Death Takes The Bus is the second episode of the television series spin-off Final Destinations.

"Death Takes The Bus"
Final Destinations episode
Episode no. Season 1

Episode 1

Directed by James A. Conter
Written by Marti Noxon
Original air date February 17, 2002
Guest actors

Tony Todd

Chi McBride

John Stockwell

Jennifer Coolidge

Mariel Hemingway

Gary Valentine

Martina Gedeck

Tim Meadows

Episode chronology
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List of Final Destinations Episodes

It is written by Jeffrey Reddick and directed by James A. Conter starring Taran Killam, Jessica Paré, Sean Faris, Laura Ramsey, Paul Wesley, Gillian Jacobs, Bradley James, Hilarie Burton, Drew Seeley, Brad Renfro, Ally Walker and Katie White.

Despite the episode's misleading title the central accident involves a tram not a bus and is the first episode to be set in another country location: it is set in Victoria, Australia.


A group of Mt. Abraham high school teens are dispatched along with four of their teachers to Victoria, Australia for a city trip in the capital city of Melbourne.

However one teen experiences a premonition of the tram he, his friends and some of his teachers to board will crash and explode killing them.

He prevents some teens from boarding the ill-fated tram ride and has one faculty member exit the tram before it's take off causing them to evade death.

The crash and explosion comes to frightening reality and the events following oversee the group being dispatched one by one to two by two by Death itself as it all their time's to die and they were not meant to board the tram.


  • Taran Killam as Daniel Larper
  • Jessica Paré as Elise Bennett
  • Sean Faris as Samuel Deacon
  • Alana Austin as Mieke Portman-Ellis
  • Paul Wesley as Thomas Parkson
  • Bradley James as Richard Tones
  • Gillian Jacobs as Carly Stolling
  • Hilarie Burton as Taylor Mitchellore
  • Drew Seeley as Jarod Hotkins
  • Brad Renfro as Trent Bambridge
  • Ally Walker as Jessica Florence
  • Katie White as Jasmine Duncan
  • Tony Todd as Mortician William Bludworth
  • Chi McBride as Mortician Martin Brown
  • John Stockwell as Detective Feenley
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Kelly Hotkins
  • Mariel Hemingway as Chering Laper
  • Gary Valentine as Michael Larper
  • Martina Gedeck as Julianne Bennett
  • Tim Meadows as Laker Deacon


  1. Jasmine Duncan: Killed as following shower tap begins to flow out water whilest she is tending to other things including getting dresed. Upon returning to the bathroom to blowdry her hair to which she has set the blowdry up for the device is flicked into the bathtub and Jasmine is electrocuted to death in retrieving it
  2. Jess Florence: Killed whilest vacuuming bathroom. The device jams and as she struggles to fix it a bathroom shelf collapses and knocks her into her bath made up of water and other shelf breaks releasing a running radio into the bath with her killing her via electrocution
  3. Jarod Hotkins: Killed in home kitchen as oven blows up and propels knife block knives into his back and spirals him over onto his front allowing them to impale him
  4. Trent Bambridge: Killed in restaurant kitchen as large skewer device impales him in chest and he struggles out into restaurant full of people
  5. Taylor Mitchellore: Killed as Carly Stolling's residence as sliding door window shatters and glass shards are spiralled into her face and head
  6. Carly Stolling: Killed as house blows up
  7. Thomas Parkson: Upon Samuel Deacon being saved from what was to be his inevitable death Thomas steals Sam's dad's stolen car and attempts to flee from the group only to have death blow out the wheels and spiral him into a lamp post which upon collision impact results in him smashing his head into the dashboard of the car
  8. Richard Tones: Killed directly following Thomas as the crashed Sam's dad's car blows up and spirals the bonnet piece at him cutting him in half
  9. Mieke Portman-Ellis: Killed six months following Thomas and Richard's demises as she shockingly meets up with Elise Bennett, Daniel Larper and Samuel Deacon in Melbourne revealing she too had gotten off the tram upon hearing Daniel and to deal with her grief her and her family had gone away on a trip to Paris. She is then killed as an oncoming tram breaks off it's line and collides into her
  10. Samuel Deacon: Killed directly after Mieke as the tram which killed her smashes into a sign's pillars releasing it onto Sam crushing him
  11. Elise Bennett: Killed directly after Sam as the tram explodes and the fire of the explosion sweeps over her
  12. Daniel Larper: Killed directly after Elise as he falls off a cement storey and comes down onto a window pane below placed on the ground.

Signs/Clues To DeathsEdit

Jasmine Duncan:

  • Upon grabbing her school belongings from her locker she is bumped into by Sam Deacon who in knocking into her causes her to drop her phone upon the ground which smashes and releases sparks of electricity which overshadows her face indicating her death later by electrocution
  • A gust of strong wind overcomes her in the Courtyard leading out to the student car park
  • She sees a black shadow mass reflected in the school building windows and later at her house in the bathroom mirror foreshadowing Death's presence
  • She upon jumping into grandmother's car and pulling out the car park makes brief collision with Jess Florence's vehicle and the same sparks of electricity from her smashed phone are made as well as the two locking eyes, later Jasmine dies from electrocution and at the same time Jess at her home has her death set up and dies moments after Jasmine via electrocution as well
  • Jasmine was a suicidal girl who had at one point prior to the trip to Victoria had attempted suicide and landed herself in hospital where doctors and a recommended psychologist had told her she keeps up her behaviour she is going to end up dying young and horribly

Jess Florence:

  • Jess feels Death's presence via a gust of unnatural wind in her exchange office at the Warragul Regional College and sees the Water Pump's cords break and emanate electricity foreshadowing her later death
  • Jess had made collision with Jasmine Duncan's Grandmother's vehicle in the student car park and large amounts of spark electricity had been released also foreshadowing her later death
  • At home before her direct death Jess had the television on to listen to the news report about the Tram 180 accident and the following news report covered a nurse from the West Gippsland General Hospital dying in a freak electrocution accident, her t.v then froze and repeated death by electrocution

Jarod Hotkins:

  • Jarod at the meeting at Daniel Larper's exchange home was fooling with his exchange family's knife set, he later then died via his exchange family's kitchen knife block releasing knives at him
  • Taylor in frustration at Jarod's sarcastic comments told him to shut up or else she will stab him
  • A kitchen window reflection in Larper's exchange family home kitchen highlighted a certain section of Jarod's back, the part where the knives would end up spiralling into
  • Jarod was told by his exchange family's mother of two that she wouldn't be more than 10 minutes which was the set timeframe which Jarod died in
  • Jarod's exchange family mother had told him to be careful in the kitchen as it is sort of a death zone
  • Jarod's exchange family mother had told him to also be careful with the kitchen floor as she had her daughter mop it and it is easy to slip, Jarod after being impaled in the back by the kitchen knives slipped over and the knives further impaled him in the back killing him, the result of his slipping being due to the slippery floor


  1. Otherside- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  2. Songbird- Bernard Fanning
  3. Watch Over Me- Bernard Fanning
  4. Roses- Outkast
  5. Weekend- Michael Gray
  6. She Wants To Move- N*E*R*D
  7. Sunday Morning- Maroon 5
  8. Call On Me- Eric Prydz
  9. I Believe In You- Kylie Mingue
  10. RIng Of Fire- Johnny Cash

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