Character Appereance

Darth Anonymous hides his face by wearing a black scarf over its mouth and a cap. He has red hair. His lightsaber is similar to Darth Vader's


Early life

It's 200 years after the fall of the empire,he is 14 years old and sees his mother en father get killed by Jedi. From this moment he feels a hate and want to kill all of the Jedi. The Jedi want to get him to erase his memory. The Jedi get him but the erasing fails. His memory gets only temporarely erased and he slowly gets his memory back. After the Jedi find this out they already released him. He hides for the Jedi in the library and find old history books. He reads about the empire and creates his own lightsaber.

Taking his apprentice

He takes control over the old clone program and makes clones of his father.
The new clones

Anonymous' own clonearmy

He attacks the Jedi Temple and kills 12 young Jedi. He also see two young Jedi brothers, Adaz Skywalker and Rehtorb Skywalker. Adaz becomes his apprentice and Rehtorb gets away.
Attack on the temple

The Tragedy

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