Death Flower is an American metal band from Newark, New Jersey, formed in 1999, and their discography consists of five albums, one compilation album and a live DVD/CD, twenty-five singles, and eighteen music videos. They signed with Roadrunner Records in 2000, and released their first album in June 2000 Eviscerating Sons of Chaos. They followed with five more albums Soulsucker (2002), Broken Wings (2004), Virus In The Blood (2006), Sickened Offspring (2008), and The War of A Thousand (2010). The band's current line-up from 1999 onwards consists of Chris Davenport (lead vocals, guitar ), Luke Jonhston (lead guitar, screaming vocals), Jeremy Johnston (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Caleb Edwards (drums, percusion).

Studio albums


Death Flower-Eviscerating Sons of Chaos

Eviscerating Sons of Chaos (2000), Death Flower's debut album

Eviscerating Sons of Chaos (2000)

Death Flower-Soulsucker

Soulsucker (2002), showed a more developed sound for Death Flower

Soulsucker (2002)

Death Flower-Broken Wings

Broken Wings (2004), Death Flower's third album

Broken Wings (2004)

Death Flower-Virus In The Blood

Virus In The Blood (2006), featuring guest vocals from Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia

Virus In The Blood (2006)

Death Flower-Sickened Offspring

Death Flower's 2008 album "Sickened Offspring" showed a more aggressive sound, akin to their debut

Sickened Offspring (2008)

Death Flower-The War of A Thousand

Death Flower's latest album, 2010's "The War of A Thousand" sees progressive influences, and an abundance of guests

The War of A Thousand (2010)

  • Dreams Ethereal- released February 23 2010
  • Invaders of the World (featuring Matt Heafy) - released on March 16 2010
  • Rise and Take The Lands (featuring Maynard James Keenan) - released on April 20 2010

Standalone singles

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