The Abduction Girls

Stuntman Mike was part of an elaborae kidnapping plot in which he hired five criminals to deliver him four girls of his choosing and pretend to be running a ransom.

Stuntman Mike had a connection to the girls as one of their sister's was a former prom date of his.

He sent out the ransom to the sister and insist she make it to the warehouse to deliver.

As she possesses no car she jumps into the car she flags down which is really Stuntman Mike's.

He then swerves the car out onto the highway and into a railing which propels a ceramic pole through the windscreen killing the ex prom date.

He then places her body in the boot and drives to the warehouse which he crashes into and kills the four men with a pistol.

He then pretends he is an FBI agent and escorts the kidnapped girls into his car.

He then tells the girls he is to drive to the nearest place with a phone and call for back-up.

He arrives as a nearby gas station and heads in.

The girls notice a smell in the back and exit the vehicle they pop the boot and discover the dead sister's body.

Two of the girls then flee and run leaving two still in the car who grab his pistol.

Stuntman Mike hops into the car and is threatened with the gun.

He starts the car all of a sudden and flaws the vehicle relinqueshing the gun.

He then drives after the two girls and hits one and spirals one over onto the highway.

A large truck then hits the other girl and Stuntman Mike takes off in his car with the two other girls.

He kills them finally by heading off a ramp into a Jungle Julia Lucai Hot Wax billboard.

The Wedding Girls

Stuntman Mike two months following the Abduction girls killings helps out a girl stranded by her bus into upstate Pomona.

After helping her out he catches her name and that she is a florist supplying flowers for a recent wedding.

He learns the wedding is of an ex-girlfriend of his getting married to a man.

He then learns of a bridesmaid whom needs a ride for which he caters for.

He picks up the hitchiking Bridesmaid and kills her in his death proof automobile by crashing into the florist shop where the girl he helped works.

He also kills the girl he helped in the process by crashing into the shop.

Stuntman Mike then takes aim at the other three bridesmaids who are driving to the wedding and whom hated the hitchiking bridesmaid.

He kills the three other bridesmaids by rear ending their vehicle and crashing it through the wedding chapel.

He then finally kills the bride of the wedding by spiralling his death proof car into the chapel and swiping off head with his front tyre.

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