David Collins (010)
Biographical Information



July 1, 2511

Physical Description





6'11" (7'02" - MJOLNIR V)


265 lb. (1,042 lb. - MJOLNIR V)





Chronological and Political Information

Lieutenant Commander



Weapons Used
  • MA5 Assault Rifle
  • M6 Magnum
  • M41 Rocket Launcher
  • SRS-99C Sniper Rifle
  • LOTUS mine
  • AIE-486H Machine Gun
  • M9 Grenade
  • Covenant Energy Sword
  • Anything he can get his hands on.
"What is the point of defending humanity...if you lose your humanity in the process?"
—LCDR David-010 to Dr. Halsey, Reach

Lieutenant Commander David Collins MoH, VC (born July 1, 2511) is a Human senior officer of the UNSC who served during the Great War. David was a SPARTAN-II and worked with SPARTANS Blue Team, and Red Team during the Battles on Reach and Earth respectively. David has assisted in all the major engagements of humanity against the Covenant and has fought alongside John-117 and all the SPARTANS of BLUE Team.

Born in 2511 to a turbulent relationship between his mother, Tiffany Collins and his father, whom he was named after, David Collins, David grew accustomed to conflict at an early age, but often kept his feelings bottled up inside. At the age of six, 2517, David was abducted and replaced with a flash clone. When the clone died, it was reported in the news that his mother killed his abusive father, and then herself. David was unaware of these events. He was one of the 54 SPARTANS that survived augmentations, and one of the 28 SPARTANS that fought at Reach ground-side, out of 32 SPARTANS at the battle total. David assisted in many other battles that earned him renown and praise throughout the UNSC, not to mention medals. By the end of the War, like John-117, David had earned every medal in the UNSC save the Prisoner of War medallion.


Early life

"You are special, my love, I can see it in your eyes. No matter what anyone else says about you, you are a special star, you are my special star, and you always will be."
—Tiffany Collins


Eldest son and only child of David and Tiffany Collins, David was born in the small town of Raven Forge, on Tribute. The town was small and secluded, in the mountains, with a population just under 5,000. David J. Collins, the father, was a small town cook who had a history with drugs during his life on Earth. Tiffany and David met in highschool on Earth, and both had a seriously bad history with hard drugs, such as Cocaine, and Heroin. Tiffany had gotten clean a year prior to having David, and in the following years sheltered him quite a bit.

He didn't have any friends prior to going to school for the first time, as a result he was practically socially retarded, and was often made fun of and ostracized. He wasn't much larger than the other children at 6, he was about average as far as size went, but he didn't know his own strength. An instance in dodgeball during gym one day resulted in the broken nose of a classmate, after which David fled from school grounds in a panic. David was punished severely, and cried afterwards, a result of keeping his feelings bottled up for so long, pretending to not notice or care about the arguments his mother and father consistently got into.

By the end of his first primary year of grade school, David was considered for advanced placement, noting his high-intelligence. In all subjects David was above average, with a GPA of 3.8 at the end of his first year. David took the path of the intellect, after being placed in advanced classes with children he could more easily get along with. He still suffered beatings from bullies from time to time, consistently refusing to fight back, continuing to bottle his emotions, and right when he was about to explode, his whole life changed forever.

SPARTAN program

"You have been called upon to serve, you will be trained...and you will become the best we can make of you. You will be the Protectors of Earth and all her Colonies"
Dr. Halsey

War had come. The conventional forces the UNSC threw at the Insurrectionists were not doing the damage ONI and HIGHCOM had hoped. David was one of the last children observed and absorbed into the SPARTAN-II program. David may have been small at the time, but his strength and wit were unquestionable. Halsey noted that one of his only drawbacks was that he was extremely introverted, to the point that he had never been in a real fight before, but she knew, with his family history, he would be very accustomed to a combat environment naturally. Conflict was in his blood.

David was classed with 15 others which included John-117, Kelly-087, and Sam-034. David never socialized with any of them, and always did what he was told, except one thing, fight. He wouldn't fight no matter how hard he was beaten. Halsey was beginning to become concerned. He could take a serious beating before he even fell to one knee, John noted. As the years went on he became defiant, relentless in his utmost objective to stay standing, and there was another thing that could turn him into a potentially deadly individual amongst the SPARTAN candidates, something that Halsey told John about David's background, and he in turn told Sam and Kelly, David was a ticking time bomb, ready to explode, because of the elements of his background, and how he kept these conflicting emotions bottled up. Mendez and the trainers used this to their advantage, and one day David unleashed his true combat potential.


"John...this is wrong."
—David speaking his first words to John, and his thoughts on the UNSC's battles against Insurrectionists

Teenage Years and Augmentation

At the age of 12 four guards assaulted David once again. Once again, he remained defiant, but they beat him numb, to the point where all the energy and all the rage built up inside spilled out all at once. David bit, scratched, tore, broke, snapped, and mauled. The four guards were left in a bloody mess outside the training buildings. Halsey noted it was one of the most violent incidents the trainers had faced at the hands of the SPARTANS since the beginning, and that David was one of the "exceptional" pupils, along with nearly everyone that would become BLUE team. David was kept under close watch after that, to make sure he did not become more violent and more out of control, and he did not, David continued on with normal training routines and exercises for the next two years up until augmentation.

The deaths of so many at one point in time was startling for David, but not wholly damaging, for so far he had not grown close to any of the SPARTANS except, even though he did not acknowledge it, John, Kelly, Sam and Frederic. He had done it, he'd survived the augmentations. His new body took some getting used to, but after about a month of intense training he began to adapt. David also became more open with some of the other survivors afterwards, since they were no longer restricted to their various 'cells', but he didn't connect more with anyone better than Kelly.

He never once spoke a word to John, Fred, or Sam, but they did play games together and the occasional curt nod or handshake was exchanged. David felt more comfortable talking to Kelly than he did anyone else, and he socialized with her more than he did anyone else, he recalled it was the first time he'd talked so much in his entire life.

First Battles

David, being as intelligent and curious as he was, had a natural desire to seek all forms of information. Topics of interest included, the upper echelons of the UEG, a class of people which David referred to as the "Global Elite", the international bankers, politicians, and businessmen that pulled the strings, the administration of the UNSC, as well as the people they were going to be fighting, the URF. As David made these observations, he noted that the UNSC outnumbered the URF, and they had them... the SPARTANS. The whole thing began to seem very wrong and immoral to David, he began having personal thoughts and opinions that the Rebels should be free from intergalactic politics, and should in general be liberated from the corruption of the system.

