Derrica is a 2012 horror-drama-science fiction film

It was directed by famous actress Margot Kidder.

It is about a young girl who's friends are killed one by one or have strange affects on their bodies for no certain or uncertain reason until she uncovers a dark secret.

It stars: Odette Yustman, Michael Rady, Shamari Fears, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Dooley, Freddie Highmoore and Clint Eastwood.


Derrica Sanders (Yustman) is finally reunited with father, Sherriff James Sanders (Eastwood) and her best friends Tara (Fears) and Marla (Dooley) after she was taken out of a mental and health instituition called "Sir's Health Center". Soon though, her fomer psychiatrist, Laura (Regina Hall), is brutally murdered after a series of strange accidents causes her head to be smashed into the wall and impload her brain. Derrica becomes shaken by this and stays over at Marla's house while her dad investegates. While Derrica is asleep, Marla goes down to get her dog to stop barking at Derrica's pet kitten. Marla realizes the dog is barking at her not the kitten. The dog sees something and tries to protect Marla, but she is soon hanged to death by her phone cord on to the fan. Derrica leaves immideatly the next morning, scared to death. Danny (Rady), Derrica's boyfriend, also wakes up that morning shocked because over night he became morbidly obese, but every body, including Derrica, thinks that's normal. Derrica's father becomes depressed for no reason and acts strange to Derrica, to the point where he yells "You Caused This!" at her in drunken rage. Tara's boyfriend Greg (Highmoore) sees a zit on his face and he pops it, but it causes blood to spill out of his cheek and he is taken to the hospital, where dies a few hours later. James find Derrica's kitten and tries to kill it with a butcher knife but Derrica stops him in time by hitting him on the head with a rolling pin. She takes her kitten with her to Danny's house, where Danny has gained even more weight right in front Derrica, causing her to realize the truth about him. Kyle (Lautner) and his sister Moneca (Genevieve Cortese) are in a car accident of wich he is the sole survivor but another car runs over him, killing him. Derrica, Danny and Tara realize that this all has to do with Derrica, who finds out that she is really Isis Kirke, a young girl diagnosed with case called "Acirred's disease" (Acirred is Derrica backwords.) wich causes the person make strange things happen without realizing it. Derrica then does the one that she knows that, while not being able to change it, she can stop it by killing her self. The film end with her putting a gun towards her head and killing her self.


  • Odette Yustman as Derrica Sanders
  • Michael Rady as Danny
  • Shamari Fears as Tara
  • Taylor Dooley as Marla
  • Taylor Lautner as Kyle
  • Genevieve Cortese as Moneca
  • Freddie Highmoore as greg
  • Regina Hall as Dr. Laura Manes
  • Clint Eastwood as Sherriff James Sanders

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