The Demon Council are the rulers of Hell in the series Hunters (TV series) and the main antagonists in the fourth season of the show.


The Council states that it is fifteen thousand years old, and all its members are descended directly from their predecessors. The seven members are as follows in hierarchal order: Abaddon, Choronzon, Kralas, Samael, Astaroth, Eligos, and Zaebos


  • Abaddon: Abaddon is the leader and strongest of the Council. He appears in the body of a young man in the episode Unholy Vows where the locals of Maryland believe him to a be an angel. He later appears in A Very Dark Goodbye when he sacrifices Beth to fuel his powers. His pivotal role in the two recent episodes John Said So and Abaddon and Earth in the body of a middle aged man and calls himself Robert Adamson. Dan exorcises him in John Said So, but he quickly possesses Will and shoots Dan. In Abaddon and Earth he manages to possess the body of Robert Adamson yet again, and becomes president. In the season four finale Nation of Darkness Kisho returns to seek revenge for Beth, and using the ancient Japanese weapon Oni-kataki to destroy Abaddon and thus the Demon Council.
  • Astaroth: Astaroth is the Demon of Lies. He appears in Deliverance possessing a young man. Will exorcises him and banishes him to Hell.
  • Choronzon: Choronzon is the Demon of Time, and master of The Beast. He appears Time and Her Master, where the hunters trap and kill him in an abandoned town. With his death he unleashes the Beast unto the world.
  • Eligos: Eligos is the Demon of Lust, and appears in the episode Drugs, Sex and Demons possessing a man and taking on the name Michael Sogile. In the episode he is a gambler in Las Vegas, and after he beats an opponent he gives them a coin as a sign of respect. The coin then traps their soul and binds it to Eligos. The hunters banish him in the episode.
  • Kralas: Kralas is the Horseman of Death. In Deliverance he fights Dan in single combat, and is killed with the same sword used to kill X'arn.
  • Samael: Samael is the Angel of Death and close ally to Kralas, having helped him forge the sword used to kill X'arn by Dan. When he attempts to kill Tara in the episoe Deliverance Will exorcises him with the Sword of Nines, the sword he took from Eligos in Drugs, Sex and Demons
  • Zaebos: Zaebos is the Demon of Knowledge, and is a weakling compared to his superiors. He appears in Something In The Water where he summons a Topielec to harvest souls at Lake Sunrise. The hunters kill the Topielec and then banish Zaebos.

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