Dmitri Nolan
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Omicron Organization (Member)


Technical Operator

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"If I had to choose between Jade and Tara, I would choose Rover."
—Dmitri, when asked by Aaron who he likes better

Dmitri Nolan is a main character in Parallel, and high-ranking member of Omicron Organization.

Dmitri was born into a wealthy family, and was a spoiled brat in his younger years (when he was 5-6). Then, one day, his parents lost their fortune (Vestess stole their money in order to fund his Cloning Facility), and Dmitri was suddenly cast down in society. He eventually adapted, but it took longer for his parents to adjust. In time, Dmitri met Aaron Leaf, a young boy who would become his best friend, and they would go through many of life's challenges together. By the time that Vestess killed Jade Wong and Janar Danari's family members, Dmitri and Aaron were almost inseparable.

However, Vestess took notice of Dmitri and Aaron's parents, who were publicly opposing him. He couldn't take the risk that others might find out about him, so he managed to get a DNA sample of Dmitri, and used it to create a clone of Dmitri. This clone was tasked with 'getting rid of' Dmitri and Aaron, in order to get the message out to their parents that they need to shut up or else. It almost succeeded in blowing up Dmitri and Aaron in their houses, but, due in part to Jade and Janar, it failed, and was presumably destroyed with Dmitri's house.

In retailiation, Vestess, after learning that Aaron and Dmitri were rescued, and by Omicron Organization no-less, he just went and killed Dmitri and Aaron's parents. This left Dmitri heart-broken, as they were the only family he had.

Dmitri serves as Omicron's "Technical Operator", taking care of anything and everything related to computers and thing like that. In keeping with this, his weapon of choice is an electronic circuit board. He uses this to create shield around him and his allies, and to also shock and damage, respectively, the nervous systems of fleshly enemies, or the circuitry of mechanical enemies.

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