The devil may cry filckering light

this game begins with a boy waking up in hell with no memories of himself only things that he has is his guns so he decide to gon a quest to find out who he is

mission 1

on his first mission he looks for a way out of hell.he encounters many lava demons but depacths them with his guns with the end of the mission the boy reaches a large gate and encounter a very large beast over 100 feet tall covered in chains he battles the demon and eventfully defeats it by running up its arm jumps into his mouth shooting his organs from the inside.he jumps out the demon's mouth and sees black red outlines words in the sky spelling hiru he knew it was his name.the gate opens and hiru calmly walked it

mission 2​

hiru go's through the door and wakes up on the ground of New York city.he quickly find a card in his pocket with the words devil may cry on it.he looks up the name then found out that it a decetive agentic.he go's to it and finds dante doing the usual.hiru questions dante's decetive position.he tells dante what happened to him.and dante repiled with why should i care.he for the first time senses hell prides.he and hiru quickly defeats them.dante praise's him on his gun skills saying that it surpasses his own.dante then asks hiru if he could join his shop.hiru accpets and is now apart of dante's team.