Just as David began to think he and Kelly were getting close she and 4 others were assigned to take down a Rebel base at Eridanus Secundus. Prior to leaving, David expressed his concerns about the war to John, who didn't respond with more than a departing handshake, but he had taken David's theories to heart, and thought about them on the way to his destination. David was assigned with another group of SPARTAN-IIs to hit another URF controlled base at a location at the outer asteroid belt of the Eridanus system to capture another URF leader, Colonel Marshall Hicks. The mission was a disaster and David was the only one who escaped. The base was a massive station of such thick defenses that ONI had underestimated. Three SPARTAN-IIs were captured and interrogated, and one was killed, Jackson-049, a good soldier whom David respected. He was burning with revenge and anger. The UNSC did not hold him responsible for their deaths as the team leader, Theodore-021, was responsible for leading the assault on the base, and capture of Hicks. Upon the return from their mission, Blue Team was assigned to assist David in freeing his team. The next day, 6 Spartans entered and 9 exited. Although Hicks was killed in an explosion, SPARTAN-117 and SPARTAN-010 managed to grab useful intel on locations of rebel bases in the system, which would prove useful in future missions. SPARTAN-010 was then moved to Blue Team following the operation.

Subsequent battles included attempted and failed raids on Space Station Jefferson, before finally shutting it down in 2530, destroying the URF Origami in October of that same year, and the coordinates captured by David and John point to the location of a URF high-explosive manufacturing facility in the Eridanus system, which they neutralize in late November, and disrupting URF activity on Reach, along with disabling a saboteur ring in the same location in May of 2531.

The Human-Covenant War is Realized

"Your worlds are doomed, your civilization is at an end, we are that end, we are that doom. We are the Covenant, and you stand in our way, and so, you must die."
—Covenant Shipmaster, Battle of Chi Ceti

Battle of Chi Ceti

"You know what they say Chief, "an eye for an eye". You know what I say? A life for a owe me two."
David berates Mendez for the deaths of Theodore-021 and Samuel-034.

David-010, Kelly-087, and John-117 were slated to be the first to test the MJOLNIR Mk IV armor systems. However, at the last minute David was requested to assist a different SPARTAN team under fire at a different part of the system, and was replaced with the next best candidate, which was Sam-034. A UNSC weapons tug, along with a military escort, was en route to Chi Ceti when it was attacked by a flotilla of Covenant ships, including 2 Battlecruisers. David-010 and 021 were called forth to assist in the defense of the weapons platform, and Mendez presented them with two extra Mk IV suits that were flown up a few hours prior. They were forced into the armor and battle without preparation or time to adjust.

The duo took a pelican to the besieged station, slipping in behind their radars and boarding. They attempted to repel the boarders, but since all personnel had evacuated prior to calling for help, after the escort had been destroyed, the lone SPARTANS couldn't do it. Theodore was killed, and as an act of desperation, Mendez ordered 010 to fire the warheads. David fought his way to the cargo station and did so. David didn't expect to escape, but he managed to with 2 minutes to spare, leaving him just enough time to escape the blast radius in the Pelican. The resulting explosion destroyed all ships.

After the battle, David was crushed by the death of Theodore, but marked him KIA anyway, however, unknowingly he had mistakenly marked him as MIA, a fact that would soon be overlooked after meeting John-117 and Kelly-087 after the conflict, noting the absence of Sam, and realizing the worst had come to fruition. Two Spartans had been lost today, and David's sorrow became anger. John noted the 'MIA' status marker in David's HUD, and thought about pointing it out, but John simply said, "Spartans never die." and marked Sam's status as MIA as well. David pointed it out, but John pointed out he'd done so as well. David kept it MIA, and swore revenge on the Covenant, not just for Sam and Ted, but for all humans that had died. He then swore loyalty to nothing less than humanity itself, and stated that, "no government, practitioners of corruption and terrorism, will ever have my loyalty, but as long as humanity is in danger, I will never stop fighting."

Battle of Jericho VII

David 010 was assigned to Red Team for this battle. While Blue Team drew out the Covenant rear guard, 010 was ordered to lead Red Team's objective of planting a HAVOK tactical nuke behind enemy lines. The nuke was successfully armed, and the SPARTANS were evacuated, with the nuke David had set destroying the next Covenant ship that passed by. However, the battle was lost, and David watched with John, in anger, as the Covenant glassed the planet.

Emergency Response Vector 313

"Three-one-three will be a major turning point in this war. Imagine how much we can benefit from the knowledge they could give us from behind enemy lines. Maybe we'll even be able to pair them up with a UEG Special Response Detachment... that is "if" they survive."
—Colonel Ackerson to ONI

Prior to a scheduled mission with Blue Team, David-010 was called out by Special Warfare Group Three to assist in extracting one of their agents, a SPARTAN III with the designation tag 'B-312' who had been investigating Insurrectionist activity on Arcadia. During his undercover op, the Covenant attacked. It was 2549 and David-010 had now been fighting the Covenant for the past 24 years of his life, and he wasn't stopping yet. They described him as a 'Hyper-Lethal vector' of the war, and David knew that if that was the case he had to be saved.

The Covenant occupation of Arcadia was the largest he'd ever seen thus far. It hadn't taken long for the Covenant to overtake the city. David-010 found SPARTAN-B312 holed up in a hospital at the far end of the city. When he reached him, B312 was bleeding badly, and running low on ammo. David-010 requested emergency lift after getting the SPARTAN out of the city. They were debriefed by Colonel Ackerson, who said he appreciated the SPARTAN's help with the mission, and complemented them on how well they worked together. Ackerson then informed David-010 of the SPARTAN-III program and its intents and purposes. David-010 called him 'cold' for his intent of making 'human shields' to buy him more time in his attempts to smear Halsey, and that his interests were not in the best for humankind as a whole. Nevertheless, Ackerson sought the strategic advantage of forming a 3-man SPARTAN team that he could manipulate to an extent. After discussions with ONI Emergency Response Vector 313 was formed as one of the many arms of the ONI octopus, currently only 2 members, but they knew exactly who they wanted as the third SPARTAN.

