Real name Wade Winston Wilson
First appearance New Mutants # 98
Gender Male
Universe Marvel Universe
Height 6' 2"
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Powers/Weapons Regenerative healing factor
Military firearms and katana blades
Teleportation devices
Enhanced strength and agility

What happens when you mix a ninja with a gunman? You get none other than Deadpool, a mercenary for hire with no need to retire.


Wade Wilson suffering through a severe cancer when he assigned for the Weapon X Program. He was given an artificial healing factor that was similar to Wolverine's in an experiment. The experiment backfired and kicked his cancer into overdrive, leaving him eternally disfigured. He was tossed into a prison lab because he was dubbed as a failed experiment. The warden was chosen a subject to kill by a game known as the “dead pool”. Somehow, he survived his execution and overcame the odds. Unable to live a normal life, he decided to become a mecernary-for-hire.

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