Harry Potter. Harry becomes friends with Ginny after Siruis' death. Harry/Ginny

Private Drive

Harry James Potter stared blankly at the wall in front of him. His hair was a mess as usual, and wore the usual raggy clothes and the same big glasses which covered his emerald eyes.

He was angry, miserabl and confused all at the same time. It was his fault that his godfather, Siruis Orion Black, had been murdered by his own cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange.

He also felt guilty when his friends had came along with him. He still remembered his thoughts when they were all attacked.

Hermione Granger had been knocked unconscious. Luna Lovegood also had been stunned. Ginny Weasley broke her ankle, Ronald Weasley bore scars of his brain attack, and Neville Longbottom was tortured, but he managed to escape with a 'broken nose'.

But the worst was when Siruis was murdered. Harry had been unresponsive to his friends during the train, and Hermione had presured him to speak. He ignored her.

Come to thing of it, Hedwig hadn't been fed for two days. He slowly got up, opened the cage and gave Hedwig food. She hooted unhappily at him, but he ignored it.

"Sorry", he muttered as he sat down. On the day he had arrived, Harry did all his homework to keep his mind off Siruis. Unforunatly, He had done it quickly, and his mind was back to Siruis.

Harry relised he was hungry, and checked the clock on his desk. Midnight. Harry sneaked downstairs, and made a sandwich. He eat his treat, and sneaked backupstairs.

He opened the door, and saw Pidwigeon, A.K.A Pig. Pig had a letter addressed to him. "Ron", he muttered. He gave Pig some food and he opened the letter.


Hey Mate. How are you, you seemed to be a bit quiet when we were coming back. So Sorry what happened. Ginny's been driving me crazy, you want to know what she said. She wanted to send you a letter. I told her to bugger off. Don't want her with us, heh.

Hermione has been sending letters to me, i think she has been writing to Vicky Krumy again. She is writing to the bad guy, so is she good or bad

Harry ripped up the page. How dare he. Ron had just insulted him, Hermione and Ginny all in the one page. First, he said he didn't know why he was upset. Second, he didn't let Ginny send him a letter, and lastly, he thought Hermione had no right to write to Victor Krum.

Harry responded with a,


Don't contact me again, you stupid git. You just insulted me, Ginny and Hermione in the quater of your page. I didn't want to read anything else.

From Harry

Harry gave Pig the letter, who flew off. Harry sighed. More to be continued.

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