogwarts letter. "We can get you a cat or another owl which could keep Hedwig company", Anna asked.

"The cat", Harry said. Hedwig was a snowy white owl, who loved Harry, and Harry loved her.

Harry opened Ginny's Letter.

Dear Harry James Potter Lupin

Why do you have to leave. I will be stuck hear for the rest of the year. (Yes, i'm moaning. A real big shocker) Oh well, i guess i might as well read books. Just to let you know, the twins pranked Ron, which made mum go mental, another big shocker. It was rather funny. Ron doesn't suit pink for hair, that's for sure.

Anyway, i can't see you the rest of summer. Mum and Dad are making me play with Ron, as he is leaveing. I mean, they never did that when the others left, did he.

From Your Loving Friend, Ginny Molly Weasley

P.S Write to me when you are away. I wouldn't be surprised you or me will be put int Rowena's house.

Chapter Three

Harry was glad the Diagon Alley trip was finished. First, people asked him how he defeated Voldermort and thanked him lots.

Second, Harry found Ginny crying, as Ron had insulted her. Ron was not punished, and Harry was raged, but he calmed down.

Third, Harry found out his wand from Ollivander that the wand was brother to Voldermort's wand. Harry was not least surprised to expect more bombshells.

Fourth, Harry had bought a full kneezle named Helga. Helga was his companion, as well as Hedwig. Helga was pretty smart knowing who to trust and what not too.

Fifth, he said goodbye to Ginny. Both were upset, and both were near into tears. "I will write to you Ginny", he said.

"Promise", she sobbed.


Harry waved s the train sped away. Ginny chased after the train, ignoring people looking. She half waved, half cried as the train went out of sight.

Harry found a compartment with Neville Longbottom, and his toad Trevor, who was trying to get away. "Hello".

"Hello", he said shyly. "I'm Harry Potter, who are you", Harry asked. "Neville Longbottom", his face went scarlet as he relised he was talking to the boy who lived.

It was the same as Ginny when both of them became friends, although she quickly grew out of it. "What is your toad's name", Harry asked.

"Trevor, what is your cats", Neville asked. Harry had gave Hedwig to Ginny, so she could write a letter and send it to him the next morning.

"Helga, after Helga Hufflepuff. She's a full kneezle", Harry explained. "Oh, is that the house you want to be in", Neville asked.

"No i want to be in Ravenclaw. I would have named her Rowena, but i had a dog named Rowena when i was five", Harry explained. Rowena was a happy dog, and quite smart. She bonded with Helga quite well.

"My gran wants me to be in Gryffindor, but i don't think i am brave enough. But maybe i could be in Ravenclaw", he said.

"Yeah", Harry said. Anna was a gryffindor, like his mother and Alice Longbottom, Neville's mother. "Neville, your mother is my guardian's friend", Harry said.

Neville was lost for words. "Sorry", Harry whispered, meaning it. Frank and Alice Longbottom were tortured into insanity as they tried to escape Longbottom Manor with Neville.

"It's okay", and with that, both boys became friends. Ron came in, as smug as ever.

"Potter, what did you say to my sister before you got here", he huffed. Ron was jealous that his sister was friends with Harry, and not him.

"None of your buissness, you jealous strewt", Harry snapped. "Get out", and Ron stormed off. Moments later, a bushy haired girl came in.

"That was not very nice. My friend is upset you shouted at him", she said in an ever so bossy attitude. "I don't care, all because i'm friends with his sister and not him doesn't mean he should come here like he owns the place", Harry said.

"Fine", she huffed and stormed off, looking for her 'friend'. "That, was something", Neville whispered. Harry could only nod.

Soon, Harry opened his chocolate frogs, and shared them with Neville. "I've already got Janet Franinson", Harry said. Janet was a witch who saved the Minister of Magic's life in 1654.

"Oh, i haven't got Dumbledore", Harry said. Harry had a collection, since he was fasinated with famous wizards and witches. And there was Dumbledore, in his hand. "Read it out", Neville asked. Harry nodded. "Okay".

"Considered by many to be the greatest wizard of modern times, Dumbledore is particulary famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of Dragon's Blood, and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. Professor Dumbledore enjoys Chamber Music and Tenpin Bowling.

