Clone Wars


Numerous more Imperial atrocities

Destruction of Caamas

Imperial Atrocities


19 BBY


Caamas, Star Wars Dimension


Surface of Caamas destroyed, death of most Caamasi on world

  • Caamasi natives

Emperor Palpatine


  • 20 Imperial Star Destroyers
  • 30 Bothan inflitrators
  • Planetary shields
  • None
  • Most Caamasi living on their world
  • Caamas biosphere

The Destruction of Caamas, also known as the Caamas Incident, was the vicious orbital bombardment of the peaceful world Caamas committed by the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY.


Due to their free-thinking ways, their loyalty to the Old Republic, and to the respect and high regard they held in Universal society, Emperor Palpatine considered the Caamasi species a severe threat to his rule. Thus he created a plan to wipe them out.

The eventEdit

Enlisting the aid of pro-Imperial Bothan operatives on the ground, the Emperor had Caamas' shield generators shut off, thus leaving the planet vulnerable. Promptly, 20 Imperial Star Destroyers began a massive, fiery, and devastating orbital bombardment of the world.

The attack led to firestorms that lasted for years, finishing off the remaining plant life that survived the initial devastation. Surviving animal life was slowly killed off due to starvation or asphyxiation. Most of the Caamasi population (which numbered at 25 billion before the attack) were killed in the bombardment, with an estimated 200 survivors left alive after the bombardment.


Due to the loss of all plant life, the planet has experienced heavy erosion which changed the surface features. Soot and smoke have filled the atmosphere, altering the planet's climate, and the oceans became polluted from runoff. Breath masks became mandatory for any visitors to the world who planned on staying outdoors for longer periods of time.

The devastation of Caamas caused massive outrage across the Universe. The Empire attempted to cover up the incident, claiming powerful bombs from the Clone Wars had accidentally slammed into Caamas, causing the damage.

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