David-010 was completely unaware of the existence of this group. All he was told was that he would be participating more actively in missions with B312, and the third member, who they would meet shortly before their next assignment in 2549 at the Outer Colony Paris IV...Kelly-087. The UNSC forces were struggling to hold back the Covenant but ultimately failing. David was ordered to hold Covenant out of the city along with his two teammates, long enough for the UNSC to vacate civilians. This wasn't all that David had in mind though, he wanted to save the colony. He couldn't do this with only 3 soldiers, so he requested reinforcements. His request was denied and ERV-313 eventually had to retreat. Of course, David-010 blamed Ackerson, who was the one who'd brought up how well they worked together, and ultimately believed he was pulling the strings behind this whole operation. And still, none of the operators of 313 were even aware of its existence.

The Battle of Ariel was their third and final assignment together before complications with Ackerson and Halsey's relationship would lead to personal problems that he would need to focus his attention on, leading to the eventual dissolution of 313. The trio was called in together to investigate a Forerunner artifact located by ONI. It was the first time that David had heard of the Forerunner, and so was intently curious, as were the other two. They were sent in ahead of the UNSC ODSTS dropped to the surface to investigate. The location wasn't known to standard ground forces, so they got there without intervention from UNSC brass. However, they encountered heavy Covenant resistance in the structures on their way to the destination. It was here that they encountered 'The Knowing', a super-intelligent Forerunner AI.

He had been warned by Ackerson that what he found here was above top secret, classified, and he could not tell anyone other than 087 and 312. Zero one zero cataloged all the information the AI presented him, however, just as David was formulating his own hypothesis on the situation, the war, the reason it had all happened, just as the pieces began to fit, the structure began to shift, the corridors began rearranging, the entire layout had been changed. The SPARTANS spent the next several hours trying to find a way out. It was a bonding experience, even though the three were already pretty close after serving 3 years together (David and Kelly since training). They eventually came to a surface complex on the far side of a mountain range. The Forerunners had hived miles upon miles of catacombs and corridors interwoven throughout the planet's crust. The structure was densely controlled by a Covenant Jiralhanae strike force. The trio of SPARTANS fought their way out before killing a Brute Chieftain. They were lifted out of the situation after about an hour, and then told the fate of the ERV 313...and Ackerson.

David and Kelly said their final goodbyes to B312, David noting that it had been an 'experience he will never forget'. David wouldn't hear from B312 again after Reach, leading David to the correct assumption he'd given his life fighting Covenant forces on the ground, along with another team that David had "special" relations with.

Battle of Epsilon Eridani IV

"Come to think of it, I think we could use another SPARTAN down here..."
Noble Team defends Epsilon Eridani IV

Epsilon Eridani IV was one of the last operations spearheaded by Noble Team, which would only be followed by two more missions, this was also one of their last missions with Thom-A293, who would give his life in the following Battle to destroy a Supercruiser.

During the initial battle the Covenant sent 35 ships, mostly frigates, to wipe out the aerial defenses above Epsilon Eridani IV. The UNSC fought off the Covenant better than they predicted, taking them by surprise. Because of this, the Covenant suffered heavy losses, 20 ships out of 35 were lost, whereas the UNSC only lost 4. It was a poorly planned op on the Covenant's behalf, but they bumped back hard on the ground.

With no special forces the 25,000 or so Marines on the surface stood no chance against the impending army laying waste to city after city of nearly a million. Halfway through the battle the Marines had already lost a large chunk of their numbers, and had barely managed to scrape the surface of the hostile ground forces. EE4 was considered to be a colony vital to the safeguard of Reach, Noble Team was called in.

About 30 hours in, Noble Team had managed to push back the invading forces, and added an extra 25% to the defending side's combat effectiveness. Alas, it wasn't enough though. Even though they barely evened out the odds, the Covenant still had air superiority, headed by a Covenant command post south of the city. It was allegedly guarded by a Scarab. Noble Team noted that they couldn't make it to the base without some kind of reinforcements. Carter requested aid from Holland, who pulled some strings in Special Warfare Command, and then in turn, ONI. Holland gave Noble the heads up that they could have whatever they needed. It was Jun who suggested another SPARTAN. Holland managed to get a dossier suggestion from Halsey, who gave her opinion on the best available SPARTAN, David-010. Within the hour, SPARTAN-010 was put in the hands of Noble.

Storming the Base
"You would do anything to survive? Even if it meant taking innocent life? You are no SPARTAN. SPARTANS would do anything to save a life. SPARTANS would do anything to ensure the existence of humanity. Until you realize the value of giving something, sacrificing something, to save another, you do not know the value of being graced with the gifts of a SPARTAN. We were chosen for a reason, and that reason is that we're the best at what we do, saving lives, and we know the cost of spending them."
—David-010 to Thom-293

David-010 recognized turbulent relations with many from Noble, particularly Jorge. Jorge grew angry at David thinking he can just barge in and take all the glory, David calmly asserted himself as the superior officer to Jorge, and this led to a dispute. The dispute eventually led to an argument and then a punch to the face from SPARTAN-052. David would've retaliated but just walked away after that. The relations between him, and Jorge and Thom continued to escalate, and in particular, Emile, who's psychopathic, bravado-style personality didn't mix very well with David's quiet, calm and collected one. Nevertheless, the operation went as planned. David-010 and Jun-A266 boarded and disabled the Scarab, allowing the rest of Noble Team to infiltrate and neutralize the base. The operation was a success, and the SPARTANS had scored another victory for the UNSC. This was the last time David would speak to anyone of Noble Team, but before leaving, Thom said something to him that really stuck in his gut, that he was sick and tired of his pessimism, that he would be so weak as to put his life on the line for stupid reasons, however, David in turn said something to Thom that made him question the value of being what he is, before departing. It is after this statement that Thom realizes that he is eventually going to die, and that when he does reach that tipping point, he will have the option to save others in the process.

Unexpected Invitation

In 2550 David-010 received a rather short-notice invitation by Dr. Halsey to an awards ceremony for her daughter, Miranda Keyes. David-010 was considering pretending he didn't get one, when he found out that Kelly-087, and, likewise, all the members of BLUE team had been invited. He decided to attend, since he liked the planet Reach, where the ceremony was being held. When David-010 met Miranda he was taken aback, not only by her beauty, but by how well he was able to communicate and relate to her, and they shared many of the same views and thoughts on the war, and UNSC in general. After the ceremony, Halsey thought she felt a connection between the two, and even noted a few emails between the two, one that stood out was one sent to her two days before his assignment on Ross Island. Halsey never revealed the contents of the email, but simply noted that it was one of passion. Lord Hood expressed concern for David-010, not just about his battlefield performance, but personally, for when he learned of her death, he didn't speak to anyone for months, not even him, save for the occasional "yes sir", or "affirmative" when receiving an order from him.