"Isn't Flamel the maker of the Philosopher's stone", Harry asked Neville. Neville shrugged. "I don't know what the stone is", he answered.

"Anna is a friend of Flamel and his wife. The stone makes him immortal, as with his wife. I think they are soul bonded", Harry said.

"Isn't that a myth", Neville whispered in shock. "No".

They were interrupted by a pale boy with blonde hair. "Is it true Potter's here", he said. "Yes", Harry said and stood up. "You must be Malfoy".

"How dare you speak as if i'm such a blood traitor like the Weasley". Punch. Harry punched Malfoy on the nose. "Don't you dare speak of Ginny and her family like that, do you understand", Harry yelled. Malfoy nodded, tears in his eyes.

Soon, the train ride went peaceful after that. They got changed and the train stopped. The next great adventure began.

Chapter Four

Harry, Neville and the rest of the first years stepped out of the school. Rebeus Hagrid greeted Harry, as he was friends with his parents, Remus and Anna.

"Heh, Arry. Just get on them boat now", he said. Harry, Neville, Padma Patil and Lisa Turpin shared a boat as they led to the castle of Hogwarts.

The sight of Hogwarts was amazing, and everyone was gobsmacked, including Harry. "Wow", Harry whispered.

As the boats stopped, everyone got off. Hagrid led them to Hogwarts, where a stern looking woman greeted them. "Follow me", she said.

The first years followed her, and Harry knew this woman must be Minerva McGonagall, leader of Gryffindor.

"Welcome to Hogwarts. As some of you will know, there is four different types of houses you will be staying. There is Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytheren. You will stay in that house for the next seven years. If you are good, you will be rewarded house points, and you will lose such house if you are caught making mischeif".

Soon, they were led into the Great Hall. Everyone was quiet.

"Abbot, Hannah", McGonagall said. She placed the hat on said child, and 20 seconds later, the call was HUFFLEPUFF.

Soon, it was Neville's turn. Thirty seconds passed, and Neville was put in Ravenclaw. Harry grinned, as did Padma. She had became their friend while on the boat.

Patil, Padma was called out. Harry wished her luck as the sorting hat was placed on her head. Before it could even touch her, it called out Ravenclaw.

Harry was called, and there was whispers and bets around the hall. The hat was put on Harry.


What is intersting sir

It seems you are the heir of Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw. Though you have traits for the other two houses, you must pick one of these.

Maybe Rowena's house

My god, you are intelligent. RAVENCLAW.

There was chears. There was yells. There was excitement as Harry Potter ran and sat next to Padma, and across from Neville.

Harry noticed Ron was next. "Gryffindor", Harry mumbled. However, what shocked him the most as Ron was placed into Slytheren. Harry saw Ron mouth to him, 'Your fault'.

As Dumbledore told them about what not to do, the feast appeared. Harry had a conversation with Padma and Nevile.

Soon enough, the prefects lead them to the Dormitry. There was hundreads of bookcases, and the painting of the wall was deep blue.

Harry saw the Grey Lady. According to History, Rowena's daughter, Helena, stole her diadem and fled Hogwarts castle.

William Slytheren, son of Salazar Slytheren and squib, was payed to find Helena. He was in love with her, but she refused to go with him. He killed her in a fit of rage before killing himself, thus making him the bloody baron.

However, Wilkin Library said otherwise. Yes, she did steal the diadem. Only Rowena went mad with power and blamed William, and made him in a duel with her son, Jermeny.

Jermeny was killed, and Rowena poisned William. She then searched for Helena, as this was recorded all in her diary.

She found Helena, and murdered her after revealing the truth. Helena's last words wad, 'I'm free". Rowena hid the diadem in the forest. She then covered her tracks, and Salazar killed her in revenge of his son, before getting killed by Godric Gryffindor, who misunderstood the situation.

Harry let Helga snuggle up to him, wrote a letter to Ginny to send in the morning and fell asleap.

The letter wrote.

