Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes lyrics04:31

Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes lyrics

Song used in the first trailer.

28 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Theatrical Trailer Music02:29

28 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Theatrical Trailer Music

Music used in the second trailer.

Digimon: The Digital War is an Japanese-American science fiction fantasy action-adventure film based on the Digimon media franchise by Akiyoshi Hongo. The film is directed by TBA and written and produced by Drew Gars. The film is based on the anime film series Digimon Adventure Tri. and is mostly based on the film Our Future. It is the tenth and final installment of the live action Digimon film series and a sequel to Digimon: Rebooted. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Ansel Elgort, Josh Hutcherson, Bella Thorne, Asa Butterfield, Liana Liberato, Robert Sheehan, Ty Simpkins, Joey King, Tsubasa Honda, Christoph Waltz, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Garner, Ken Watanabe, Anne Hathaway, Sung Kang, Jessica Chastain, Denzel Washington, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Simon Pegg, Emma Watson, Liam Neeson, Zach Woods, Samuel L. Jackson, Anna Kendrick, Kelsey Grammer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alison Brie, Alec Baldwin, Dylan Minnette, Noah Crawford, Mason Cook, Hailee Steinfeld, Edward Holcroft, Harrison Ford, Glenn Close, Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gossett, Jr.






  • Tom Fahn voices Agumon, Tai's Digimon partner.
- Michael Lindsey voices Greymon
- Joesph Pilato voices MetalGreymon
- Doug Jones as WarGreymon (motion capture performer)
- Lex Lang as WarGreymon (voice)
- Melodee Spevack voices Birdramon; Garudamon,
- Mari Devon voices Togemon
- Samantha Jo as Lillymon
- Michael Sorich voices Zudomon
- Daniel Cudmore as Angemon.
  • Edie Birman voices Salamon, Gatomon's Rookie form. Gatomon, Kari's Digimon partner.
- Emily Rose as Angewomon, Gatomon's ultimate form, an Archangel Digimon.
  • Kate Higgins as Meicoomon, Meiko's Digimon partner.
    • TBA as
  • Matt Smith voices King Drasil, is a host computer-like being that rules over the Digital World who wants to create a new world order without humans and Digimon ever interacting with each other. He serves as the main antagonist of the film.
  • Daisy Ridley voices Homeostasis, a digital lifeform and one of the host computers who rules over the Digital World who wants peace between The Real World and the Digital World.
  • Christoph Waltz as Gennai, the DigiDestined's former guide now the herald of King Drasil. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the film.
  • Alan Tudyk voices Hackmon, a Digimon who is the messenger of Homeostasis.
    • Tudyk also voices Jesmon, Hackmon's Mega form.
  • Josh Gad voices Tapirmon, Maika's Digimon partner.
  • Keith David voices Orochimon, a Demon Dragon Digimon.
    • David also voices Ebonwumon, an Animal Digimon and the Black Tortoise of the North.
  • Geoffrey Rush voices Hippogriffomon, a Mythical Animal Digimon.
    • Rush also voices Zhuqiaomon, a Bird Digimon and the Vermilion Bird of the South.
  • Michael Gambon voices Triceramon, a Dinosaur Digimon.
    • Gambon voices Azulongmon, a Holy Dragon Digimon and the Azure Dragon of the East.
  • Elizabeth Daily as Bearmon, a Mammal Digimon and Daigo's Digimon partner.
    • Frank Langella voices LoaderLiomon, a Machine Digimon and Bearmon’s champion form.
    • Langella also voices Baihumon, a Holy Beast Digimon and the White Tiger of the West.
  • Christopher Plummer voices Alphamon, a Warrior Digimon.


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