Battle of Sigma Octanus IV

When the Covenant attack went ground-side and the marine strike team sent in failed, a platoon of 12 SPARTANS were sent in to get control of the situation. John-117 broke the platoon up into 3 four man teams, with Joshua assuming control of Red Team. Joshua told John that he felt David should have led the team after the battle. The battle on the ground was a success with Red and Green Teams successfully saving the civilians, and Blue Team detonating the HAVOK nuke. Even though the UNSC repelled the Covenant from the ground, they still found the location of Reach, one of the UNSC's largest colonies.

Fall of Reach

David wearing the Mk V combat armor
"If we are doomed to embrace darkness, to be forced into the howling dark...I am not going to go quietly. I'm going to hurt them, I'm going to make them remember..."
—David upon learning that over 85% of Reach's surface has been occupied and the UNSC have begun retreating.

David-010 was assigned to Red Team Delta during the Fall of Reach. David was separated from the team during the battle. He managed to escape and fight off the Covenant forces. He followed the rest of the team to CASTLE base. When they got to CASTLE base, David tried several times to rendezvous with the others, but when the Covenant attacked it complicated things. The safety of Halsey was of the most absolute importance, WHITE GLOVE was activated by Halsey and then they retreated into the lower portions of the mines below the base, prior to its destruction. It is here that Frederic-104 made a startling discovery, a twelve story Forerunner structure miles beneath the surface.

In the massive cavern, the two teams came under attack by the Covenant, causing the them to retreat into a tunnel, which was sealed after two satchel charges went off and Isaac and Vinh disappeared. Some time later, the group was rescued when the tunnel became unblocked by another explosion. On the other side they found John-117, Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb, Team Gamma and the ODST Corporal Locklear. After a brief battle with the Covenant, they escaped in a Spirit dropship to the UNSC controlled Ascendant Justice. David didn't manage to make it in time, but David had plans of his own.


"This one's for Sam."
—David, before activating the central pressure release

David had little to no hope of escaping Reach, he thought, but it didn't mean he wasn't still going to try with every ounce of strength in his body. After the others escaped, assuming him to be dead, he intended to make it just in time to maybe see them once again, a Covenant Command Flotilla commanded by a Sangheili General by the name of Ariaa'a under direct orders from the Prophet of Truth to search for any "Demons" that may have survived and bring them in for interrogation and execution, and then proceed to glass the area. The flotilla was led by the Covenant Assault Carrier Divine Retribution, David decided to take a shot at infiltrating and possibly hijacking the vessel. David stowed away in one of the Covenant dropships on his way up to the Supercarrier, and stealthily slipped past the defenses to the central pressure controls of the vessel. David activated them, and then made his way to the bridge. The gravity eventually reset, and David captured the Divine Retribution, sending a message to Admiral Harper prior to the arrival at his next destination before Earth, Mars. David said he was going to lead the Covenant Flotilla into a trap, while the UNSC send a response flotilla with the proper firepower needed to lay waste to the group of 10 Covenant frigates, where he would then turn over the vessel to ONI for study.

Skirmish over Mars

FS 2010
David covers another SPARTAN aboard the Divine Retribution.

When David-010 arrived at Mars, his request was met with much heated debate amongst the upper echelons of the UNSCDF. Hood, Harper, and 32 others supported David's plan. H.T. Ward opposed it, along with 29 others, who argued that it compromises the safety of Earth. Hood argued that it was a pivotal and rare opportunity to learn more about the Covenant and their technology, as well as deliver a devastating blow to one of their Command flotillas, which David confirmed from leaks in their battle net, orders received directly from the Prophet of Truth himself to locate, interrogate, and if necessary, eliminate, any surviving SPARTAN super soldiers at CASTLE base. The vote eventually tipped in his favor, and when David arrived, 27 UNSC ships were waiting on the far side of Mars.

The resulting aerial battle was a UNSC victory, albeit in the slightest. Out of 27 ships, 24 were destroyed, leaving only 3 ships left. The Divine Retribution was heavily damaged in the fight, but wasn't secured. Covenant had boarded and were attempting to defend the ship. David-010 and another SPARTAN were sent in to secure the situation. Once aboard, David-010 noted the most immediate element of the situation, all power had been lost to the ship, meaning no gravity, no working doors or lifts, and no working automated defenses, which raised concern. If the Covenant re-armed the Divine Retribution's defense grid it could lay waste to the remaining UNSC forces in a second, leaving the Covenant with a controlled region of human space, right on Earth's doorstep. David was not about to let that happen. The mission was going to be a success.

David-010 and the other SPARTAN made their way to the bridge of the ship, fighting off Covenant forces as they went. They would then take command of the Retribution's defenses and pound the Covenant into ash, before any still operational dropships, Seraphs, or Banshees could escape. They didn't know the location of Earth, but they knew enough, enough to warrant a justified death. The two SPARTANS successfully cleaned up the stragglers and the vessel was brought to Reyes-McLees shipyards until ONI needed it for study.

Battle of Earth

"Miss me?"
—David-010 to Frederic-104 during the Battle of Ross Island
David during orbital reentry.

During the Battle of Earth, the survivors were split up in several locations on Earth. Due to his noteworthy abilities, David was assigned to work with Blue Team in securing a Covenant occupation in Antarctica, and later an orbital elevator in Cuba. The mission was a success as David succeeded in detonating a HAVOK tactical nuke aboard a Covenant Supercarrier while the others escaped. David barely escaped via an airlock, and survived, albeit barely, orbital reentry. His Mark V armor was heavily damaged beyond use. Because of this David could not participate in the Battle of Havana, but Hood had something better in mind for him anyway.

Late Battle of Earth and Future Assignments

After the incident in Antarctica, David was called to a personal face-to-face meeting with Lord Hood, due to his actions in the past year. He noted there was only one other SPARTAN that opened his eyes as much as David, SPARTAN-117. David was honored to be classed next to such a venerable individual. Hood fully extracted him from Blue Team as his own 'personal' asset, noting that John-117 was too busy with other assignments at the time, and David also received his own, personalized variant, of the MJOLNIR Mk VI armor, as well as a promotion to Lieutenant.