Dear Ginny,

I was sorted into Ravenclaw. YES. Anyway, i became friends with Neville Frank Longbottom and Padma Parama Patil. Anyway, i made a couple of enemies. First, there was a bossy sort of girl who should have been in Ravenclaw but is in Gryffindor. Her name is Hermione Jean Granger. Ron, as usual, although he was sorted into Slytheren, along with another enemie, Draco Scorpius Malfoy. Ron doesn't have deceny, as he mouthed it was my fault that i put him in Slytheren. Yeah, right. I'm smart, but i'm not that smart.

Anyway, better get going. Best wishes.

Harry Potter

P.S These beds look comfy enough

Chapter Five

Harry, Neville and Padma had gotten used to the classes, and Harry and Padma had earned more points than Hermione Granger, who was the third smartest in the class, and would glare at the two.

Neville needed confidence, as all his subjexts were disaters except from Charms and Herbology. It was a Thursday, and the three of them were heading down to dinner.

"Do you think we should visit Hagrid", Harry asked before they stepped in. "Sure, why not", Padma said, and the trio walked out of Hogwarts to Hagrids' Cabin.

They knocked on the door, and Hagrid answered. "Arry, nice to see you. Bought some of yer friends", he said as he noticed Neville and Padma. "Come in, come in".

As they eat and drank the most horid thing in the world (and compared to Remus cooking, that was saying something) they still made friends with the half giant.

Harry noticed the newspaper on the table. "Hey, it says here that Gringotts was robbed", Harry said. Padma and Neville were curious, while Hagrid looked away.

"Hagrid, do you know something", Harry asked. "Well, i've got the philosopher's sto-", he relised he spoke. "Forget i said anything".

Harry knew what the Philosopher Stone was. It was a stone that granted Nicloas and his wife to live forever, and never to die.

Harry told both of them when they got out of the cabin. "Do you think they are guarding the Philosopher's stone in the third corridor", Padma asked.

"That does make sense, come to think of it", Harry agreed. Neville nodded. "We better get to bed. Snape first thing tomorrow".

Snape as Harry's least faovite teacher. Anna and Remus warned Harry about him, as he was in love with his mother and hated her his father, so he might resent Harry.

That Friday evening, Harry, Neville and Padma were in the Common room, and waited for the students go to the bed.

"Do you think we should do this", Padma asked for the hundreadth time.

"Yes, we need to know if we are right. I mean, why put it in Hogwarts, of all places", Harry explained. Neville was quiet.

"I don't think we should", he spoke. "It isn't any of our buisness", he said. Padma agreed, and Harry knew he was won out. "Fine".

As Harry and Ginny kept writing letters to each other, Ron grew more and more jealous as he saw Harry with his two friends.

"Honestly Ronald. Stop thinking they are up to something", Hermione snapped. Ron turned around. "At least i'm not in love with that freak", Ron hissed. Hermione had a crush on Harry, and Ron hated her.

"At least my sister isn't a tramp for growing ever so close with Potter", Hermione defended herself, even insulting her crush in the process.

"That's it, go and get killed by a troll or something, i don't care", Ron shouted and stormed off. Hermione had tears in her eyes. Halloween was the worst day in her life, as her baby sister had been killed last halloween.

Hermione quickly ran to the girls bathroom, sobbing. She saw Padma washing her hands. "Hello Hermione", she smiled until she relised she was crying.

"Hermione, what happened", Padma asked. Hermione grew jealous. "You are closer to Harry than i am, bitch. Stupefy", and with that, Padma fell unconscious.

Hermione panicked. "Oh no", she whispered, and she heard something behind her. She turned around and saw Harry and Neville.

"No", Hermione screamed, and she quickly ran away from the bathroom. Harry and Neville rushed in, and saw Padma.

"Oh m god", Harry whispered. "Hermi-", they were cut off as they saw a troll behind them. Harry and Neville turned around, and saw a mountain troll.

Anna paced around the hallway. She had just got news that Harry had been attacked by a troll, which gave her nightmares since what happened that night.

Harry, Neville and Padma had been attacked by a troll. Padma had been injured, thus because she was stunned at the time.

Neville had been found near a bloody Harry, and a dead troll. Neville had bloodshot eyes, which reminded Anna of herself when her family had been murdered.

"Miss Lupin", came Madam Pomfrey. "Is he alright", Anna asked, fearing the worse. "He will be in the hospital wing for a week, you can see him if you will like", she asked.

