David Marcus
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Anna Marcus (mother)
  • George Marcus (father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 6'2"
Affiliation U.S. Special Forces
Weapons Any weapon at his disposal.
Species Human
Home Dayton, Ohio
Appearances Warzone

Warzone II

Quests N/A
Performer None

David "Dave" Marcus is the main protagonist in Warzone and Warzone II. He is also the captain of Echo Four.

David Marcus is voiced by Ryan Reynolds.


According to David's dossier, he was born on June 23rd, 1986 in Dayton, Ohio and had a rather difficult childhood. The dossier only contained information about David's mother who was a chronic alcoholic, and his father who was never around due to his painstakingly stressful job. David enlisted in the Marines at the age of 18, and during his time in the Marines, who fought in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan and was welcomed back to America as a war hero for helping to capture the war criminal known as "The Reaper" in 2014.

Later on, David was offered a job at the C.I.A as a Special Agent and he gladly agreed. David spent two years in the C.I.A before being promoted to the National Security Agency, where he is currently working as an SOA (Special Operations Agent).

Once players complete Warzone, a new part of David's dossier is unlocked, which reveals that David's finacee is pregnant.


  • David's e-mail is "" and his password is "Dayton".
  • According to his birthdate, David is 31 years old.


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