Harry Potter. Harry is infected by Remus. Ginny understands. Harry/Ginny


"Hermione, this way", Harry hissed and whispered. Hermione could only nod, and both tried to sneak away from the werewolf who was once Remus Lupin.

However, the werewolf jumped towards them, and Hermione screamed as Lupin tackled Harry to the ground. "Stop", she screamed.

Harry could feel the wolf bite into him, but bit his lip to stop from screaming. Hermione threw a stone at the wolf, who turned around.

Harry quickly stood up, and threw a stone at the water. Lupin turned around, and ran off, forgetting Harry and Hermione.

"Come on Harry. Were you bitten", she asked. Harry shaked his head. He had lied.

Dumbledore's Office, the next day

"Proffesor", Harry asked. Dumbledore looked up. "Harry, how are you", he said with a twinkle in his eye. Harry ignored this. He was nervous.

Dumbledore must have noticed this, as he asked if he was okay.

"Sir, Proffesor Lupin bit me yesterday", Harry confessed, and the twinkle in his eye went out.

"What happened", he asked.

"Well, me and Hermione, when we tried to save Siruis, by going back through time. We bumped into Lupin on the way, and he bit me. Hermione didn't notice", Harry said.

"Oh dear", Dumbledore said under his breath. Harry didn't hear.

Dumbledore knew what would happen if word leaked out that the boy who live was now a werewolf, they would think he was some sort of threat.

That would ruin his plans, although he would work harder against Voldermort when he returned.

"Harry, when the next full moon arrives, i will pick you up and take you to the Shrieking Shank", he explained, and Harry nodded.

"Will i get Wolf's Bane Sir", Harry asked. "Yes. I will ask Proffesor Snape for that", Dumbledore said and Harry nodded, and left his office.

I'm a werewolf. Why. Life is so unfair.

Harry was lost in his own thoughts that he relised he was waiting in front of the fat lady.

"Password", she said impatiently. "Loyal", Harry said, and the portrait opened. He saw Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, talking to each other.

"Hello", Harry said. Hermione smiled, as did Ron. "Why were you at Dumbledore's Harry", Ron asked, and Hermione looked as if she was going to say that as well.

They're my friends. I Should tell them.

"I'm a werewolf", Harry said. Ron paled and Hermione gasped. Then, she jumped up, and screamed. "You're a werewolf", she screamed.

Everyone was looking at Harry, who paled. "Mate, i'm sorry but i don't want to be you're friend anymore", Ron said.

"Why. What about Proffesor Lupin", Harry said. "Well, he isn't our friend", Hermione said as if it explained everything.

"Well, you know what. I hate you. Telling everyone in the world why don't you", and with that, Harry stormed off.

"Is Harry Potter really a werewolf", Colin Creevy asked.

Harry found himself near Hagrid's Cabin, and he sat underneath a tree. He looked up at the sky, and wondered where Siruis and Buckbeak were.

"There you are", came the voice of Ron's sister, Ginny Weasley.

"Are you going to shout to the rest of the world that i'm a werewolf", Harry snapped, and looked at Ginny's hurt face.

"No. I think Ron and Hermione are pretty much bastards and are selfish", she said, and she sat next to him. "I don't care if you're a werewolf", she said.

Maybe Harry had made friends with the wrong Weasley. "You don't", Harry asked.

Ginny shook her head. "And it isn't that i have got a crush on you", and both immediately blushed. "But it is because i want to be a friend, and that being a wolf doesn't change who a person is", she said.

"Ginny, i'm sorry i ignored you after the chamber", Harry said, but Ginny shook her head. "It's alright, if you didn't, i wouldn't be able to make a word", and both laughed.

Soon, it was near dusk, and Harry decided to go and get their meal. "Come on", and both walked into the great hall.

When Harry and Ginny came in, everyone stopped eating and stared at him. Some were fearful, others were angry.

Harry and Ginny ignored the stares, and sat down at Gryffindor Table, and Fred and George came up to them.

"Don't Worry Harrykins", Fred said.

"We will deal-"

"-With the ones that-"

"Annoy you", and with that, they both left. "At least the twins are on our side", Ginny whispered and Harry nodded.

Harry and Ginny walked up to the common room, and saw Percy and Penelope. They were fighting.

"So what if he is a werewolf", Percy shouted.

"What if. He could bite you, or your family", Penelope screamed.

"He would be safe".

"Percy Weasley, you are dumped", and with a huff, she stormed off.

"Poor Percy", Ginny whispered as Percy also stormed off.

"It's because of me, isn't it", Harry said. Ginny shook her head.

"No it isn't. Penelope was a skank anyway".

Harry and Ginny continued through their homework when Ron approached them.

"Harry, i'm sorry for shouting that you're a werewolf. Can we be friends again", he asked.

Harry shook his head. "No. You and Granger blurt out i'm a werewolf, and you think it is okay and done with", Harry said, his anger rising.


Ron had punched Harry on the nose, and Ginny screamed in fury. She got up so immediately it looked as if she had disapparated.

"Batius Nose", and a sickly greenish and yellowish charm flew off, and hit Ron on the nose.

Ron screamed in pain as bats came out of his nose. He fell to the ground, still screaming in pain, and the twins and their friends cheered from the other side of the room.

Ron glared at them before running away, bats on tail.

Chapter I

Harry sighed as he awoke to the early hour of the morning. He hadn't got any sleap, as today was the full moon.

Harry slipped out of the bed, and walked into the common room. He saw Ginny, who had dark rings under her eyes.

"Harry", she whispered. "What's wrong", Harry asked, and she faced him. Her brown eyes looked dead. "Tonight".

Harry nodded. As days went, people looked at Harry as if he would transform and tear them apart, which made Harry ill in a way.

"Dumbledore says that Lupin is joining me for the night, with the potion", Harry said.

"Did the Ministry find out it was Lupin", Ginny asked. Harry nodded. "They said if i wanted to press charges. I said no, so the media had a big day with that".

"Oh", both stared at the fire in the fireplace. "Harry", Ginny said. Harry turned around. "Yes".

And she kissed him on the lips. She turned back, and mumbled sorry. "No", and Ginny turned around and Harry kissed her again. She kissed back.

"I wish i could help you", Ginny said. Then a bulb awoke as Harry remembered. "Ginny, you can be a animagus", Harry said.

Ginny shook her head. "I'm not that smart Harry", Ginny said. Harry shook his head. "Yes you are Ginny. You are smarter than Granger, and she only memorises the books.

I bet you only take a couple of months", Harry said. Ginny looked at him. "We need to tell Dumbledore or McGonagall".

"I think we should tell McGonagall first".

Chapter II

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