Devil May Cry: Sparda's Resurrection is a fanmade storyline set in an alternate dimension of the Devil May Cry series created by Double c4. This alternate universe is set before the events of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, but Dante has already achieved his Devil Trigger at the time being through unknown means. Vergil is also shown as the secondary protagonist of the story, the evil parts of his personality replaced with the polar opposite, as Dante being the main protagonist throughout all other games minus Devil May Cry 4 in which had Nero as the bigger role. There are other original characters from that dimension that connect to the storyline, but they will be revealed as the story progresses.


The gameplay of DMC: SR is almost exactly the same as DMC3, solving puzzles to progress, and changing between 'Styles' that are given to each character, with all of the same kind of powers to obtain by. The only known difference in this game is that after the first boss fight, you can choose between 3 storylines, The Sons of Sparda's Story, Markus' Story, and Zeke Tranis' Story. Also what's different is that when certain boss battles occur that involve the other characters, Multiplayer mode can be activated, in which a second, third and/or fourth player can enter the game by pressing the Start button and choose from the characters available, giving more of a teamwork-like feel to fight a difficult boss with more ease. Online capabilities are also available, but mainly for temporary co-op with the other characters during team-up Boss Battlesin Story Mode, and for teaming up to beat the Bloody Palace from Devil May Cry 2.


Every character has 2 Styles to start with, Dante being the most Styles able to be unlocked. and, depending on who's story is chosen, can unlock new Styles to choose from. Sometimes they are activated by defeating Bosses (In Dante's case, that's how he gets both new Styles and Weapons), finding a secret door after finding one of the new items featured, known as Seal Breaker Orbs. These orbs will cause the character's body to glow if they are near a secret door or a hidden item that needs to be revealed to be recovered. To activate the secret and reveal it, you hold the Lock-On Button and press the Jump Button. The secret will reveal itself in a bright light. The orbs are hard to come across in easier difficulties. In Hard mode, they are almost common. On Normal Mode, all bosses would drop this along with a Style, at least in Dante's case (Sometimes in Vergil's case depending on the boss). The default and unlockable Styles for every playable character is listed below:


  • Swordmaster
  • Gunslinger
  • Trickster(Unlockable)
  • Doppelganger(Unlockable)
  • Royalguard(Unlockable)


  • Dark Slayer
  • Quicksilver
  • Doppleganger(Unlockable)


  • Royalguard
  • Swordmaster
  • Doppleganger(Unlockable)

Zeke Tranis

  • Gunslinger
  • Trickster
  • Opposites(Human version of Doppleganger. Unlockable)



Long ago, there was an epic struggle between Dante and his brother Vergil. As they each sent a mighty blow from their blades, their Devil Trigger Forms were triggered, making the impact so great the Yamato and Rebellion were flung into the shadows, never to have been seen again since that very intense battle, which might've been a mistake in the first place. Many days later, a figure came across the 2 swords as they floated in front of him, the Rebellion having a red aura surrounding it, while the Yamato was in blue. Once he grasped both swords, the auras ceased, and the figure returned to an unknown castle, presumably his home, and temporarily added the two swords to his collection of weapons found by slain warriors. 2 months prior, the back of the figure's head is shown, researching the books and legend novels of The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. He reads through countless books about Sparda, each shown differently as the other. Back to the present time, the figure looked at his collection of weapons. After many sleepless nights of researching, he found that the swords he now possessed were crafted by the legendary Sparda himself. Together with these swords, he could summon Sparda back from the dead as a slave to wield these swords and rule not only the Human World, but the Demon World as well. The figure then made a slight chuckle which then grew into an evil laugh that could be heard about a mile away.

The First Mission

2 months later, Dante's yet-to-be-named shop is shown. Dante, shirtless as always, is sitting in the chair of his desk, his feet laid on the desk and eating a pizza, as always, with his vest, guns and a new sword similar to his old one on the wall behind him. Then Dante heard footsteps coming from outside. He knew those footsteps from anywhere. From out of the blue came Vergil, wearing a sleeveless black shirt and his main clothes over his left shoulder. The two talk about what had happened back then and both regretted ever causing that struggle in the first place.

