Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny travel back in time as all those dear to them is dead or worse.

Chapter One

Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley were staring at each other in the eye. "This is out destiny", Ginny whispered. Harry nodded.

"Goodbye, my love", Harry whispered. "You too", she replyed. That moment, the door blasted open, and Ron Weasley bursted into the room, along with his goons.

"Come on Potter and my stupid excuse of an sister. Time things end, don't you think", he growled. Harry and Ginny both turned around.

That was their last act in the real world, as they were shot down by killing curses.

Harry awoke, and relised he was on an bed. "What the", he whispered. "Boy", Vernon Dursley shouted. "This", he whispered. "Destiny".

Suddenly, everything came flooding back to him. How Ronald Weasley betrayed him and Ginny and their family and friends.

Ginny. "Ginny", Harry said in his mind. "Harry, is that you", came the voice of Ginny.

Harry and Ginny accidently soul bonded when in hiding. The only person who knew was Hermione. "Ginny, we can beat Voldermort earlier, and we can prevent Ron".

"Harry, stop. There is no way that is happening. Ron, don't become friends with him. Just don't", Ginny responded with venom.

"Why not", Harry asked. "Harry, are you as thick as him. We witnessed our Lily get killed by him", Ginny near enough shouted.

Harry and Ginny had an daughter named Lily Hermione Weasley Potter. Lily was killed by Ron and his fiancee Luna Lovegood.

"Ginny, don't hex him though". "Why not, after everything he has done. Don't you remember when he raped Hermione and Mum", Ginny was close to tears.

Hermione was raped, and became pregnant. She and the baby died during child birth. Molly became insane, and Arthur burned her and killed himself.

"Ginny, we will think through this. We will. We just have to get rid of Riddle first", Harry said. "Your right. Anyway, i better go, Mum's calling me. I guess i will see the family again".

Harry had no idea what had happened to get him and Ginny there, but he relised he was pretty lucky. Harry walked out of the bedroom.

Chapter Two, Making Friends with Granger and Longbottom

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