Anna came in, and saw Harry lying in the bed. Next to him was Neville, who was apolgising over and over. In the next bed, there was Padma, who had bandages over her arm.

After making sure the kids were alright, she asked Padma what happened. Neither Padma or Harry knew the answer of how she got stunned. All except Neville.

"I think it was Hermione Granger. She saw me and Harry, screamed and ran away. That was when we came in and saw her unconscious", Neville explained.

"I must tell the headmaster", and with that, Anna got up and walked out of the hospital wing.

"That's it, we are seeing what is in that corridor once we and Padma get out of here", Harry said. "Something is up".

Chapter Six

Hermione Jean Granger was never so sad in her life, and that includes the bullying.

She was found out to stun Padma, which led to Padma and her friends in danger, including 'her' Harry. She tried ever so much to hide from the crowd as rumors were spread that someone stunned Padma.

Hermione was found out by Dumbledore and Snape, and was giving a warning. Worst yet, she lost her friend Ron, and her crush won't even speak with her.

Meanwhile, Harry, Neville and Padma's Quittich Lessons were pushed back thanks to the Gryffindor and Slytheren incident, when Malfoy had beat the living day lights out of Dean Thomas.

Harry wasn't a good quittich flyer. He despised the sport, as did Neville and Padma. They secretly hoped another incident would let them out early.

Unfortunately, there was none, and after the lessons, they wandered off, not knowing where they were going.

"Where are we", Neville asked as they soon relised they were in the third corridor. "Oh no", Padma whispered as they saw Mrs. Norris.

They quickly sprinted to the door, and Harry tried an unlocking charm on the door. They heard Flich walking, and Harry turned around.

Padma and Neville also turned around, and Padma let out a scream. There was a three headed dog staring at the three of them.

"That thing is guarding the Philosopher's stone", Harry said as the trio were in the dormitry. "I think they must be something more than the dog", Padma said.

"Yeah, it won't make sense if it was just the dog", Neville agreed. Padma smiled at Neville.

"Right, so we have that covered. What now", Harry asked.

"Maybe, we shouldn't go after. Remember it is none of our buisnees".

Soon, Christmas came. Remus and Anna were at Remus's family's house, which was in France, so Harry and Padma stayed at Hogwarts. Neville was going to his grans.

"Oh look, mother gave me a dress", Padma frowned. "She gets me and Partival mixed up. She thinks i'm the pettie one and Partival is the bookish one", she snorted.

"Oh look, i got a sweater from Ginny and other from Mrs. Weasley", Harry beamed. He put on Ginny's one. "I'm going to wear this all holiday". Padma raised an eyebrow.

As he continued opening his presents, he found the cloak of invisibility, which was the one his father had. "My god, is that", Padma whispered. Harry nodded.

He tried it on, and he disappeared. After he put it off, Padma shook her head. "What", Harry asked. Padma pointed at the cloak.

"Your father was here twenty years ago. Invisibility cloak's are rare, and even if you have one, they only last six years", Padma said.

"That must mean, it can't be", Harry whispered. "It is the cloak from the deathly hallows", Padma answered. Harry decided to write this to Remus, Anna and Ginny. He would tell Neville in person.

As they completed their homework, they enjoyed the day. Harry and Padma even found the room of requirement. "Wow".

As Harry and Padma talked in the room, Harry had an idea. "If this is the room of requirement, can't i wish for all of the deathly hallows", Harry asked.

"I don't think it will work, but why not try", Padma said. Harry tried, but none came. "It was worth the try".

That night, Harry explored the castle, along with Padma. They found an empty room, and both stepped inside.

They found a mirror. Harry walked up to it, and relised the writing was backwards. "I show not your face but your heart's desire", Harry whispered. He looked at the mirror, and was shocked.

He saw James and Lily Potter, with him. James kissed Lily on the cheek, Harry was holding a baby girl, and Harry relised there was another woman next to him.

Ginny. Also, another couple showed up. Remus and Anna. Remus was holding a little boys hand, and Anna was holding baby twins.

"Padma, listen to this", Harry said. He explained. "Let me see", she ran up to the mirror.

"Can't you see", Harry said, excited. "No, i see me, except, i'm with a boy. I'm Minister of Magic, and have baby twins. That is nice".