Meanwhile, a figure was watching and observing the two from inside a building. This figure was feeling a strange but weak power source of demon energy. He then realizes something. The Seven Hells are about to ambush the two. Suddenly, sand had begun to form into multiple figures with blades. Once they are fully formed, it's revealed that the Hell Pride have begun their ambush. Dante and Vergil put on their main clothes and prepared their weapons to fight the small swarm. Then the game begins, showing the Multiplayer Tutorial for the Sons of Sparda. If the player is in Single Player, the player can switch between Dante and Vergil with the L3 Button with the partner as a CPU ally. If the Tutorial tells you to switch from Dante to Vergil, the Tutorial will explain how to use Vergil. The battle felt so restricted that Dante and Vergil run outside the store. The figure sees them run outside of the building and began to visualize what they are truly capable of when not restricted of their fighting area.

Outside of the shop, a small army of Hell Prides and Hell Lusts had formed and are prepared to attack. A few seconds after Dante and Vergil went outside, the shop collapsed behind them. As Dante saw it, his expression changed to anger, knowing that the demons will pay for what they did. The two then engage into another battle taking longer than the last. As the battle with the Hell Prides and Hell Lusts ended, the Hell Vanguard appeared, prepared for battle. At the middle of the battle, a new figure, demonically humanoid in appearance, came from out of nowhere and rapidly slashed the Hell Vanguard. It was weakened and escaped. Dante and Vergil were surprised and confused, but the figure somehow teleported away before the two could ask questions.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and somehow, the Temen-ni-gru arose from the ground. After the dust cleared from the two, they both sensed something familiar; it was their swords. Angered, Dante and Vergil set out to find the one responsible for stealing their swords. Meanwhile, at the top of the tower, a figure wearing a Grim Reaper cloak, his face covered up, sensed the two coming to the tower, as for a third and forth, the third presumably being the other figure, while the fourth was unknown to him, but the power seemed familiar. The game now goes to a menu of who's story to choose first. And much like DMC3, each story has 20 Missions and the choice of difficulty. But unlike DMC3, each story is different and only some missions in all stories will be the same except for the character story chosen.

Sons of Sparda's Story


Markus' Story


Zeke Tranis' Story




  • Dante - The main protagonist and younger of the twin sons of Sparda. After losing his sword in the struggle, Dante has decided not to find it, since he would lose precious time, and because he already has his father's sword. His primary weapon is the Force Edge, and his Ebony and Ivory handguns are his secondary weapons.
  • Vergil - The secondary protagonist and older of the twin sons of Sparda. After losing his sword in the struggle, Vergil had found the special Beowulf armor to use for retrieving his dignity as a demon swordsman. His primary weapon is the Beowulf armor and he has no secondary weapon at the moment.
  • Markus - A former ally of Sparda and a powerful Demon warrior, living in the Human World in secret. He was one of the few demons who didn't want to destroy Earth. Before Sparda disappeared, he was given one mission: To stay in the Human World disguised like a human and restore order every time chaos emerges out of nowhere. His primary weapon is the Dark Magma Sword, a blade of his own creation.
  • Zeke Tranis - A human warrior, gunman, and one of the future allies of Dante and Vergil. His parents were murdered by an unknown demon at a young age. Since then, he protects his younger sister from the same fate. He had not heard of Sparda's death, so he believes he might find him so he can get stronger, leaving his sister with a bodyguard that is highly experienced in different demon slayings. His primary weapon is unknown, but his secondary weapons are Adam & Eve, special firearms meant to face up to special demons that are equal to his own power.


  • The Figure - A mysterious swordsman, who's name is yet to be known, that found the Rebellion and Yamato swords after the struggle between the two swordsmen, Dante and Vergil. He now plans to create a Resurrection Ritual to bring Sparda back to life and have him as his servant to help him in domination of the Human and Demon Worlds and become the ultimate ruler of darkness in both the Human and Demon World.