Battle of Madrid

UNSC forces engage the Covenant occupation of Madrid

Immediately after being pulled out of Blue Team, SPARTAN-010 is given an assignment in Madrid. The Battle of Madrid started out as a small skirmish but escalated shortly thereafter into a much larger battle, in turn becoming one of the larger conflicts during the Battle of Earth. The Covenant had a firm foothold on the city and were not backing down. The larger garrison, still, was located at Voi, where the Artifact had been uncovered by Truth's fleet, but the Battle of Madrid embraced the embers of destruction caused by the highest orders of the Jiralhanae ranks. No less than six Chieftains from six different Jiralhanae clans had come together in the mutually held bloodthirsty hatred of the human DNA itself.

David-010 made it with an ODST drop towards the end of the Battle, but the UNSC were still fighting to the death and not yielding yet. David-010 made it his first and foremost objective to make sure he got as many people out of there safe as he could before the city fell under Covenant control, and maybe he could destroy the city and every Covenant bastard in it while he was at it... maybe. It was worth a shot, the city was safe for demolition now that the civilians had been activated. About halfway into the battle, the ODST garrison of originally about 50 men divided up between 5 squads was down to their final 13 men. David personally led the assault on the Covenant Battlecruiser hovering above the site.

David-010 called in a HAVOK nuke. He was sure he wasn't going to make it this time, and thus made an effort to personally deliver the bomb to the Covenant's doorstep, the fusion reactor room of the ship. He ordered the ODST onto the Pelican as the nuke was delivered, and made sure no Covenant would follow him up. David then slid in behind their major defenses, fought his way to the core room, and planted the nuke. Something came over him at that moment. He had people, friends, that were counting on him, and it didn't feel like the right time to die. But he didn't have to be alive much longer anyway. David took his chances at escaping via a captured Phantom. The blast knocked the Phantom out of the air when he just barely grazed minimum safe distance, crashing in the city outskirts. David climbed from the wreckage and observed the smoldering crater where 2 Covenant Battlecruisers, 9 Covenant Frigates and more than several thousand Covenant infantry, mostly Brutes, had once stood. FADM Lord Hood congratulated the SPARTAN and the ODST that gave their lives so that the UNSC could add some more notches to their killing spree, and David-010 was promoted to his currently held rank, Lieutenant Commander.

Second Battle of New Mombasa

"I won't let any of your people die, Admiral."
—David-010 to Admiral Hood

David's next mission was to safely evac the survivors of a certain ODST squad in New Mombasa. The previous Battle of New Mombasa had been a Covenant victory, and the Covenant had begun glassing the city center. David was to safely extract Captain Veronica Dare, GySgt. Eddie Buck, and the new corporal on their squad. David-010 made it his first and foremost objective to make sure none of them got injured.

David-010 was dropped in north of the Waterfront Highway in New Mombasa. David made his way along the highway, fighting off Covenant as he pushed forward to the area where the Phantom had crashed. The trio was found next to the phantom, three members of the squad dead, Mickey, Romeo and Dutch, as well as multiple Brute bodies, including a Chieftain. David-010 and the ODST pushed back through the city, attempting to make their way out before the ships beams got too close, but eventually they were surrounded by Covenant ships. David called for evac and the four soldiers held their own against waves of oncoming Covenant warriors until a second ODST team arrived roughly 5–10 minutes prior to evac's arrival and assisted them in their struggle. Eventually, after fighting hordes of foes, the evac arrived, stating they had to make a circle to make sure everything was safe for extraction.

Upon his return to Cairo Station, David-010 and Blue Team were called together to discuss a recent spike in rebel activity on Earth. Hood goes on to explain that the United Rebel Front's forces have emerged on Earth and have begun to strike out against the UNSC for control of governmentally powerful cities. He goes on to explain that they're trying to take control of the Unified Earth Government territories, but David-010 has some theories of his own, among which are that the URF are actually acting as an emergency mercenary military for the UEG now that the UNSC has in large part become an independent faction free from their control. Hood takes this theory with a grain of salt, still not wanting to believe the UEG has abused its power far beyond tolerance levels. Nevertheless, the facts remain the same. Lord Hood initiates Operation: REVELATION, the final strike of humanity to end the war, with Blue Team spearheading the ground operation. The URF have begun making a strike against the UNSC forces in the region, and they need blue team's help. Being Lieutenant Commander, a superior rank to Frederic-104 and John-117, David-010 assumes the callsign "Blue Leader".

Battle of Tel Aviv

"I knew I hadn't seen the last of you."
—Kelly-087 to David-010 upon their reunion.

The most critical location was Tel Aviv, Israel. URF presence and occupation was strong in the city, and the UNSC were fighting a loosing battle. It was time to turn the tables in David's opinion. Blue Team goes in hard with a Marine strike team of 30. The 4 SPARTANS lay waste to the URF frontlines, decimating their air support and cutting off communications. With the battalion of 1,257 soldiers estimate cut off from the rest of the URF army, the vastly inferior UNSC forces of less than 30 could utilize hit-and-run tactics. The battle climaxed upon David-010's coordinated offense of Blue Team against the URF base of operations in the central district. The battle culminated in the URF's loss of military cohesion in the middle-east, which may have been proven to assist the Covenant in their search for an artifact of great importance. The battle was won, but the war was far from over, as Blue Team learns from Lord Hood that URF forces have gathered and prepared an orbital bombardment of the area, with a URF Cruiser known as the Neon Angel leading the attack.

Battle of Congo

Interior level1
Kelly, pointman of Blue Team, enters an abandoned UNSC compound.

The Battle of Congo was the first of the UNSC battles against the Covenant during Operation: Revelation, as well as Blue Team's first battle against the Covenant since their reunion. Blue Team, spearheading the assault on the Covenant occupied region of Congo, Africa, successfully broke through Brute resistance and cleared the UNSC base, "Congo Actual", of Covenant occupation. It was here that they discovered the Covenant's plans to set up a massive AA resistance here and move on to invade Johannesburg. David relayed these findings to Lord Hood, the only problem was the schematics were dated, 48 hours to be exact. They find out with relief that the Covenant have not yet invaded the mega-city Johannesburg, but come to the realization that the Covenant have a functioning AA gun in the region and has already destroyed a UNSC Frigate. Blue Team moves to take out the weapon as soon as possible. They fight their way through Covenant resistance, including a Wraith, and successfully board and destroy the AA.

Siege of Johannesburg

Halo3-ODST EnvConcept-07
Engagement between Marines and Covenant in Johannesburg.

