This is a series made by ParaGoomba348 comparing fictional warriors from video games, anime, manga, comic series, book series, etc. It is in no way competing with the Fanonified Fighting Arena, Fanon Field Duo Arena, Fanon Deadliest Warrior, or ParaGoomba348's All-Time Greatest Unlikely Hero Tournament. It will be a scientific analysis of each other's weapons, defenses, etc. to see who would win in an actual fight.

Season 1 battles

  1. Simon Belmont vs. Lloyd Irving
  2. Link vs. Firion
  3. Desians vs. Koopa Army
  4. Fox McCloud vs. Gordon Freeman
  5. Samus Aran vs. Mega Man
  6. Kyle Katarn vs. Master Chief
  7. Bill Rizer vs. Shadow the Hedgehog
  8. James Bond vs. Batman
  9. Deadpool vs. Cervantes
  10. Joanna Dark vs. Rouge the Bat
  11. Spartans vs. Clone Troopers
  12. Solid Snake vs. Leon S. Kennedy
  13. Altair vs. Kratos

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