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This fanonical story about Sly Cooper is FAKE! So don't call Sucker Punch and say "Oh my god your story is stupid!!!!" If you have any problems with my story, take it out on me, ok?Ugozima 22:35, 14 October 2007 (UTC)


"Dang!" exclaimed Sly, as he peered at his cane, which now lay in pieces. He was fighting a bank robber, when the robber suddenly shot at his cane, smashing it into 5 pieces. He pulled out his binocucom and pressed the "on" button.

"Yo, Bentley, I got a situation on my hands. Meet me in the bank," he said. About 10 minutes later, Bentley had traversed the city of Paris and was at the First National Bank of France.

"What happen...Whoa! Your cane, gimme the pieces," he said. He pulled out a carton of plaster from his pack.

"Plaster?" said Sly.

"Never know when you're gonna need it..." Bentley replied. Our turtley friend carefully poured some plaster over the parts. It set very quickly.

"Judging from the damage to your cane, you'll need a new one. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy that owns a forge, so I should be able to get this cast. Then i'll upgrade the heck out of it, stun darts, grapple hooks, a sheild, and much more!" Bentley then wheeled out the door and down the street. Sly, with nothing else to do, looted the comatose robber. A platinum watch, several diamond-studded rings, and a whole ton of debit cards. My lucky day... he thought.

Part 1: The New Cane

Chapter 1: More than just your average walk

Sly headed out the door of the bank and down the street until he came up to a building labeled Pierre Sormion - Le Blacksmith.

This should be the place, he thought. Sly opened the door and went inside the shop. Whoo, was it hot! Sly headed to the back room, expecting to see Bentley, but instead a man stood there with a silvery cane in his hand.

"Hey," said Sly, "did a turtle come through here and order that? He sent me to pick it up."

"Oh, this?" said the man, "yeah, that turtle said this was for some, eh, 'Sly Cooper'?"

"That's me," replied Sly.

"Oh, then here," said the man, giving Sly the cane. Sly eagerly exited the shop. Thank god it was autumn, or else he might've roasted! Sly then continued up the alley towards the safehouse, when he heard gunshots! Sly peered aroun the corner; Inspector Carmelita Fox was fighting one of the robber's cohorts!

Just keep your cool, he thought. But then robber suddenly pulled out a laser gun! As Sly, as if in slow motion, saw the yellow beam, a combination of instinct and his love for Carmelita made him jump in front of her before it hit, dead home, literally. Sly raised his cane, and the beam bounced off it and was shot skyward. Sly, having a spurt of genius, changed the agle of his cane, and let's just say that the robber wasn't in a good way to fight any longer.

"What the?!" exclaimed Carmelita, but she was cut short when Sly flipped over her head, went behind her, took her own handcuffs and handcuffed her to a steel support on a construction site across the street. Not being a man to leave the ladies waiting, per se, he once again hit the "on" button on his binocucom, and spoke to Bentley.

"Hey, Bent. Gimme one of your sleep darts, quick. No time to explain," said Sly. No sooner than that, Bentley activated his RC-helicopter, and flew over to Sly. With sleep-dart in hand, Sly went over to trapped Carmelita and said, "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit." He pricked the tip of the sleep dart into her skin, and she instantly fell victim to the Bent-O-Snooze 300 Model's chemicals.

"Nighty night," said Sly.

To be continued!

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