Davian v Spartan 117 is a classic deathmatch between 2 of the most epic sci fi sagas, sagas let alone to set foot into gaming's main icons. It was written by Adam Verheidan, who's father wrote the first 'Alien vs Predator'.

DVS as it is sometimes called is set in an alternate universe to the TA and Halo Games. The UEM join forces with a faction known as the UNSC (Non-Canon) and begin making the SPARTANS, super soldiers to match the strength of even the mighty Grendel. Although Titans can lift an upwards of 50 tons, SPARTANS, which can only lift around 10,000 pounds or 5 tons, yet they can run at speeds of up to 65 mph, whereas Titans could only run around 40 in their armor. The SPARTANS also had faster reflexes, speed, and aim, making them a match. Then a new hero came in, and single-handedly did what Davian was working on doing, taking down a Zodiac Super World Breaker known as 'Touched by God', and unfortunately they find out that an alien conglomerate, (another one) known as The Covenant has sided with the Zodiac and formed The Messiah, and that they say that they have formed to defend themselves from Humans, and the Obelisk, a fearsome hybrid race between the Spawn and The Flood, so parasitic, it has become airborn. Slowly, more become infected by the thousands, and they find out that The Obelisk have been being controlled by an alien Entity known as The Grave Core and the UEM and UNSC team up to kill it. Shortly after, The Grendel see themselves as the new humans and rebel, like in the real Total Assault. The Comic books are set in the year 2450 and the UNSC, UEM, and Titans have all been allied together to stand against The Grendel and their fearsome leader Bogart. The SPARTANS have been extinct for more than 30 years now and the last desolate leader of the Titans, Davian is furiously fighting to defend Humanity, now over 40 years of age, he fights for humanity.

Issue #1 (Fusion) - In this Issue while Davian is holding off Grendel forces aboard Cairo Station, Davian gets a call from UNSC forces that a Grendel has attacked their base. Davian orders Strikers to go in and help them, but they never come back. After several hours Davian leaves Jon in charge and goes to see what is going on and is attacked by an angry John-117. Davian then remembers how 117 took his fame, his honor, and his life, and he tells John he is 'going to pay for his shit'. Davian and John then engage in climactic battle which lasts the entire book. Davian learns of a new implant which boosted John's strength up to equal that of Davian's, and John was the only candidate strong enough for it. The comic ends when Davian escapes on an EEV, and the final frame is John-117 clinging to the hull of the ship.

Issue #2 (Duel) - Davian returns saying that a SPARTAN has gone rogue. When they ask which one and he replied '117' the UEM and UNSC forces reply in utter disbelief, but he proves it by showing them their Dog Tags, Davian then thinks in his head (You ruined my life now I am going to ruin yours, you piece of shit Spartan.) While Davian is in a counsel meeting with the MSWG Davian is tackled by an angered John who jumps onto his back and begins choking him. Davian retaliates by drawing an Energy Sword awarded to him for veterancy by the Elites. John then takes the one that a fleeing counselor dropped and they Energy Sword duel. It appears they are evenly matched and are in an eternal stalemate until a brave Counselor leaps at The Chief and John reflexively impales The Counselor, and the entire UEM Counsel is there to see it. They then chase John off and John vows to kill Davian, he says he will go to one who knows the layout of all the Super soldier projects of humankind, he then says in the final frame, he will go to Cortana.

Issue #3 (Cortana) - The comic opens showing John in the ruined lair of the Grave Core, standing over a terminal, we then hear a child's voice. "Doctor?" it mutters. "Was it really the coins fault?" Then we see a blue fluorescent glow. "Cortana? Is it... really you?" asks Chief. "Yes i am alive, at last... I can finally be with you." Cortana says. "There is no time, the Melchizadek Commander, Davian, he's gone mad, he is mad that I got in his way... I... I should have just let it be the way it was supposed to be, now everyone is against me, and... you're the only one I have to turn to, you must help me, please." Cortana then obliges saying she offers him a debt for rescuing her. The comic goes back to Davian who is weeping over the death of his sister Ivy, in this universe she was apparently killed in a crossfire caused by friendly fire from SPARTANS, which explains why Davian hates them so much. The Admiral enters and he sees the picture and they have a short conversation about how he knows what it is like to loose a loved one. Davian then begins to become enveloped in rage stating that The Admiral better leave. Admiral understands because of his brain malfunction. In due time John-117 arrives and with Cortana's help manages to locate and destroy the UESC (as it is now called.) ammo caches. John then explains to the UNSC, his home faction, that Davian is insane and they join him, however, the UEM remain loyal to Davian, as they know what it is that troubles him. They then begin fighting over territory. Davian and John meet up in one final battle in this comic and after a quick but furious fist fight John activates a fragmentation grenade and shoves Davian into a blast chamber and shuts the door. The story switches to the battleground where we see a massive battle between the UNSC and UEM... who will win? Find out in Issue 4, War.

Issue #4 (War) - This opens up on the battlefield. John-117 arrives and wipes out the opposing UEM forces. It appears to be a victory... until. The Story switches to a pile of rubble as Davian crawls out from underneath it. Davian then arrives at the battle scene just after John and the UNSC forces depart. Davian sees that there are piles upon piles of dead bodies of his comrades. Davian screams in an anger that fills up every thread of his living being. Davian then swears he will make John feel the pain he has caused him for so long, he will make John suffer. After hunting him for 3 weeks Davian catches up to John as he is about to depart for Adonias and they engage in one final battle. John proclaims (Dammit! Why don't you just die already!?) They fight for a long bitter time until Davian enters his rage and beats the living hell out of John. John limps to his gun but Davian crushes it and slaughters the UNSC ODSTS who try to jump in and help at the last minute. Davian then turns to John and finds that he is trying to escape. Davian then grabs John and tosses him into a pipe which breaks. Davian then stands over John who is lying right next to a hole and says, "Take care John, your luck just ran out." He then straps a bomb to his back and shoves him down the hole. but as John is descending he says, "not yet." He then reaches up as he is falling and grabs Davian's ankle... and then the series ends in a cliffhanger, almost literally, and then so many questions are left unanswered, was the bomb active?, did his luck really run out, or is there still some left? and most of all, "Who the hell won?"

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