Harry Potter: Harry and Ginny soul bond the moment they meet. Harry/Ginny


James Harold Potter could only watch helplessly as his very loving wife Lily Rose Potter gave birth to their first child.

They couldn't go to St.Mungo's, as death eaters were looking out for them. They couldn't go to a muggle hospital, as death eaters were also watching there.

So the time came when Lily's friend, Stella Walter, was the midwife. "Push Lily", she commanded Lily, and she did so, sweat forming even more in her beautiful face.

Soon, they saw a pair of legs. "It's a boy", James said rather excitedly, which caused Lily to give her famous ever so much glare at him.

Soon, baby Harry James Potter was born. He inheirted his mother's beautiful emerald green eyes, and his father's looks.

"He's amazing", Lily whispered. Suddenly, a light blue glow formed around Harry, and disappeared a second later. Lily didn't notice anything, neither did James.

One Year Later:

Molly Ginevra Weasley could only scream in pain as healer Jenkins told her to push. Her husband, Arthur Andrew Weasley, was at the Ministry of Magic at his work. He hadn't been informed, and Molly was furious.

"Please", she begged the healer to make the pain stop. Sure, she had given birth to six sons before, but this time, the pain was unbearable.

"One more push Molly", Jenkins said with a smile. Molly pushed, and she heard crying. And the crying didn't belong to a boy. Could it be ?

"It is a girl", Jenkins told her. Molly beamed, all pain forgotten. She couldn't wait to tell Arthur and the children, she had wanted a girl ever since Percy was born.

"What is her name", Arthur asked the moment he arrived. "Ginevra for her first name, you can pick the middle name", she told Arthur.

It was game they played. Molly would pick the first name, and Arthur would pick the middle name. The next child they would change their roles vice versa.

"Molly", and both smiled each other, not seeing the light blue glow that had formed around Ginny like it had with Harry.

The Parents didn't know that they had created a bond which could destroy Lord Voldermort.

Harry's Life

Harry James Potter sighed as he looked at his surroundings. It didn't take very long, as he was in a closet, which was his bedroom.

He could hear the laughing coming from the lounge. Aunt Petunia, taking an picture of Uncle Vernon and Dudley Dursley as they enjoyed the spirit of Christmas.

Harry was only eight, and he was treated as a slave and a freak. Harry knew the Dursley's weren't very nice people, and wondered if his parents were drunks.

Moving on, Harry remembered the last day of school before the holidays. Dudley and his gang had chased him to an alley.

However, Harry met a deadend, and one minute later, he was up at the school roof. Unfortunately, Vernon and Petunia found out, and he wouldn't be given food for two days.

Harry could only dream about his parents. His only memory of them was the fact they had 'died in a car crash'.

Harry's eyes begin to flutter. He fell asleap.

However, a couple of hours later, the door opened and Petunia dragged him out.

"Boy, make some breakfest, you lazy scum", she snapped, and Harry nodded. He set off to the kitchen to make breakfest, still dreaming the dream he just had of his parents.

Ginny's Life

Ginny Weasley sighed as she heard the twins laughing at one of their pranks which they had done against Percy.

Ginny had awoken from a nap, and she slowly got up. She put on her dressing gown and opened the door. She saw Percy with shocking pink hair.

"Bad Luck", she told him. "Yes it is, Ginevra", he said and she scowled. She hated that name.

"Very well, Percival", she mocked, and he seemed to go on a lecture mood when they were interrupted by Molly Weasley.

"Percy, what happened", She screamed. "Fred and George happened, Mother", he said.

Ginny rolled her eyes, and quickly dashed down the stairs as she heard Molly scream at the twins for what they had done to Percy.

She saw Ron eating breakfest as usual, and her father, who was reading the Daily Prophet.

"Hello Daddy", she smiled as she saw him. He turned up and smiled. "Firefly", she ran up to him and hugged him.

That night, everyone was asleap apart from Ginny. She slowly creaped down the stairs, avoiding the noisy steps.

She quickly rushed to the shed when she was away. She opened the door, and saw Fred's Broon, Cleansweap Eight.

She picked up the broom, and she dashed outside. She kicked off the ground, and flew up to the midnight sky. She was laughing, as her red hair trailed behind.

She never felt so alive.


Harry was nervous. Hagrid had told him to go to Platform Nine and Three Quarters. He had, and there was no Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

"Packed with Muggles of course".

Harry turned around. That had to be Wizards. He saw a family of red heads. There was Twins, a boy who looked his age, a mother, the eldest son and the youngest red head girl.

However, a blue glow formed around the two, which no one noticed.

"Excuse me", Harry asked the mother. The mother turned around. "Hello dear. First time at Hogwarts. Ron's new too", she smiled.

