Dirge is an EP from American sludge/progressive metal band Nostradamus, released on July 2nd 2010. It marks their first EP, and their first work since 2009's A Dream Within A Dream, released on August 31st 2009. It consists of two songs; "Dirge" which goes for thirty minutes, and "Anti-Thesis" which goes for 1:10.


After releasing their fourth album in 2009, Nostradamus felt they needed to do in true sludge/prog fashion and release an overly long EP, as Toni Mirasuki explained in a Metalix January 2010 issue: "You know A Dream Within A Dream has been out since last year, and we feel with the extra time on our hands before major tours we could produce an EP of grandiose length and proportions. Dirge hearkens back to our earlier days; but still rings of today Nostradamus. It is a taste for the coming album"

Track listing

  1. "Dirge" 30:00
  2. "Anti-Thesis" 1:10


  • Toni Mirasuki- vocals, guitar
  • Les Kelly - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Josiah Badara - bass
  • Dan Blackmore - drums

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