Harry Potter: One Small Ripple Causes Hundreads Of Reactions. HP/DG

Chapter One

Harry Potter quickly rushed inside the headmaster's office. He saw Daphne Potter, his beautiful and heavily pregnant wife.

"It's time", Harry whispered, and Daphne nodded.

Harry turned around and started to chant spells to hold off the enemy off for a little while longer. Daphne had turned to the books on the desk, and was reading the words outloud. This could possibly be the last words she would ever say.

The door had exploded, and Harry thrown aback. Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange stepped into the room. "Time's up, Potters", Voldemort hissed.

Daphne had finished the chapter off the book, and the room seemed to glow an unhealthy green, which caused the opponent's to blink.

The room literally exploded, but only Harry James Potter survived. He found himself in Godric's Hallow, 1981. Harry looked up as Voldemort opened the door, and cast the killing curse upon him. He would be mistaken as James Potter, at the moment anyway.

Chapter Two

Harry James Potter was a very well mannered and intelligent boy. He also was the Boy-Who-Lived, so that was an added unwanted bonus as far as he was concerned.

He had grown up with not the Dursleys, but with James Charles Potter. James had been devastated when he had saw his wives corpse, and his son, who had survived the Killing Curse, and had defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort.

There was still the mystery of James' clone with Lily's eyes, but this was kept from the public.

Harry knew James was a bit put off that he never turned to pranks like his father did, but he loved him nonetheless.

James had remarried five years later to Alice Smith-Longbottom. Frank Longbottom had been killed by the Lestranges, so Alice could understand what James was going through.

Alice also had twins. Neville Frank and Michelle Lola Longbottom. Harry treated them as if they were his own brother and sister.

Harry also made friends with one Ginevra Molly Weasley and the Weasley Twins. He was at odds with Ronald, their brother.

Harry went to his bed after sending a letter to Ginny. He was going to Hogwarts the next day. Hedwig was his familiar, and he adored the owl.

Harry went to sleap with a smile on his face.

Chapter Three

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