The Siege of Johannesburg is ranked one of the bloodiest engagements during the course of the Battle of Earth. Blue Team just barely managed to wrench the city from Covenant grasp only after the destruction of a Scarab, two AA guns, the Brute War Chieftain leading the last of the Covenant forces, and nearly 10,000 casualties. Linda was mortally injured by the splash damage from a Wraith shell and had to be hospitalized for the following mission while she recovered. The battle was a success and the city was retrieved from Covenant hands, just in the nick of time, as URF forces had been gaining resources from an unknown source while the UNSC was busy dealing with the Covenant, and were currently holding position over New York City, the center of the UEG.

Raid on URF Neon Angel

UNSC Marathon-Class Cruisers
URF Neon Angel and sister ship Unfailing Angel, are ambushed by UNSC forces over Australia.

The next offensive the URF launched as at UNSC headquarters at Australia, shortly after the plan to take back NYC had been issued, meaning the URF's ability to listen in on enemy intelligence was better than previously thought. The URF sent two Cruisers to one location, Sydney, and four Destroyers to another. When Hood realized the URF were baring down on their position, he sent in an ambush. Blue Team was with them and ordered to destroy those ships "by any means necessary." David-010 couldn't divide Blue Team into equal splinter teams, so he requested a squad of ODST to go with him to the Neon Angel while Fred and Kelly boarded and took down the Unfailing. The company leader could only spare two of his men, Patton and Waters, but claimed they were his best. David-010 and the two ODST boarded the ship, fighting through the defenses. The trio found that the URF had Flood experiments, which were released prior to mission completion, but were wiped out along with anyone who stood between David and his objective, who managed to wipe out the command crew and hijack the ship, same with Fred and Kelly. Surprisingly, the two squads managed to complete their objectives at close to the same period of time, David completing his only a few moments prior to Fred and Kelly. The UNSC then boarded and the remaining URF surrendered, since they were hopelessly outnumbered and the fact that they had SPARTANS and they didn't. Blue Team was joined by Linda after the battle, who had fully recovered from her wounds, and congratulated them on their accomplishments.

Skirmish over New York City

HaloReach - FrigateWreck
A UNSC Frigate ripped in half over NYC, Earth.

The URF had the air heavily defended around the city, to the point where the UNSC had to initiate the destruction of a URF supercarrier, the Final Confrontation. The UNSC issued a strike against the supercarrier, unlikely it would perceive a cluster group of YSS-1000 Sabres launched from a UNSC command post to take out the URF perpetrators. The Sabres were engaged by enemy SkyHawks, Pelicans, and finally, Longswords. Blue Team was at the head of the battle cluster, and led the offense on the ship. They penetrated the defenses and destroyed the ships' engines, which went critical and exploded, destroying all of the ships escorts. The debris were seen raining from the atmosphere onto the city, momentarily stunning all ground forces at this shocking feat, allowing Blue Team and the rest of the Expeditionary Force to infiltrate the city while the URF forces were still re-coordinating.

Siege of New York City

Blue Team was then joined in battle by the Marine forces, at which point they stormed URF defenses in the city. The URF put up a decent fight, sporting Scorpions, Warthogs, and AA emplacements. However, the real battle did not start until a piece of the Final Confrontation landed in the city center. What spewed forth from it was none other than the Flood threat itself. Blue Team and the remaining forces in the city after the URF confrontation, engaged the Flood, wiping them out before they could spread to other regions of the planet.

Siege of Eden

Files retrieved on the unearthed megastructure refer to it as "Eden". The real purpose for this naming was concealed by ONI, allegedly, which was that it was the closest Earth's machines could come to an English translation. The Portal, the Facility housing the Flood Hive, and the networks of corridors and catacombs networked beneath the Earth's crust were part of a single massive Forerunner installation beneath the Earth's crust. The exact purpose of the facilities are unknown, but it is speculated it had something to do with trying to find a weakness to the Flood.

While they are discussing the details of the next mission, an AI group known as The Assembly revealed themselves to humanity, as the secret group of elite AI that have been steering humanity's decisions since the 2300's. They propose a global shutdown to prevent any UNSC ships from leaving Low-Earth Orbit. David insists that the Assembly are the masterminds behind the whole war, and their ultimate goal is Galaxy-wide dominion, starting with turning Earth into a prison world. David believes that the Forerunner structures contain within them the Assembly's weakness, a central control module, and that if he could find it and disable it, he could stop the Assembly from accomplishing their goals. Hood says that after all that has happened, he wouldn't be surprised. David-010 puts command of Blue Team under Hood, and sets off to find it.

David-010 is deployed along with a contingent of Marines led by Pete Stacker. David strongly emphasized the "solo" mission part of his requests, but of course Hood sent them in with him anyway. The small platoon set off into the depths of the facility, fighting Flood on their way in. After fighting through several structures, David-010 proposed they split into teams, with Stacker leading one squad, and him leading the other. David and his squad are attacked later on by a group of Rouge Helljumpers who try to kill them. Most of David's squad is killed, but they wipe out all of the assailants but one. David pursues the last ODST, dogging him in one-on-one battle, before killing him with his own rifle. David stumbles upon an area of slipspace in which time moves three times faster in a massive Forerunner structure just beneath the Earth's crust. In it David finds himself surrounded by slipspace bubbles, in all of which are Forerunners in stasis, and with them is the last person David could have expected, nobody other than John-117 himself, and in front of him in a smaller bubble, in the center of the massive room, is Cortana. Shortly before releasing them, David is attacked by Cody-033. The two fight, but Cody escapes to fight another day.

David-010 frees them from their prison and escapes, only to find out that the Flood have begun creating a Proto-Gravemind or Brain Form which has begun attacking anything that comes near it. The UNSC had already dropped several carpet bombs with no effect. As they get closer to the exit, Stacker repeatedly updates David on his progress, and when Stacker bugs out, John says they should try to find him and his squad. As they get closer, Stacker updates them as his squad is picked off. Just as they are about to get there, Stacker relays that he is pinned down, but more SPARTANS have come to save him. They arrive to see Blue Team fighting off Sentinels controlled by the Assembly. David-010, John-117, Cortana, Stacker, and the rest of Blue Team fight their out, John stops them, alerting them that Cortana has found vital information to stopping the Assembly. A Core.

