Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny soul bond the moment Harry saves her from the basilisk. Harry/Ginny


Harry Potter screamed in a fit of rage as he sliced Tom Riddle's cursed diary in half, and ink poured out as if it was blood. Riddle's screams were heard throughout the chamber. He was no more.

Harry's attention turned to Ginny Weasley, who was unconscious. She was still pale, and her freckles looked like blood now.

"Ginny", Harry gasped as he rushed up to her side. Then, without warning, Harry screamed in pain, as did Ginny, even though she was not awake.

A Red Light formed around the two, and Harry fell unconscious next to Ginny. Harry was suddenly dragged next to Ginny by an invisible source.

Suddenly, Harry and Ginny fell into each other's memories.

"Boy", Vernon Dursley yelled. A Six Year old Harry winced, and tried to run away.

"Why did you hurt Dudley, you bastard", he pushed Harry to the ground, and Harry hurt his knee and cried.

However, a second later, the cut disapeared. "You freak", Petunia Dursley screamed as she noticed what had happened.

A Five Year Old Ginny was sitting on her bed, and Bill Weasley, her eldest brother, asked which bed time story she wanted.

"The Boy Who Lived", Ginny laughed as Bill rolled his eyes.

"Please", she begged. "Okay. One time, a evil wizard named You-Know-Who defeated hundreads of people, and at one time, he relised he must defeat the Potters.

James and Lily Potter had a son named-", he was cut off as Ginny screamed, "Harry", and she laughed. "Okay, Harry.

You Know bursted into the house they were hiding in, the Potters had been betrayed by Siruis Black. You Know Who defeated James, and then Lily.

However, You Know Who tried to kill Harry Potter, but the killing curse rebounded and hit You Know Who instead, and Harry survived", Bill said.

"I'm going to become friends with Harry someday", Ginny said.

Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore was worried. In front of him, was Arthur and Molly Weasley, weaping for their daughter and son.

He was worried about something else though. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley had found out that Ginny Weasley had been captured by the heir of Slytheren into the chamber of secrets.

He had sent Fawkes, and Albus was more surprised when Fawkes picked up the sorting hat. Moments later, everyone heard a wooshing sound.

Arthur and Molly turned around, and saw the door bursting open. Lockart, who had been oblivated, fell along with Ron.

However, that wasn't the sight that concerned everyone the most. Harry and Ginny were unconscious, and both looked so pale they looked as if they were dead.

"My baby", Molly screamed, as she ran up to them. She picked up Ginny, which broke contact with Harry. Ginny and Harry screamed in pain and in unison, and Molly dropped Ginny in shock.

Ginny fell down with a thud, and zoomed back to Harry. Both stopped their shrieks, and went silent. "What happened", Arthur whispered. Everyone was so shocked.

"Get these two to the hospital wing", Dumbledore demanded. He had seen something like this before. Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel. Harry and Ginny were soul bonded.

Chapter One

Poppy Pomfey was slowly getting pushed over the edge. She had tried everything, from potions to spells, to awake her patients up.

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Molly Weasley sat beside her daughter and Harry all most everyday. Harry and Ginny shared a bed, as they still screamed in pain the moment they awoke.

After A Week, Harry and Ginny opened their eyes. Molly screamed, Arthur's eyes widened, and Pomfey's mouth was shaped like a perfect, 'O'.

What is happening, Ginny thought and gasped when Harry responded, Who said that.

Both turned around, and Molly rushed to hug her daughter. The moment she touched, she was throwen aback. Ginny screamed, and Harry paled.

"What happened", Harry demanded. "Me and Ginny shared memorys with each other, and somehow me and her can speak to each other in our minds, and look what happened to Mrs. Weasley", He near enough shouted.

"I will check Albus", Poppy said. She would have to get Dumbledore to see what he had thought of. Harry turned to Arthur and Molly.

"How come me and Ginny are sharing a bed", Harry asked. Molly paled, and Arthur hesitated.

"It seems the moment you and Ginny broke contact, you screamed in pain. Madam Pomfey had to transfigure a double bed", he said.

"Why", Ginny whispered. "We don't know, love", Arthur said. Molly still never said anything. She was still in shock.



We can ask Hermione once we are out of the hospital wing if Dumbledore doesn't say anything

That's a good idea

Harry and Ginny saw Albus and Poppy coming in. Poppy raised her wand and muttered some charms, and then she gasped.

Everyone turned around to see what was going on.

"What", Molly demanded.

"Molly, it looks as if there is only one person that is on the bed", she said.

"I think i know what might have caused this to happen", Albus spoke for the first time.

Everyone turned to face him.

"Harry, do you not remember the Flamel's", Dumbledore said.

Harry nodded.

"You see, they had formed a soul bond, and made the Philisopher's stone to save their life, which caused them to be imortal", he said.

Molly bursted into tears, and Arthur hugged her. "You're saying that Harry and Ginny have made a soul bond. I thought that was just a myth", he said.

"Sadly, it isn't. Harry and Ginny will experiance some changes, which if not required which would cause a very painful death. The last time this happened was with Micheal Keenan and Stella Page, as they never slept together", he said.

"Sleap together", Molly gasped. "No. My daughter isn't some sort of whore Albus", she shrieked. "Mum, no", Ginny shouted. Everyone turned around.

"Don't you think this is more important. Me and Harry might die if this happens", she shouted, and everyone thought that Ginny was brave to stand up to Molly.

"Molly, that is logical. Is Harry staying with us at the Burrow then", Arthur asked Albus.

"Sadly, no. The Blood Wards that protect Harry at the Dursleys have to be charged, so Harry could be safe", Albus said.

"What Blood Wards", Harry asked. "Since your mother died, Harry, her blood protected you from all harm if you stayed with her closest blood relative, that is Petunia", Dumbledore explained.

"No", Ginny screamed. "No, me or Harry are going there. He is abused, and used to live in a closet", everyone was shocked.

"WHAT", Molly screamed. She turned to Dumbledore. "There is no way in hell that Harry or Ginny are staying there. You could keep wards at our place", she said.

"Fine", Dumbledore sighed.

Chapter Two

Coming Up. Harry and Ginny explain their situation to Hermione. Siruis Black escapes from Azkaban, and something happens to the Dursleys.

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