Harry Potter. Harry and Hermione become friends in day one. Different from Cannon. Harry/Hermione Ginny/Neville


Harry James Potter looked around. He was told to get to platform nine and three quarters, but there was none. I bet it was a joke.

But it couldn't be a joke. He had witnessed magic in his very own eyes. He then heard someone behind him. "Are you looking for the barrier", a girls voice asked.

"Yeah, are you a witch", Harry turned around and asked. The girl nodded. She had bushy haired and rather large teeth.

"Yeah, i'm muggleborn, are you a muggleborn", she asked. "I might as well be. I was raised by my relatives, although they are muggles. My parents were", Harry explained.

"I'm Hermione Granger, who are you", she asked. "Harry Potter". "Are you realy, of course, i heard all about you in Famous Wizards and Witches in the 20th Century.

"Where are you parents", Harry asked. "Well, they dropped me off. They had an appointment, they are dentists", she said, blushing a little.

"Right, how do we get through the barrier", Harry asked. "You run through the wall over there, don't worry, you won't crash. Proffesor McGonagall told me", she said.

She went first when making sure there was no muggles looking. Harry did the same, and to his surprise, found himself in a different place.

He saw the big red train. "Wow", Harry muttered. Hermione turned around. "It is an sight, right", she asked. Harry nodded.

Both got in, helping each other with their trunks. Because they were one of the firsts ones there, they found a compartment to themselves.

"So, Harry. What is your relative's names", Hermione asked. "Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and their son Dudley Dursley", Harry explained.

"Are they nice", Hermione asked. "No, they force me to be a slave, and keep me in the closet to stay, and call me a freak", Harry said. He had no idea why he felt so open.

Hermione was shocked. "What", she whispered. "They are just like my parents", Hermione mumbled. This time it was Harry's time to be shocked.

"Hermione, what happened", Harry asked.

One day, Hermione Jean Granger was reading Hogwarts: A History, when she heard her father's drunken shouts coming downstairs.

"Now, now, Jeany Slutty. You saidd when the bittch was borrn thatt i woould do thiis tooo you, corrrect", he shouted.

"Please, get that bitch of my daughter yourself", she screamed. "NOOO", and Hermione heard Jean getting slapped.

It had always been like this. That was why Hermione stayed in her room, reading her books. Sometimes her father or mother would hit her.

Her father, because he was a drunken fool. Her mother, she blamed her for her father's faults. "He was never this way before you were born, you ugly bitch", she screamed at her face.

"Hermione, i'm so sorry", Harry whispered in shock. "I know you are. Do you like books", Hermione said, hoping to change the subject.

"Do i ever", Harry said, and Hermione brightened up. "Hermione", Harry asked. "Yes, Harry", she asked. "Friends".

"You mean it", Hermione was shocked. She never had any friends. "Friends".

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