"All Hail Evil Darth Grievous!"
—Death Troopers rallying cry[src]

Death Troopers are elite infantry of the Sith Legion. These troopers are kaleesh/human hybrids or Sith/human hybrids which wore tough armor with huge capes to cover their bodies, extremely tough fighting skills and are armed with laser rifles and lightsabers that are powered by the Dark Side of the Force. These troopers are formed from the bodies of captured Galactic Alliance soldiers and Jedi which hatched from Black Chrysalises thus becoming half Kaleesh and half human hybrids or Sith/human hybrids or part sith, part kaleesh and part human monsters. These troopers speak mostly alien language and often put Darth Grievous as their god and have shoulder that hides spikes inside when not in battle. They have clawed hands, red eyes and of course scary faces. Some Death Troopers wore evil sombreros to show their ranks among other Death Troopers.

The Cape Wearing Death Trooper after it emerges from its Chrysalis


Here is how the creation of the Death Trooper begins.

1:The process begins as the Sith Captures Human Jedi, human POWs and/or human Galactic Alliance troopers. Sometimes kaleesh warriors often join the force by getting sealed in cocoons and becoming Kaleesh/sith hybrids.

2:The captured victims get wrapped in cocoons by evil creatures that wraps them until they cannot escape and the evilifier virus puts them to sleep and then transforms them with the dark side.

3:The Cocoons are guarded by other Death Troopers, Sith lords and Magnaguards while ancient Sith religious rituals are used to transform those victims.

4:The captured POWs gets covered in dark energy, get infected with kaleesh and Sith bio signatures and a dark transformation as they rests in their Cocoons and after a few weeks the cocoons hatched and the victims are reborned and permamently transformed into monsterous cape wearing Death Troopers. If the process of transformation is interrupted by any meathods (Like the POWs were liberated from their Cocoons) the result will be the POWs must be captured again and restart their transformation from the beginning.

5:The Death Troopers became assimilated into the Sith Legion.

6:The cape wearing Death Troopers turn evil, gets consumed by the dark side and swore loyalty to Darth Grievous and his evil commanders with the words "By your will evil Lord Grievous I live to serve evil. Let those who oppose the Sith feel the evil wrath of the Legion" or "All Hail Evil Darth Grievous!".

7:Every time a Death Trooper Dies their dead bodies turn black and then turns into black dust.


"These death troopers are an abomination."
—Jedi after learning how death troopers are created[src]

Tal Merrik came up with the Death Trooper project idea as the Sith Legion takes over the Star Wars universe. The Galactic Alliance Troopers and Jedi were captured and wrapped in cocoons that makes them rest while they begin their transformation. While in their Chrysalises the victims gets covered in dark matter during their Transformation. The Death Troopers hatched into cape wearing monsters and gets consumed by the dark side and become one with Darth Grievous's Sith armadas. These troopers then captured many POWs to wrap into Cocoons to transform them into more Death Troopers. Sometimes Kaleesh warriors join in the death trooper force but they had to go under a transformation in cocoons first. Like the Magnaguards these troopers were tough against Autobots and Jedi alike. These troopers powerful lasers powered by the Death Troopers Dark Side of the force can easily cut down even powerful Mammoth Tanks and Guardian tanks. Almecs ghost was sealed in a chrysalis for before even Darth Grievous was born until the Sith lord freed him by making him hatch into a demon general that leads the Kaleesh human hybrids and the Sith/human hybrids.

At the end of the Transformers Wars and the death of Darth Grievous the project was destroyed and the last of the Death troopers were hunted down through the Galaxy in hope to never see the Death Troopers again.

Dark Future

In the dark future after the last autobot is wiped out Darth Grievous seal every sith lord, demon general and his minions into cocoons and after 99 years they all get reborned as cape wearing monsters wearing giant sombreros that made them strong with the force only to turn them 100% Evil.


The Death Troopers rebirth as evil Kaleesh/human hybrids was similar to the Infestations of Terrans while in the Dark future the sombreros that totally transformed them is similar to the Chum Bucket helmets in SpongeBob SquarePants movie that enslaved the fish into planktons slaves.

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