For his evil Counterpart see Dirge

SGDirge Bio

Dirge before his demise

Dirge Is one of Megatrons greatest warriors and Starscreams second partner before he died in the hands of Rodimus (SG) and reborn as a Dark energon Zombie controlled by Optimus Prime (SG).


He was first seen in Episode 1 where he was patrolling the skies, scouting for energon and spying on the ground if there's any evil Autobots returning to create havoc on the roads and terrorize mankind while talking to young Starscream about being bored on partrol for energon. He detected Energon and Starscream asked if he needed backup but he said "Do I ever need Backup?". Later He got into a fight with a lot of tough brute autobots and was gravelly injured. He was taken to the Autobots spacefaring battleship the Ark where his last words were "Rodimus... its been a while.... so wheres your master?" before Rodimus told him "Never mind him. I am my own master!" and then shown how sharp and evil his claws are and stapped him to death. His body was latter used to be a guine pig where dark energon revived him as a zombie that is focused on destroying everything in its path. Optimus Prime cut the Terrorbot Dirge in half to prevent hims from hurting Optimus till he learn how to control dark energon. A rescue mission made by the Heroic Decepticons to rescue Dirge to the point where they didn't know about his transformation into a zombie. His dead body was left behind with the exploding energon mine.


Dirges Death and fighting is a homage to Cliffjumpers death from Transformers prime just because they both got turned into Dark Energon Zombies.

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