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Destiny X Marvel is a crossover fan-fiction based on the Marvel Universe and Destiny Saviors. When a strange alien race threatens both of these dimensions, Heroes from both sides come together to combat this new foe and restore peace.

Plotline Edit

From the darkness of a dying universe, an ancient race watched the sacred dimensions continue to evolve and thrive. Using the last of their strength, this race pushed through into unknown universes, conquering and gaining power, minions and astonishing weapons as they marched on, until a new dimension came into light: The Marvel Dimension. But now, another turned up, and the race separated into two, and using their power to rule them...

The Marvel Dimension was almost conquered, until the strongest super-heroes fought back, defeating the leader of the Alpha Forces, Keyvolus, and sending the alien race into exile amongst the solar system...

Meanwhile, The other, unnamed dimension had its own problems. Hellbender, leading the United Icarus Front, ruled the Earth with an Iron Fist, destroying his enemies and bring chaos to a shattered eden. When the ancient race arrived, Hellbender made a deal with them: To help him destroy the human race everywhere. With the deal made, the unstoppable force of Icarus and Dimensional creatures crossed to the Marvel universe, to cause further destruction...

However, the heroes who fought an underground war with Hellbender followed, and thus the great war began again...

Main Characters Edit

To be added later.

Races Edit

To be continued in a few days...

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