Disembowler is the debut album from American metal band Lacerator, released on June 5, 2000. It features some of the band's most well known songs, including "Death Surround" and "Intestine". Gabriel Perry has stated that this album is his favourite.


The album was well received. Lacerator were acclaimed for "revitalising the thrash metal sound".

Magnor said: "Lacerator have brought back that new thrash sound with the same impact as Slayer's Reign in Blood and Metallica's Master of Puppets. Disembowler will have the same holding power in twenty years. "

Track listing

  1. "Flames of Hell" - 3:50
  2. "Death Surround" - 5:00
  3. "Disembowler" - 4:14
  4. "Intestine" - 4:55
  5. "Feel The Suffer" - 5:00
  6. "No Rest For the Wretched" - 4:00
  7. "The Pit" - 3:00

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