Harry Potter. OneShot. Harry and Ginny watch as their family grows and grows.


Harry and Ginny Potter held onto a distraught Hermione Longbottom, who was crying for her dead husband. "How could i move on", she whispered.

Hermione was eighty five, which Harry and Ginny would be if they hadn't bonded. "You can stay with us", Harry said, and Hermione nodded.


Harry watched the television, cuddled with his wife. Their twenty fifth child, Rose Luna Longbottom, had a child named Ginevra Hermione Longbottom.

"I love you", Harry whispered. "I Love you too", and both shared a kiss.


Harry sighed as he continued to work through the paper work. He was headmaster of hogwarts, after the ancestor of Bill Weasley and his wife Fleur had passed on.

Ginny opened the door, and both smiled at each other.

"What happened to Brian", Harry asked. Brian was Harold and Penelope Potter's fifth child. "He got sent to Drumstring. Apparently, he was very naughty", and both smiled at each other, knowing what was going to go on next.


"Mother, phone for you", Frank Hugo Potter said, and Ginny walked downstairs, as did Harry.

"Hello Neil", Ginny said. Neil was an old family friend.

"Ginevra. I need you and Harry right now", he said. "Okay".


"What is it Neil", Harry asked. "Have a seat", Neil said, and both sat down.

"It seems that a bonding has occured", he said.

The Last Soul Bonding was Harry and Ginny, and now they were immortal.

"Who was it", Harry asked.

"A Mister Yalexy Jens and a miss Janet Clearwater", he said.

"We will help them".

Last Child

"Is this our last child, my love", Ginny asked. She had been through labor about two hundread times. Harry nodded.

"We should name him Percy Remus Potter", Harry said, and Ginny kissed Harry on the lips.

All was well.

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