Delirium is a 1990 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

It concerns a man whom returns after being in the clutches of a maniac whom also seized his girlfriend but only returned him.

The film features the girlfriend character as a prominent lead character apart from those actually appearing in the storyline's timeline as she appears as a recurring hallucination to the central protagonist and in recurring flasbacks which make up the movies' delirious quality.

The hallucinationary appearances of the girlfriend character also contribute to the supporting characters portrayed by actresses Cameron Diaz, Pam Grier and Gwyneth Paltrow as they are dead characters storywise whom appear to River Phoenix's character as hallucinations.

It stars Julia Roberts, River Phoenix, Shannen Doherty, Richard Curtis, Elizabeth Lindsey, Karl Geary, Mickey Rourke, Cameron Diaz, Richard T. Jones, Cameron Diaz, Pam Grier, Alfre Woodard and Gwyenth Paltrow.


A man returns home with amnesia.

He has been missing for six months alongside his upper class New York Girlfriend.

Within a month he returns to speech.

Within two months he regains all ability to execute movement.

Within three months he begins to recollect what happened.

And within four months he begins to see them.

Them being the women whom had never escaped the maniac who seized him and his girlfriend.

Them one being his still lost girlfriend.

A frantic search begins to find the maniac and a prominent upper class New York Psychologist whom was the older sister of the missing girlfriend begins a search into the broken boyfriend's mind to piece together what happened in hope of actually deciphering as to where her missing sister is.

However the journey she takes brings her a truth that may leave her the broken one and yet another lost soul to the kidnapper as the sordid maniac takes an interest... to her.


  • Julia Roberts as Christine Larkman/ The Psychologist
  • River Phoenix as Matthew Harvey
  • Shannen Doherty as Kelly Larkman/ The Girlfriend
  • Richard Curtis as Roger Harvey
  • Elizabeth Lindsey as Cassandra Harvey
  • Karl Geary as Max T. Rogers
  • Mickey Rourke as Tumblay/ The Maniac
  • Cameron Diaz as Julia Carpenter/ Girl 3
  • Richard T. Jones as Lucas Gilberts
  • Pam Grier as Tanya Gilberts/ Girl 2
  • Alfre Woodard as Mia Howards/ Tanya's Broken Mother
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Lindsey Trestle/ Girl 1

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