Devil's Trap is a 1996 American Drama film written and directed by Gus Van Sant starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tim Allen, Guy Pearce, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kelly Macdonald, Andie McDowell, Alyson Hannigan, Penélope Cruz, Michael Shannon, Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Radnor, Matthew Macfadyen, Stephen Merchant, Jerry O'Connell, Leslie Bibb, Ryan Phillipe and Amber Valetta.


A teenage boy loses his family upon his mother cheating on the father on a one night stand with four teenage boys exactly the same age.

The result being the father taking off enraged and due to his poor health ultimately having a heart attack.

What follows is his stricken guilty feeling widow mother taking her own life leaving him severely broken and left with no other emotion but rage which he points towards in the ambition of determination of vengeance against the four boys responsebile for all that has happened.

He gets his chance at an adult age finally locating the four teenage boys whom happened to consequently move at the time of his mother's suicide.

They are all currently businessman about to be married.

He too becomes a businessman a profession he had always wanted at the same firm as them and befriends them becoming part of their friendship circle.

He begins to get around with three of the available mothers of the guys and plans to steal the partners they were to marry away.

However a halt enters in the form of a beautiful girl whom had once served as a farm hand during his mother's depression shortly before her suicide following the father's heart attack.

An astonishing heart wrenching climax accumulates in the story's connecting bar location "Devil's Trap."


  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Charles "Charlie" Burbage
  • Guy Pearce as Craig Nimbleton
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Arlene Nimbleton
  • Kelly Macdonald as Eden Baker
  • Andie Mcdowell as Lara Maining
  • Alyson Hannigan as Kendra Defisco/ The Farm-hand
  • Penélope Cruz as Devil's Trap Propietor Samantha Chesterfield/ Future Samantha Nimbleton
  • Michael Shannon as Jordan Baker
  • Joaquin Phoenix as Alexei "Alex" Maining
  • Josh Radnor as Coban Dermot
  • Leslie Bibb as Devil's Trap Roller Waitress Candice Berningham/ Future Candicde Baker
  • Ryan Phillipe as Brett Maining
  • Amber Valetta as Devil's Trap Waitress Isabelle "Izzy" Underling/ Future Isabelle "Izzy" Maining
  • Eva Mendes as Devil's Trap Bartender Cassiendra Carmichael/ Future Cassiendra Dermot
  • James Woods as Walter Chesterfield
  • Tim Curry as Walton Nimbleton
  • Tim Allen as Gavin Maining

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