"It's just tha-", Harry was cut off as something happened. The Glow immediately popped away, and Harry and Ginny collapsed.

"What happened", Molly screamed. Harry and Ginny awoke, and Molly nearly fainted. Harry's left eye was emerald green and the right was Chocolate Brown. Ginny had the same eyes.

"We better get you to St.Mungo's", and the family were rushed to the hospital.

"Here, take this", Molly said, as she tapped a watch. It glowed, and it turned out to be a portkey. "This, will take you to Dumbledore's Office".

The Sons held onto the watch, and they flew off.

Harry and Ginny screamed in pain when they broke contact, and so they had to share the same bed. Samantha Jenkins, the one who helped Molly give birth to Ginny, told her the news.

"Mrs. Weasley, you will have to sit down for this", she said. She saw Molly's worried face.

"Molly, Your Daughter and Harry are soul bonded", she said, and Molly nearly fainted. "What", she whispered.

"Yes. They will have to share the same bed with each other for the rest of their lifes. They will also share each other's thoughts and can apparate with ease", she said.

"Is there anything to break it", Molly asked. Samantha shook her head.

"There is, but if you do that, Harry and Ginny will die the moment it breaks", and Molly bursted into tears. Soon, Arthur came in.

"Dumbledore told me. What happened", he asked when he saw Molly.

"They're soul bond Arthur", Molly wept. "My god", Arthur whispered, as both parents cried to each other when they were informed of the news.

"This means they have to start Hogwarts together", Samantha told them. "Ginny's too young", Molly said. "No she isn't. Now, she is technically Harry's age".


Soon, Harry and Ginny awoke in their minds.

What Happened

Who was that

Who are you

Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter

Ginny blushed furiously, and memories of her and her father reading the books about Harry.

You read about me

What the hell

I know. Is this meant to happen with Wizards

No as far as i know

Harry and Ginny awoke at the same time. They saw Molly and Arthur.

"Oh thank god", Molly hugged Ginny, as did Arthur. Harry turned around, to face the window.

"Mr and Mrs. Weasley", Harry said. They looked up to them.

"What is it Harry", Arthur asked.

"We can read each other's mind. What happened", Harry asked.

Arthur told them.

Harry and Ginny blushed when they found out about the bed part.

"Would we get a different room then", Ginny asked. Molly nodded.

"We spoke to Dumbledore about it. In fact, here is the sorting hat", she put it on Ginny's head.

Where is you're other half, young lady

Do you mean Harry

Yes i do

"Harry, the hat wants both of us to put the hat on", Ginny told Harry. He smiled and both put the hat on.

My say. With the combined forces of you's two, it looks as if you can pick any house you want to.

What house to you want to be in Ginny

I don't want to be in Slytheren. I want to be different from my brothers

Well, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

We will ask the hat to pick one of those houses

Then, the hat yelled, "Ravenclaw". Molly smiled despite herself. "You were the first Weasley in Seventeen Generations to be put in Ravenclaw sweetie", she said.

The Room

Professor Flitwik led Harry and Ginny to the room which Harry and Ginny would share. Both were still embarrassed over the fact they would sleap together.

"Here it is", the tiny man squeaked. Harry and Ginny thanked the man, and he walked off. Harry opened the door, and the black haired boy and red head girl looked around.

There was a double sized bed in front of them, the quilt in ravenclaw colours. There was a desk and a chair, with a couple of bookshelves.

Harry opened the door, and saw the bathroom. There was a hot tub, a toilet and a sink. Harry closed the door, and saw Ginny sitting down on the bed.

How are we going to survive this Harry.

We will try. We will try. Who knows, we might become something more than friends in the future.

That's the thing. What if we hate each other.

We won't. I won't let that happen. You are my first best friend in the world.

You are too.

Ginny then gasped as Harry's memories of the Dursleys flooded into her mind. "Harry James Potter, was that true", she said in a dead icy tone.

Harry could only nod, and Ginny nearly screamed in furstration and anger.

"They deserve to rot in Azkaban", she shouted. Harry asked what Azkaban was. "It is a wizard prision, they have these creatues called Dementors which suck out your happiness".

Harry shuddered.

Soon, Flitwik came up, and he gave them the essays they had got. Harry and Ginny studyed, and then McGonagall came in.

"You are to practise my first lesson, since of what happened", She said.

Harry and Ginny did the work, and they were surprised they managed to transfigure a match into a needle on the first time.

"Five Points each to Ravenclaw", she said with one of her rare smiles.

Harry and Ginny then practised potions, and the teacher Snape was sneering at them.

"Potter, five points from Ravenclaw for not listening correctly".

Soon, they were at Charms. They were to cast the charm, Lumus, to make light. Harry and Ginny did so with ease, another five ponts to Ravenclaw.