Harry relised it was her dissire. To get married, have a successful life and have children. His was to have a bigger family, and start one with Ginny.

So Harry and Padma left the mirror alone, as they feared they might watch more than they intend.

One day, during February, Harry, Neville and Padma were eating when Harry relised something.

"Guys", he whispered. "What", Neville asked. "Don't you think, it is a bit odd that Quirrel sutters a lot", Harry said. "Yeah, i know", Padma said. Neville nodded.

"What if he is trying to steal the Philosopher's stone", Harry said. Just then, a flock of owls came, and Hedwig dropped a letter. Meet me at me Cabins, Hagrid at eight.

"We will find out tomorrow about your statement, Harry", Padma said, and Harry nodded.

Meanwhile, Anna was frantic. She had just found out she was pregnant, and feared for Harry, Remus, Neil, James, Lily and her unborn child. She remembered her miscarriage, which was Neil's child. The child she didn't know she had.

Anna and Evan Rosier were fighting to the death. "You can't get away with this Evan", she screamed. Evan, however, had other plans.

He kicked her in the belly, and apparated. Anna screamed bloody murder until Alister Moody had found her.

Anna had suffered a miscarriage, for a baby she didn't know she had.

Chapter Seven

Harry, Neville and Padma were shocked to say the least. Hagrid had a dragons egg, and it was about to hatch.

Harry managed to convince Hagrid to sent the egg away. "I might as well", he wept. Harry contacted Charlie Weasley.

Neville was pushed by Malfoy down the stairs the day they were to sent the dragon away.

"I think he knows something", Padma whispered as she saw Malfoy grinning at them.

However, they didn't care, as they managed to sneak the egg to Charlie. They were about to go downstairs when Padma noticed the invisibility cloak on the floor. "Harry".

Both witnessed Malfoy getting a shout from McGonagall, and both nearly laughed out loud.

Then Harry remembered the confrontation for Quirrel. Neville was still at the hospital wing, so both decided to confront him after class.

"Sir", Harry said as the class went away. He and Padma were face to face with Quirell. "Yeesss whhhattt isss ittt", he sputtered.

"Do you know anything about the Philosopher's stone", Harry asked. Quirell soon got enraged. "Yes, Harry Potter. It is time for you and your bitch to die".

Padma was throwen against the wall, making a crack. Harry was horrified as Quireel unravled his turbin, and he came face to face with Voldermort.

"Avada Kedarva", Quireel/Voldermort yelled. Harry dodged the curse. "You see, foolish young one here let me possess him", Voldermort hissed.

Harry dodged another killing curse, but this one hit in the hallway. There was screams and yells.

Harry turned around, and saw the dead body of Hermione Jean Granger in the hallway. Dumbledore and McGonagall came in, and saw Voldermort.

"Hello, Albus. Avada Kedarva", Voldermort yelled at McGonagall, who Albus pushed out of the way. Harry quickly ducked as more curses were throwen.

Soon enough, the walls were filled with cracks and furniter was astrew. Harry shook Padma awake. "Harry, what is hap-", she screamed.

Harry turned around, and saw the unconscious form of McGonagall. Voldermort quickly sprinted up to the two helpless students.

"Proffesor", Harry begged but nothing happened. Voldermort touched Harry, and Voldermort screamed in agony, as did Harry.

Soon, the world faded to black.

Chapter Eight

Harry left the hospital wing, and told Anna, Remus and Ginny that he was okay. Anna was the most worried, since she lost her husband and family before.

He had also been told Anna was pregnant. He happy for her, as she had twins. Harry then remembered his trip with the mirror of erised.

Word got out of what happened, and Harry and Padma were the star of attention, since both were so brave for faving Voldermort.

Harry didn't like the attention, and neither did Padma. It was nearing the end of first year, and Harry couldn't be more happier to see Ginny.

Harry, Neville and Padma were doing their homework when Hega sat up and fell asleap. Harry shared a bemused look with Padma, as the cat was on top of Neville, who didn't notice.

Soon, it was the last day. Harry and Neville were packing like their roommates. Harry relised he hadn't spoke to either of them, and wasn't planning too.