Blue Team fights their way to the Core, and destroys it, and manage to escape in the Passenger Warthog that Blue Team had used to get there. The Assembly has been momentarily destroyed, but because they had interfaced with other systems, they had grown beyond the anatomy of a normal Forerunner AI. They had become one with the system. Cortana tells them that she can only fight them off for so long, but because they've "evolved" they have become more like a power-hungry virus spreading across the planet, faster than the Flood. John spies the UNSC Frigate Henrietta Marie in orbit, and proposes blowing its reactors. Cortana states it won't be enough. David-010 then proposes they crash it. Blue Team agrees, knowing they will be sacrificing their lives for the greater good. David gets approval of the plan from Admiral Polansky, and they set off for their suicide mission.

Raid of the UNSC Henrietta Marie

As their Pelican draws near, the team spies URF ships controlled by the Flood crashing into the ship's cargo bay. As they climb aboard, they find the ship infested by Flood of all shapes and sizes. What is most unsettling is while they're making their way through the ship, they find the ship has begun moving, meaning the Flood have begun to evolve, but most of all, that they were running out of time. They split up, with John-117 leading Kelly and Linda in a strike on the engines, while David-010 and Frederic-104 plot the ship's course. John-117 gives David-010 Cortana's chip, saying he'll need her to do so. When he inserts her, she discovers his feelings about her, and Miranda Keyes, but never reveals that she knows. Blue Team finally makes it to the control deck, to find an insane, Flood-infected Cody-033 piloting the ship, claiming it is for the greater good. David-010 orders John-117 and the others to find the Engine Room and bring the reactors to critical level, while he and Fred-104 take out opposition in the control center, including 033. Cody-033 successfully holds his own against David and Fred for at least a whole 10 minutes before succumbing. David plots the intercept course which gives them fifteen minutes in case they want to escape. He tells Fred and the rest of Blue Team to take Cortana and get out. Fred tells David he doesn't have to die, but he says he would rather be nothing than be human. Fred tells him SPARTANS never die, but then David rebutting the phrase, Spartans always die, hurts Fred, who calls him a traitor. John-117 arrives and David gives him the chip, but before doing so, Cortana materializes and tells David all he's done, and how much more he can do. She tells him why she didn't choose him, why he isn't meant to die, and why they were never meant to work. She tells him he may never be her choice, but he'll always be her hero. David is then attacked from behind by Cody-033, risen from the grave, under the full control of the Flood, and tells them to get off the ship while they still can. John gives Fred Cortana and stays to assist David. The two dog it out, fighting until the ship crashes into the continent. Everybody was presumably vaporized in the ensuing explosion.


With the survivors of Blue Team regrouping, they apologize to Lord Hood for not attending the memorial service, and as an apology, Fred carves 117 into the memorial and places David-010's dog tags there as well, in honor to their lost friends. Blue Team was apparently disbanded, along with RONIN, and REGAL, and after the war, Blue Team personally supported a reform of the UEG, but the SPARTAN program remained active, with Delta Company ready to be activated and trained by all the survivors of Blue Team and Cortana.


David's new armor.
"We SPARTANS are obligated to serve the people, and no government will ever be worthy of our power."

David-010 was always described by John-117 as "an iron-hard soldier", with a drive to win and who cared for the lives he was fighting for. He always had a tendency to 'bottle up' his feelings, until he 'popped' into rage-fuelled outbursts, turbulent ones which he always tried to focus on the enemy as much as possible. He was also known to believe that the human government was corrupt and not working towards goals that benefit humanity as a whole, and considered himself allied with nobody but humanity and his SPARTAN brothers. He also had issues with trust and letting in new people, mainly because of how socially introverted he was.


David generally does not have that many 'relationships' per say, considering his extreme introversion. David formed a connection to John-117 and everyone else in Blue Team, most noticeably Kelly, who he grew really close to.

David tries to work with everyone at an equal level. Although he does have trust issues due to his introversion, he doesn't judge. He has had quite a few nasty encounters with helljumpers, particularly during the Ross Island operation. During the op, two ODST ransacked his ammo caches, for example, leaving him weaponless. Linda was kind enough to provide him with a spare Sniper Rifle, which he used with awkward profession, not used to such 'long' weaponry. David tries not to hold a few bad experiences against all ODST in general, trying to treat any allies he meets with kindness and respect.

He had a very good team-player relationship with SPARTAN-B312 when he was working with ONI. The two complemented each other very well in battle, with B312 always handling the tricky stuff, like stealth and marksmanship, while David was always the 'heavy hitter', which Rocket Launchers, LOTUS mines, and full on assault. Noble Team was a completely different story altogether.

The only one out of Noble Team that David really got along with to an extent was Jun-A266, and even then it was on a strictly professional basis. Jun still spoke out against Jorge and Emile when they berated David, not to mention Thom. Jorge just hated David because he was a stranger, and felt he didn't belong with Noble, even though he wasn't technically apart of the team at all. Emile and David had two very conflicting personalities, with Emile always messing with David's tactics due to his tactics, if you could call them that. Because of this they were often in heated arguments. David first caught flak with Thom over Jorge, and Thom constantly threatened him that if he got out too out of line he'd put David down himself. Kat and Carter didn't show any hatred or particular enjoyment of David either way, but they did usually side with the others, making David feel left out and 'lonely' working with Noble Team. He didn't enjoy it one bit.

David consistently blames Ackerson for the fall of Paris IV, and suspects he may have been acting on the wishes of someone in a higher position, for reasons unknown. He also to this day believes that Ackerson was behind all of their operations, and that they truly were apart of a top-secret ONI strike team, which they were. He also formed a cold relationship with Mendez after the deaths of Theodore-021 and Samuel-034. One of the most prominent characters he 'fought' was Catherine Halsey herself. David blames her for stripping the SPARTANS of their humanity and taking many happy six year olds from a happy life and putting them through military training. David calls her a monster, but a necessary one, because he realizes that if she hadn't committed this horrendous act, more horrendous acts would have been committed onto them by the Covenant. Throughout his training, however, Trainee Zero One Zero notably fought her on everything, and questioned her every decision. It is likely he warmed up to her in later years, but never let go of his beliefs, that even though the SPARTAN program was necessary to sacrifice the wants of the few for the needs of the many, it was still morally wrong.

David-010 allegedly was passionately attracted to Miranda Keyes. According to Halsey, the two talked online for hours about the war, people they've lost in battle, and their views on corruption and conspiracies relating to corruption within the UEG. They both firmly believed that the rights of the people were undermined constantly by politicians on power trips throughout the history of mankind. David-010 told her how he felt about her two days before the Battle of Ross Island, firmly believing that he wasn't going to survive the mission. She never responded back, it is likely she was taken by surprise. Three days before the Battle of Voi, David-010 received an encrypted message. He and Fred decrypted it with exceeding difficulty, showing that she had the brain of her mother. When David read it, it was a confession of her love to him. Four days later David learned of her death. As expected, being a SPARTAN, he recovered after about a month and was back to his normal routine on the battlefield, but after that experience, Frederic noted that the Lieutenant Commander never seemed like the same person, whenever the four members of Blue Team were fighting during the Battle of Earth, he noted that it felt like there were only three of them present.

