Harry Potter. Harry found out he was an wizard when he was eight. His only friends are Hermione and Ginny. Warning, Dark Harry and Ginny. Harry/Ginny

Chapter OneEdit

Vernon and Petunia Dursley and their son, Dudley, were normal. Well, normal as can be.

You see, They all kept an secret. Their nephew that stayed with them, Harry Potter, was abused and was forced to stay in the closet.

Harry did all the cooking and cleaning, all the cooking and cleaning. He wished he could have an real family, an one who cared about him.

Harry found out he was an wizard at the age of Eight. He had an dream about his parents.

James, did you see that.

I sure did, Lily.

Our Son, wandless magic at two month, he is going to be an very great wizard, ain't you Harry.

Harry soon heard Petunia and Vernon insult Wizards and Witches when they thought no one was looking.

So Harry had done accidental magic before. It all made sense. So Harry studyed Magic, and he did wandless magic.

Everytime the Dursley's weren't looking, Harry would clean the house with magic. He kept doing this over and over.

Harry James Potter awoke when he heard Petunia going on about Dudley's birthday. Harry went out of the closet, and 'made' breakfest for them.

The Dursleys, Peirs and Harry went to the Zoo, and Harry found out he could talk to snakes. Harry was sent to the Closet when they came home.

Harry somehow wished for an book about snakes and one appeared. Harry found out he was an Parseltounge, an person who can talk to snakes.

Weeks later, Harry went out to get the mail, and found the hogwarts letter. Harry hid it in his pocket, and gave the rest of the mail to Vernon.

Harry read the letter, and sneaked out. He bought all the books and everything. He bought an wand and found out it was the twin brother of Voldermort, the one who killed his parents.

Harry decided to sleap at the Leaky Cauldron. The next day, he went to the pet shop.

"I guess i have more money", Harry mumbled as he looked for the owl or cat he wanted.

He decided to buy one of each. He bought an snowy white owl, who he named Rowena after Rowena Ravenclaw herself.

The cat was more interesting, though. Harry found out it was half kneezle, an kneesle is an intelligant cat who knows who is an foe or ally.

Harry changed the name from Crookshanks to Godric, after Godric Gryffindor. He liked Rowena and Godric.

Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore was getting worried. He had learned from Hagrid that Harry had gone missing. He had feared the boy had been captured by the free death eaters.

One day, Harry was reading an book when he was amazed by something. An Animagus.

A Animagus was an person who can change into an animal at will. Harry decided to take the potion to see what his would be, but it would take an month.

That month came, and Harry took an sip. He went off to sleap, and dreamed about being an pure black owl, and an pure green snake.

However, before he awoke, he relised he was an golden Phoneix, and was amazed how beautiful it was.

Soon enough, Harry decided to try out the owl's form first. All he managed was to make the right wing.

Soon, it was time to get on Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Harry panicked as there was no Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

Soon, an large red headed family came, and he heard them speaking about muggles. Harry walked up to the small girl.

"Do you know how to", Harry asked. "Get to Platform Nine and Three Quaters, yeah", she piped up. The girl showed Harry to run through the barrier.

"Listen, thanks. Here, i will write to you tonight, deal", Harry said. The girl nodded. "What's your name", he asked. "Ginny Weasley", she said.

"Well, Ginny. My name is Harry Potter", Harry nearly smirked as the girl blushed as red as her hair.

Harry was tormented by one Draco Malfoy, and another from an Ron Weasley, Ginny's brother. Harry didn't care and he found an compartment to himself.

Soon enough, an girl with bushy haired opened the door. "Hello, have you seen Nevile's toad", she asked. Harry shrugged.

"No, but what is the toad called", Harry asked. "I think he said it was Trevor", she said. "Accio Trevor", Harry said, and soon enough, an toad zoomed inside the compartment.

"Was that an summoning spell", Hermione said, empressed.

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