The following victims of Stuntmen Mike McKay in 1970.

Kathy, Sandra, Liz, Jessica, Mark and Wendy

  • Kathy Fennlon: Trunchem High School Student and best friend of Sandra Carlsson, Elizabeth Avellan and Jessica Jinn. She is killed last by Mike McKay. She has short brown hair. She is killed last by Mike.
  • Sandra Carlsson: Trunchem High School Student and best friend of Kathy Fennlon, Elizabeth Avellan and Jessica Jinn. She has a boyfriend in Clark County who won't return her calls. She is killed second last by Mike. She has short black hair.
  • Elizabeth Avellan: Trunchem High School Student, Cheerleader and best friend of Kathy Fennlon, Sandra Carlsson and Jessica Jinn. She is killed third fourth by Mike. She has long blonde hair.
  • Jessica Jinn: Trunchem High School Student and best friend of Kathy Fennlon, Sandra Carlsson, Elizabeth Avellan and Wendy Mattheson. She is the girlfriend of Markus Bronson. She is killed third by Mike. She has long red hair.
  • Markus Bronson: Unintentional Victim Of Mike Mckay and student of Trunchem High School. He is the boyfriend of Jessica Jinn and is riding in the same car as her. He is the second victim.
  • Wendy Mattheson: Trunchem High School Student and best friend of Jessica Jinn. She has no one to ride with to the Spring Formal Party and takes a ride by herself at first till her cark breaks down. She is then picked up by Mike whom she recognises as the man conversing with Kathy, Sandra and Liz earlier at the O-Guerre's Bootlilicious Bar. She is killed first by Mike.


  1. Wendy Mattheson: Killed after accepting ride from Mike as he drives her away from the highway down onto a dirt road ring and begins to doing doughnuts with his car. Wendy in the Crash box is swung back and forth furiously which eventually killed her as her head smashed up against the passenger window.
  2. Markus Bronson: Killed as Mike rams his car up against Markus' causing him to be pushed forwards and make his head explode upon impact of hitting dashboard.
  3. Jessica Jinn: Killed as Mike forces Markus' car into a barbed wire fence which flips upwards and slices her from the vagina to the head in half
  4. Elizabeth Avellan: Killed following Spring Formal in Kathy's car as Mike drives his car through the woods straight at Kathy's car killing Elizabeth via crushing head with tyre
  5. Sandra Carlsson: Killed following Mike's car colliding with Kathy's via head split in half with tyre
  6. Kathy Fennlon: Killed as Mike exits his car after the collision with hers and uses a cigarette to light a gasoline trail emanating from her car which then explodes incinerating her

Christine, Carmen, Sally, Beth, Terina, Lauren, Julie Cassandra and Josie

  • Christine Simmons: Long Black Hair and Blue Eyes, the leader of the group of Samerson Community College Girls Carmen, Sally and Beth. She is the driver of the red car which is last taken out by Mike McKay
  • Carmen Sandrioss: Long Black Hair and Green Eyes, best friend of Christine Simmons and the passenger of Christine's red car which is second and lastly taken out by Mike. Mike seems especially interested in Carmen
  • Sally Andria: Long Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes, she is a passenger of Christine's red car
  • Beth Harvelin: Long Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes, she is a passenger of Christine's red car
  • Terina Takamota-San: Long Black Hair done up in a bun, she is the best friend of Lauren Ambrose and is Chinese in Ethinicity. She is the driver of the Black Sedan which is taken out firstly vehicle wise by Mike
  • Lauren Ambrose: Red Short Hair and Blue Eyes. She is the front seat passenger of the Black Sedan driven by Terina.
  • Julie Keevier: A Quiet innocent girl with long light brown hair and blue eyes who spent the first half of the party just standing in the kitchen admiring a Banana as if it was a penis following a shrewd comment regarding her innocence in the form of virginity. She is a backseat passenger of Verina's Black Sedan and stands up out-facing the sun-roof with a beer in hand.
  • Cassandra Hemmingway: Long Blonde Hair and blue eyes. She is an annoying loud mouthed girl who is the backseat passenger of Terina's sedan.
  • Josie Harmon: Long Black Hair, Blue Eyes and dressed entirely in black with a nose piercing she is hated by the other girls and accepts a ride from Mike in his Death Proof Car. She is killed first victim wise


  1. Sally: Sally is the first to be acquainted with Mike as it is the last test of their last lesson at Samerson before Breck Eisner's huge final exam bash. Their assignment is to go interview a hard working eccentric civilian out on the town. Sally but upon setting out with the rest of the group takes sight of the bizarre looking Death Proof car outside a Custom Workshop where a mechanic emerges and tells her the frightening vehicle belongs to a helping out worker of theirs who does parts as a stuntmen. She enters the workshop and comes across Mike who had been secretly watching her eyeing his car. She does her interview on him and tells him about Samerson, her party hard friends and the party their going to attend tonight.
  2. Christine, Carmen and Beth: Vhristine, Carmen and Beth are then meet Mike second all together as he rocks up at the Samerson Whiting Hall Campus Building and get's invited up to their room dormitory by Sally. Mike tells the girls he plans to attend Mr. Breck Eisner's party and unnerves Christine. He also stares frequently at Carmen while conversing with the girls showing an immediate special interest in her. The girl's all politely apart from Christine decline Mike's offer for a ride to the party.
  3. Cassandra: Cassandra meets Mike third as he enters the party through the front door and she signing off all those who come with their names. He begins a conversation with her and tells her about him being a stuntmen. She tells of how her brother does Motorcycle stunts which seems to put off Mike.
  4. Lauren: Lauren meets Mike fourth as she is alone sitting on a lounge room couch in the house while the party is going on and is sat next to by Mike who comforts her with a warm conversation. He inspires Lauren to get up and get what she wants.
  5. Julie: Julie meets Mike fifth as he enters the kitchen and begins conversation with a bunch of young girls whilest glancing over at Carmen who is leaning not far away up against a wall looking at him too. Mike whilest making his way over to Carmen accidentally is knocked into by Julie who is backing up. The two begin a brief conversation and Mike compliments which inspires her much in the way he did for Lauren earlier.
  6. Terina: Mike at one point sits down on the couch Lauren was on earlier and catches ear of Terina's conversation behind him of going to have with the first person who talks to her as a dare. Mike then engages in a hello with her and soon follows her to Breck's Garden shed and performs a fellatio on him instead of having sexual intercourse as she does not want to.
  7. Josie: Josie is the last to meet Mike as the party is ended by the police and Josie's gothic friends take off in their car's leaving her on the road outside Breck Eisner's car. Josie takes look at the only three cars left on the road: One belonging to Christine and her friends who she hates and Terina and her three passengers whom she hates. She is then offered a ride from the third car driver Mike.

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