David-010 later infiltrated a Forerunner structure with a small group of Marines. After fighting through several waves of opponents and individuals from his past, David was reunited with the Master Chief held in stasis at the bottom of the structure, along with him was Cortana. Cortana played a large part of David's life, as well as everyone else's in Blue Team, so they were already close allies, mainly because of John-117's friendship. David-010 had a conversation with Cortana once, noting that it was intriguing and mind-opening, David-010 considered Cortana to be the closest thing to an angel in real life, a trascendental being who's separated her mind from her body, and was to be venerated and even feared, but upon being reunited with the two, David was overwhelmed with compassion. But there was something that David had felt inside of him upon meeting Miranda the first time, like he had known her his whole life. She was Halsey's daughter, Miranda, and Halsey created the AI from her cloned brain, but David noted that her personality was a lot like that of Miranda too, even looked a lot like her. David couldn't help but see Miranda every time he looked at her, and the emotional scars that cut through him like a knife through butter began to surface once more. David-010 eventually did confess his feelings to Cortana during the battle on the UNSC Esmeralda, as their teammembers were dying all around them and the ship was falling apart.

Amongst David's trust issues is his mistrust of anyone in a particularly large seat of power, such as the heads of the UN, and the UEG. David has gone as far as to suspect that they've designed a network of AIs that have the power to control the actions of humanity, and that they held a tribunal for one of their members who had apparently tried to contact the Covenant, making them responsible for the Human-Covenant War. He explains that all of this has been planned, and is written down in the journals of the governments and this network of AI to strip away our rights and whittle us down to a controllable population, and that the losses suffered at the hands of the Covenant was only the beginning, and that his plan has been set in motion by their forefathers.

Weapon Preference

Reach 16714547 Full
David faces a Sangheili Field Marshall, set to slay an ODST.

When it came to weaponry, John-117 noted that it was "anything and everything" that David could get his hands on. David hoarded weapons, often it made superiors "uncomfortable", thus he eventually only got to do so during battles. One One Seven noted that whenever David was on their team, they never had to worry about running out of ammo anytime soon. David's weapon preference was, again, just about anything. During training he had a likening of explosives. Rocket launchers, missile pods, grenades, you name it, but he eventually grew out of that after the deaths of Sam and Ted, sobering up and developing a realistic viewpoint of the situation at hand.


"I think things... and they happen."

David-010's skill amongst the SPARTANS is subject to debate. Like John-117, he wasn't particularly good in any one special category (although in his younger years he liked explosive weaponry). He wasn't particularly "lucky" either, but there was something "startling" about him to Halsey, during training. It wasn't that he bottled his feelings up, it was that he didn't come off to her as a SPARTAN at all. He was too "human", she said to him. She told him, at the tender age of 12, that he had to let go of his humanity. David then responded to her, in reference to her telling them that they will be the 'protectors of humanity', what was the point of defending them if he wasn't one himself. This wasn't all that Halsey observed, along with Mendez, and the entirety of Blue Team, as opposed to luck, he had powerful manifestation. Thinking negatively often produced negative results, but thinking positively, likewise, meant victory. John noted that every time Blue Team was presented with a victory, David had been in good spirits that day. Anger usually meant victory as well. Usually after a crushing defeat, or the loss of a teammate, David would be saturated with rage, which usually led to wishing the enemy harm, or gruesome death, which generally led to a victory. David grew out of bottling feelings up and becoming inundated with anger at about age 19, at which point he gained even more control over the effects of his manifestation.

David would practice repeating something he really wanted to happen over and over again, such as flipping a coin. He would repeat 'heads' repeatedly, flip the coin, and get heads, every time. The first time he tried this in combat was the Battle of Ross Island. When he activated the HAVOK warhead, he kept repeating, in his head, over and over again, We'll make it. Much to his awe-struck surprise, everyone in Blue Team survived the battle, including him, albeit at the cost of his armor which had served him for a large part of his life.

According to Halsey, David was the most miraculous SPARTAN. He had a more open mind, curiosity, and personal ambition than any other of the candidates, along with his abilities to manifest thoughts he focuses on. She noted there was one thing he shared in common with every SPARTAN though, a personal devotion to a cause greater than himself, humanity. Halsey said that even though he didn't have luck, he didn't need it, he was everything humanity needed him to be.


Promotions (as of December 2, 2552)
Insignia Rank Date
Petty Officer 1st Class Insignia
Petty Officer First Class November 29, 2525
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer October 26, 2533
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer July 16, 2549
Lieutenant November 4, 2552
Lieutenant Commander November 15, 2552


  • David-010 is voiced by Mark Meer, voice of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect.
  • The developers, in order to properly immerse the players in the new game, Halo: Revelation, have concluded that there is no canon version of SPARTAN-010, and the character David-010 is a creative stand-in for the SPARTAN-010 identity, and will be used strictly for marketing and future projects. From this, it can be assumed from many sources that indicate it, that most of the information in this article is ONI/UEG propaganda, and the true history behind 010 is, and always will be, unknown.
  • David is just the default name for SPARTAN-010 in Halo: Revelation, and his/her name can be anything the player wishes.
  • David-010 is one of the few individuals in the Halo universe known to have destroyed a Supercarrier, and is the only known SPARTAN to have personally been responsible for the destruction of one and to survive in the process.
  • He is also the only known SPARTAN to have boarded and captured a Covenant Assault Carrier single-handedly, and to have led an entire Covenant flotilla into an ambush.
  • Many consider David-010 to be in love with Kelly-087, but he is more likely in love romantically with Miranda Keyes, no more has been said about the two, other than a few battlefield encounters.
  • Whereas John-117 often viewed Halsey as a mother, David resented her, and blamed her for taking away the humanity of an innocent child (the SPARTANS), and blamed her for the suicide of his mother, upon learning this from Lord Hood. Halsey recorded in her journal that "subject zero one zero" fought her on everything, questioned her every decision, throughout his training.
  • David is often considered the most defiant of the SPARTANS, and is the most miraculous according to Halsey.

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