"Chapter 1"

Star Wars: The Transformers Wars





Guest star(s)

C&C King and Saffy Nurbs


C&C King

Production No.




Episode chronology
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The Iron fist of evil Darth Grievous

Darkness Rising is where Grievous is revived as Darth Grievous.

Episode summary

It is 10000 years after the clone wars. The peaceful Jedi had defeated the dark lords once and for all and had restored peace to the galaxy. After restoring the Galactic Alliance the Jedi lived in peace and the number of jedis grown to be a large one. The Alliance fleet gets bigger and in order to make up for the loss of their fleets they resorted to use old and ancient starships from the clone wars like Venator and Acclamator ships.

But at a Certain lair of a certain separatist general a cape wearing ghost had haunted the lair for a long time and 6 robots went on an expedition and a treasure hunt in the lair. The robots went looking all over the place looking at statues of caped Kaleesh warriors, looking and examining the Chaos Crystal, putting on Grievous's cape, testing stolen lightsabers, looking at treasures hidden in Grievous's lair and various of other discoveries at the Lair.

Unfortunately the robot that wore grievous's cape got wrapped in a Chrysalis and the chrysalis got possessed by Grievous's ghost and the other exploring robots fell into various traps in the castle. The dark mist surrounds the robot and a dark purple slimy goo formed a chrysalis on the bots body until the robot got sealed in a chrysalis.

The Chrysalis stayed hidden from the public in the evil lair until it hatched into the worst demon monster and sith lord in history, Darth Grievous. As Darth Grievous hatches he made a loud dragon like roar and then an evil laugh as he emerges from the darkness of the chrysalis covered with a black aura while his large cape blows in the winds. A gigantic purple and dark sombrero then lands and attacts itself to the dark lords skull like head and totally made him very powerful at the cost of making him 100% evil and souless.

Meanwhile on Cybertron the Autobots won the War against the Decepticons and all Decepticons went into hidding inside Cybertrons ancient underground tunnels. With Megatron dead the Autobots have another Golden age of peace while Cybertron having plenty of resources and energon.

Featured Characters

Autobot and Jedi Darth Grievous's Sith Legion

Optimus Prime
Hot Rod
6 unknown robots

Darth Grievous
Blue and Black Seeker
Red and Green Seeker

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