Harry Potter. Harry is raised by Laura Seed, a friend of his mother. He goes to Hogwarts, and finds out about the Philosopher's stone.

Chapter OneEdit

Laura Brenda Seed walked alone in the hills, nearing Godric's Hallow. She was told to meet Lily there, at the Cottage Lily and James lived in.

Laura was allowed to visit, even though she wasn't the secret keeper. Siruis Orion Black was. However, she can't tell anyone the location, as she made an unbreakable vow with Lily.

Even though it was dark magic, they weren't taking any chances. Lily Seed was an dark auror, a one who is allowed to use the unforgivables.

She had turned dark the day her family died. Of course, she was just a foolish brainy teenager there. When her husband died, she had lost it.

"NO", Laura screamed as her husband for three years, Evan Seed, was hit by the killing curse by no other than Bellatrix Lestrange.

"You bitch", Laura yelled. Lestrange quickly ducked the torture curse, and made a hasty escape. However, she did something else with the other minor death eaters.

She made one stick to the floor, and decapiated his head. She shoved one into the fire, and blasted one's head off.

The moment Mad Eye Moody and Albus Dumbledore found her, she was giggling and laughing. She spent a year in St. Mungos, and was allowed to use unforgivables when she became a auror.

More to be continued.

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