"I hate Snape", Harry told Ginny when they were in their bed. After some blushing, they finally gotten over their embarresment.

"I know", she said. "He hates you too".

Both fell asleap, and dreamed a peaceful sleap.


The news of the boy who lived and a girl who was a year younger spread like wildfire, and Ronald Weasley wasn't impressed over the fact his sister was with them.

He had told this to his friend, Neville Longbottom. Neville shrugged his shoulders and said it wasn't his problem.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny were at the top of their classes, and one student, Hermione Granger, was in awe, as she was usually the top in class.

"Harry, Ginny, can i be your friends", she asked nervously. "Sure", Harry said and Ginny beamed, which Hermione returned.

Harry and Ginny walked to their charms class on Halloween. Ginny was ranting on about her mother's letter. "She thinks i'm a scarlet woman", she shouted.

Harry nodded. Don't Worry Ginny, she will soon regret what she said.

Thank You Harry

However, they heard crying, and looked up. They saw Hermione in tears, and she ran past them, not even knowing they were there.

Ginny's face went as red as her hair as she grew angry. Harry and Ginny heard Ron talking to Neville. "She needs to be told that she is a bossy know it all. She has no friends".

"Ronald Bilius Weasley", Ginny screamed, and everyone turned to look at the scene. She raised her wand. "Batius Nosis", and a greenish yellowish charm flew out.

Everyone was in awe or screaming as bat bogeys popped out of Ron's nose, who screamed in agony. Ignoring this, Ginny turned to Harry.

"We need to find Hermione", she said. Harry nodded, and both were looking for the bushy haired girl. They saw Lavendar Brown and Partival Patil walking out of the bathroom.

"Hello Harry, Ginny", Lavendar said. "Have you seen Hermione", Ginny asked. "She's in there", Partival pointed her hand to the bathroom.

"Thanks", Ginny walked in the bathroom and Harry waited outside. Ginny saw Hermione crying, and she walked up to her. Harry was seeing this through his and Ginny's mind.

"Hermione", Ginny said, and Hermione looked up. "Ginny", she cried. She stood up, shaking. "What happened", Ginny asked.

"I showed Ron the charm Wingerdium Leviosa, and he said i was a bossy know it all who should shut her mouth as she has no friends", she bursted into tears.

"There, there", Ginny whispered.

Harry heard a noise, and turned around. His skin paled, as he saw a mountain troll. "Troll", Harry yelled, and the girls turned around.

Harry ran in, his wand out. Hermione screamed when the troll came in, and refused to move an inch. Harry and Ginny held the wands at the troll.

"What do we do", Ginny asked as the troll advanced on them. "Wingerdiaum Leviosa", Hermione suggested, and Ginny did the spell.

The Troll's club flew up, and Ginny directed it to Harry. Harry grabed the club, and banged the troll's leg. The troll barely moved.

"Batius Nosis", Harry and Ginny yelled, and something shocking happened. The troll screamed in pain and with a flash, the troll's head exploded.

The blood covered everyone. Hermione was head to toe with blood, as was Harry. Ginny's face was covered in blood, and she screamed.

Soon enough, teachers came in. Quirell, Snape, Flitwik and McGonagall. "What happened here", Flitwik asked. Harry told the story, starting with Ron and how he and Ginny killed the monster.

"Mister Potter and Miss Weasley, come to Proffesor's Dumbledore's office this minute. Miss Granger, you come with me to Gryffindor Dorm. Also, the password is Lemon Drop".

Harry and Ginny followed Flitwik, and he left them. Harry said the password, and the door opened. Harry and Ginny walked up the stairs, and Harry saw a beautiful bird.

"Harry, that's a phoneix", Ginny gasped. Soon, Harry found himself looking at a picture in a story book being read by a five year old Ginny.

The Phoneix in question sang a song which lifted their hearts. Harry looked down at the newspaper on the desk. The Daily Prophet.

Gringotts Robbed:

Gringotts has been robbed during July the 31st. Most people say this is impossible, but now anything is possible. It has been stated a dark wizard has broken into the vault 713, and has stolen nothing. This is Goblin Rink, who had this to say. "If you keep poking your nose where you don't belong, you will be no more". See more in page 5.

"I guess you have read the article", and Harry and Ginny looked up. They saw Albus Dumbledore, who's eyes were twinkling.

"Yes sir", they both said in unison. "Molly has told me what had happened when you's two had met", he said. "Did she", Ginny asked. Dumbledore nodded.

Soon, Harry and Ginny told Dumbledore everything. "It seems, when you do the same spell in unison, it is more powerful than ten wizards put together", he explained.

Harry and Ginny were stunned.

Philosopher's Stone

Next Time. Harry, Ginny and Hermione find out about the stone and Nicolas Flamel, after Hagrid admits everything as he is drunk.

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