The Death Cult demo is the first work produced by English death metal band Van Helsing, recorded between December 1994-March 1995. The demo consists of five songs, all of which appeared on the band's 1995 debut album Bleeding the Weak. Lead singer Dan Chamberlain commented on the poor quality of the demo in 2000, saying: "We did not have enough money to make the thing top notch, so we settled for whatever".


The demo is songs recorded by the band during several jamming sessions between four months. The songs were recorded in lead singer Dan Chamberlain's basement, where he had a makeshift recording studio.

Track listing

  1. "Divine Decapitation" - 6:00
  2. "No Salvation" - 7:45
  3. "Annihilator" - 4:40
  4. "The Earth Stained with Blood" - 4:00
  5. "Not For the Weak" - 8:00

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