Death Camp 3 is a horror-thriller-slasher movie starring Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, David Henrie, Chelsea Kane, Zac Efron, Logan Lerman, Victoria Justice, Hayden Panettiere, Cody Linley, Tony Oller and Vanessa Hudgens.


Brand new set of campers come to the woods but Emma is killing them all in revenge for Joseph's door.


After the events of Death Camp 2, ten campers, Lisa, Jenny, Connor, Aimee, Clay, Andrew, Maureen, Billy, Leon, and Katie come to camp for the evening for spring break. They tell the story of the killer Joseph and his camp massacre which was 3 years ago. Then it told the story of the second massacre 2 years ago, and the killer got away with it. Leon yells at Lisa for saying the story is just fake, and Katie his girlfriend tries to calm him down. However, he yells at them both and leaves in anger. Jenny leaves afterwards. In the forest, Leon hears a noise and turns around but doesn't see anyone and turns back and sees a masked killer which stabs his stomach. He screams in pain and runs, but trips and is stabbed in the back repeatedly then is dragged back and gutted and hung from a heavy tree branch.

Jenny runs back to the others saying she saw Leon get killed and ran back before the killer saw her. They believe her and go to sleep. Lisa, Aimee, and Billy hear Katie crying and go to Katie and she cries saying that her boyfriend dumped her and was killed, and she missed Leon very very much. Billy comforts her, before the phone rings. Lisa gets a call from a killer who says that they will all die that night. She panics and tells Aimee, Billy, and Katie and Katie continues to cry thinking that Lisa is insulting her. Billy yells at Lisa and she leaves and is stabbed in the chest by the killer. She punches the killer and runs, but is stabbed in the foot. She kicks him and grabs a tree branch and hits the killer with it and runs away. The killer then walks into the cabin and Billy yells at the killer thinking it's Lisa. But the killer kills him instead. Katie and Aimee are also attacked and Aimee is viciously stabbed while Katie cries and is impaled in her stomach. They run to Lisa in the cabin and Katie drops dead but then the killer stabs Aimee's head killing her.

Lisa runs and grabs a lamp and smashes it on the killer's head and stomps on his head repeatedly and he is surely knocked unconscious. She grabs a gun and almost shoots the killer until she is stabbed n her other foot. She falls and kicks the killer backwards and crawls and gets up and runs and shoots the killer in the stomach 2 times. He falls and Lisa turns but when she turns back he has disappeared. She goes into Maureen and Clay's cabin only to see them dead too. Lisa, Jenny, Connor, and Andrew see the bodies and scream and run until Jenny trips in the woods and disappears. Later the killer grabs a machete and decapitates Andrew with it. He stabs Connor's shoulder and heart and Lisa kicks the killer's mask off revealing it to be Jenny! She reveals herself to be EMMA from Death Camp 2, under a new look and name. Connor, weakened, still manages to butt Jenny in the stomach and she falls and Lisa pulls a gun out and shoots Emma in the chest 4 times.

Later, Connor is in the hospital when he hears a noise and turns and sees Emma by his head bloody and outraged. She holds a knife and is about to stab Connor when he screams, and Lisa runs in and sees Emma. She stabbed Jenny in the throat and cut it open killing her. They both get up and walk out of the hospital into the sunset.


Selena Gomez as Lisa

Emma Roberts as Jenny/AKA Emma the killer

David Henrie as Connor

Chelsea Kane as Aimee

Zac Efron as Clay

Logan Lerman as Andrew

Victoria Justice as Maureen

Cody Linley as Billy

Tony Oller as Leon

Vanessa Hudgens as Katie



Leon-Stabbed in the stomach, stabbed in the back 6 times, gutted and hung offscreen

Billy-Throat slit with a knife

Katie-Impaled in stomach with a knife and slowly dies of her wounds

Aimee-Stabbed in her head

Maureen-Hanged by bedpost with rope, stabbed in the chest and stomach many times and stabbed in forehead (offscreen)

Clay-Head smashed in mirror, impaled in head with glass, stabbed in the back 3 times

Andrew-Decapitated by machete

Jenny/Emma The Killer-Sustained many injuries, shot in the chest 4 times, and stabbed and throat slit.

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