Deadly Hit is a 2004 Australian Revenge Action film written by Joel Edgerton and directed by Nash Edgerton.

It stars Nicole Kidman, Michelle Rodriquez, Hilary Swank, Evan Rachel Wood, Rochelle Aytes, Emilie De Ravin, Isla Fisher, Alan David Lee, Joel Edgerton, Christian Stolte, Idris Elba, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Abbie Cornish, Simon Chapman, Nathan Phillips, Christian Slater and Hugh Jackman.


An Australian Woman Danica "Deadly" Dromanez makes it into the international worldwide taekwondo competition and then following her win of that competition makes it into every worldwide fighting tournament.

The runner-up losers from all these competitions become enraged at her success and band together to give her an execution.

They lure her out and each take turns at violently beating her until she is thought rendered unconscious.

From there she is taken to a Russian Hospital as Russia was the country her last tournament was held in and she is brought back from flatlining by an ECG machine.

Danica revived then takes aim at the four men and seven women who did her in.

First she get's Boxer Barry Budong (Idris Elba) wom she faces off in his Missouri Apartment in a Boxing Death Match.

She withdraws victorious as she punches her right hand fist right through his head.

Second she takes aim at Bando Thaing Champion Joleen Jameson (Isla Fisher) who happens to be the second last of her targets to be in American.

She finds Joleen to be living in the cabin facing off the from the family cabin belonging to her other target former Kendo Champion now mother Lillian Lakeford (Emilie De Ravin).

Danica threatens them omninously first and then engages in a Bando Thaing death match with Joleen whilest she is out kiyaking out on the lake.

That night Lillian and her family return from a day out at an amusement park to find their cabin completely trashed and a blood written note on the spa room wall reading "Kendo."

Lillian then instructs her husband to take their two children out and down to the police station whilest she stays there.

As they depart Lillian grabs a samurai sword from a secret case she has in the master bedroom.

She then as she walks into the spa room finds the spa to be filled with sheep blood which she brought with her in a bucket and poured over Danica's head before ther violent second round of beatings.

Danica then emerges and dunks Lillian's head in the blood filled spa water and then withdraws it.

Lillian elbows Danica and the two engage following a dirty fight and final conversation in a Kendo Death Match.

Danica finishes Lillian in this match via a large slice across the chest which results in her being split in a diagonal motion directly in half.

Danica then ignites the cabin and leaves on a canoe sailing away on the lake as the Lakeford Cabin catches fire.

She whilest kiyaking along the water also comes to the water placed body of Joleen whom dhe dumps a blood splatted paddle on her the one in was used in their battle.

Danica then

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