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Dethklok film series
Gross revenue: 298,729,887,935 U$D
Years active: 2000-present

...To be finished...

Dethklok is a popular film series using songs from the band Dethklok and making them into a complete film series.

Films Edit

Dethklok Edit

  1. Dethklok (2000)
  2. Dethklok 2: General Crozier (2002)
  3. Dethklok III (2004)
  4. Dethklok IV: General Crozier's Revenge (2006)
  5. The Metalocalypse has Begun (2008)

Viking trilogy Edit

Go Froth and Die films Edit

Fansong tetralogy Edit

Hatredcopter series Edit

  1. Hatredcopter (2000)
  2. Hatredcopter II: Legends (2001)
  3. Hatredcopter III: Murderland (2002)
  4. Hatredcopter IV: Forever in Darkness (2003)
  5. Hatredcopter V: Stronghold of War (2004)
  6. Hatredcopter VI: WARLANDS (2005)
  7. Hatredcopter VII: Warworld (2006)
  8. Hatredcopter VIII: Diamond of the WARLANDS (2008)
  9. Hatredcopter IX: Face of Evil (2010)

Face Fisted series Edit

  1. Face Fisted (2002)
  2. Face Fisted with Fear (2003)
  3. Face Fisted III (2004)
  4. Face Fisted IV (2005)
  5. Face Fisted V (2006)
  6. Face Fisted VI (2007)
  7. Face Fisted VII (2008)
  8. Face Fisted VIII (2009)

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