Deathocracy is the thirteenth album from American thrash metal band Chemical Asphyxiation; released on July 18th 2008 via Chuck Griffith's label GR Records. The album was produced by drummer Chris Nathan; who also produced 2006's Humanity, and is a concept album about the fall of Washington and George Bush's subsequent deal with the Grim Reaper to spare his life. Vocalist and guitarist Chuck Griffith has said the album is the band poking fun at the US government and its flaws. It was nominated for a Metalix Metal Award in 2009 for best thrash album; and won. It is preceded by 2006's Humanity and followed by 2010's Armed To The Teeth.

Album artEdit

The album art was produced by longtime collaborator with the band; John LeMar. The covet depicts Washington on ruins and George Bush and the Grim Reaper standing at the ruins of the White House; with George Bush signing a contract. Around appear to be skeletal remains of Dick Chenney, Condelezza Rice and even George Bush Senior.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Genesis of Evil" - 4:50
  2. "Deathocracy" - 4:15
  3. "Warshington" - 6:00
  4. "Dogs of War....Let Loose" - 4:00
  5. "Washington's In Ruins" - 3:35
  6. "A Deal With Death" - 7:16
  7. "Presidential Orders....The Final Solution" - 4:00
  8. "End Day" - 6:47


  • Chuck Griffith - vocals, lead guitar
  • Scott Naider - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul Barker - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave Richards - bass guitar
  • Chris Nathan - drums, production
  • John LeMar - art

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