Death Camp 4 is a horror-thriller-slasher movie starring Justin Bieber, Chelsea Staub, David Henrie, Victoria Justice, Bella Thorne, Pixie Lott, Matthew Knight, Kate Todd, Meghan Martin, KeKe Palmer, Robbie Ammell, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Jason Dolley


Dan, Jade, Kelsey, Kyle and their friends are targeted by a new killer.


Justin Bieber as Dan

Chelsea Kane as Jade

David Henrie as Kyle

Victoria Justice as Kelsey

Bella Thorne as Natalie

Pixie Lott as Judi

Matthew Knight as Jerry

Kate Todd as Shelly

Meghan Martin as Tracy

KeKe Palmer as Lana

Robbie Ammell as Danny

Jennette McCurdy as Ashley

Nathan Kress as Sam

Jason Dolley as Jim


Dan, Jade, Kyle, Kelsey, Natalie, Jerry, Danny and Tracy


Jim- He is stabbed to death

Sam- He is gutted

Lana- She is pushed out a window

Ashley- She has her throat slit

Judi- She is stabbed through the head

Shelly- She is stabbed through the chest by Dan


6 months later, Dan, Kyle and Jade go to Erica's funeral, it skips to a new killer holding a knife.

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