Hermione was buried near Hagrid's cabin. The people that were there was her parents, Harry, Padma, Neville, Ron and the staff.

Her words were marked on the grave. A bright student, who was killed by Voldermort, Bless her soul. May her memory be remembered in Hogwarts herself.

Brian and Penelope Granger thanked Harry and Padma for killing 'the bastard who took my daughter'.

As Harry, Neville and Padma were in the compartment, Padma started crying. "What is Padma", Neville and Harry asked. "It feels is if that was the last time we were at Hogwarts".

"Well, inother six years we will be all crying". Little did they know, they would be crying for something much more than never being at Hogwarts again.

Dark Swan and the Chamber of Secrets

Ginny starts her year at Hogwarts, while the heir of Slytheren unleashes a monster that is killing Muggleborns. Harry, Neville, Padma, Ginny and Luna Lovegood try to figure out who the heir is and what is the monster.


Harry James Potter sighed as he completed the last of his homework. He was grounded for putting himself in danger, for two weeks.

He had finished his homework in three days. He had nothing else to do, and so reread his books. Some time later, the door opened and Anna came in.

"Have you finished your homework", she asked. "Yes", Harry said. "Good. You are ungrounded, and Ginny's here", she said and Harry quickly dashed down the stairs. Anna grinned.

"Hello Ginny", Harry beamed as he saw his very friest best friend. "Hello Harry".

Both of them rushed up to Harry's room, and Harry told Ginny everything about the Philosopher's stone incident. "So the Flamel's decided to destroy the stone", Harry explained.

"Why", Ginny asked. "Because Voldermort wanted to steal the stone, which revealed the stone to the world", Harry explained.

They saw Helga run in. Harry picked her up, and handed her over to Ginny. "Aww", Ginny smiled as she played with the cat.

"What did Dumbledore do after Hermione was killed. Did he tell the school", Ginny asked. "Nah. Just said she died in a freak accident, but me and Padma told Neville the truth though".

"Harry", she asked.


"Will you still hang out with me at Hogwarts", she asked.

"Of course i will", Harry replyed.

"Oh, okay then".

"Ron hasn't been the same since first year", Ginny said.

"How so", Harry asked.

"I think he blames himself over Hermione's death", she said.

"Yeah, although after the Halloween incident, both of them didn't speak to each other. Ron never insulted me after Hermione died though".

Rest of the summer, Harry and Ginny become closer than ever. The Weasleys, Lupins and Harry went to Diagon Alley.

Anna was seventh month pregnant, and was going to the baby shop with Molly. Arthur, Harry and Ginny were at the clothes section.

"Mr. Weasley, can i pay for Ginny's clothes and her wand", Harry asked.

Ginny blushed. "No, Harry, it is oka-", he was cut off.

"Please, just think of it as a early christmas present", Harry said. Mr. Weasley thought, and finally said, "Okay, if you have enough Money".

Harry bought Ginny's clothes and went to Ollivander's.

"Ah, Mister Potter. You have got a friend. What is your name", he asked.

"Ginny Weasley", she said, shy.

"Well, lets see what wand", Ollivander went in the back.

He came back with a wand. After ten more wands, Ginny used her wand, and made a small ball flung against the wall. "Very powerful indeed".

Harry and Ginny went into the bookshop, and met Padma and Neville. "Hello Harry. You must be Ginny. Do you know Glideory Lockart is here", she said.

Has she got a crush.

"Yes", Ginny whispered. "Mum loves him too", she said. Padma blushed. "I dddonttt knoowww whaattt yo", Padma sputtered. "You sound like Quirell".

However, Ginny and Harry turned around as Lockart noticed Harry. "And look who is wanting to give me a autograph", he smiled.

However, Anna quickly grabbed Harry. "Oh no you don't you fraud. I have read all the books, and let me tell you", she shouted. "This man is a fraud, he has oblivated peope's minds and stole their storys", she said to the crowd.

Everyone gasped. Anna noticed Lockart trying to run away, but she stunned him. "I want to give this man a trial, he is nothing more than a fraud".

Lockart was put away, and Harry and Ginny reliesed they weren't going to get the books the fraud ordered them all to get. "I wonder who we will get".

Chapter One

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