Level 1.The Black Hole

  • Summary:David's family are watching David and his team:The Bing Wong Tigers,vs. The Rattle -Snakes.While they are playing they see a tiny black dot floating around as it gets it starts getting really windy and things start flying around as they get sucked in.David and a couple of his friends try to figure out where they are.
  • Characters:David Elliott,Jimmy Ngyen,Stephen Wilson,Brandon Wilson,Steve Wilson,Cujo
  • Enemies:Droids,Koopas,Goombas
  • Boss[es]:Wario,Waluigi
    Wario vs. mario
    GIANT BOWSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 2.Clones?

  • Summary:After the fight Brandon is stolen and Stephen finds people in black and white suits called Clones.They tell the Clones about what happened and the Clones help them to try to break in to the Droid Jail.
  • Characters:David,Jimmy,Stephen,Steve,Cujo,Clones
  • Enemies:Droids,Geonoshians,Bounty Hunters
  • Boss[es]:Rancor[20 hearts]

Level 3.The big battle part 1

  • Summary:David,his friends,and some Clones freed some of David's friends from the Droid Jail and then get caught in the middle of a battle and meet some people they recognise from somewhere.
  • Characters:David,Jimmy,Stephen,Steve,Cujo,Clones

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