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I can't write all of this in one sitting, so I'll come back every now and then to write some more of it.

Chapter 1

Amy Pond stepped out into the arid scrubland. The sun beat down mercilessly, and the skulls of alien animals stuck out of the sand. Seriously?, she thought, this is Karar?

"Doctor", she began angrily, " you said Karar had a beutiful enviroment!"

"It does", said the Doctor, smiling. If you're a Kararan."

Amy resisted the urge to smack him.

Luka stepped out of the TARDIS. "I like it", he said, "it reminds me of Duon."

"I don't like Duon", muttered Amy under her breath. She left those two alone for two minutes, and then they whisked her across the universe to this barren heap so they could all go to some museum.

"It's just over this hill!", called the Doctor.

Once over the hill, Amy gasped, and all negative feelings she had towards Karar went away at once. Below sat the most beautiful building she had ever seen. It was about three stories tall, and was made of something not entirely unlike marble. Pillars and arches were arranged in some form of intricate alien architecture.

"Architecture never developed to its full potential on Earth," sighed the Doctor.

The three of them walked down the hill and into the museum. Inside, it was even more glorious. Pillars and arches decorated a long hall, and the walls were a beautiful shade of scarlet, and covered in exquisite engravings of six-legged animals.

Through a door on their left, a reptilian centauroid entered the room. "Greetings, Doctor", it said in a somewhat deep voice, "Please, enter the Time Museum. It is the most we can offer."

"Thank you, Veranhii," said the Doctor, "This place is fit for a king."

Veranhii bowed and left the room.

"Wow. They are a truly generous race," said Amy.

"Not really", replied the Doctor. "I saved their planet once. Yttri were pouring over their surface like a plague from space, and I stopped them. That's probaly the only reason Veranhii didn't kill us and harvest our entrails just then."


As they wandered through the museum, they spotted many relics of vanished civilizations.

"Now, rumour has it," said the Doctor, "that they have some old Time Lord artifacts in here. You know what I'm thinking? Two words: replacement parts. It's hard to get replacement parts for your ship if it's over a thousand years old."

"I can see how that might be a problem", said Amy.

"Exactly. Now, if we can find some, I don't think Veranhii would mind very much if we took them. Especially if I paid him."

As they walked, the Doctor bumped into a standing Dalek.

"AMY, LUKA, GET BACK!" The Doctor shouted, brandishing his sonic screwdriver against the Dalek. The Dalek stood still, motionless. Suddenly, the Doctor started laughing.

"It's OK," he said. "It's dead. This must be the Time War exhibit. Here's where we'll find the Time Lord stuff."

Throughout the room, there were strange arifacts, some Dalek, some Time Lord.

"Wow," said the Doctor in awe, "I haven't seen such a collection since Gallifrey was at its height. Look, there are some spare parts!"

"This is fascinating," said Luka, " how come there are so many parts here?"

"Karar was once an important Time Lord military base," said the Doctor, "and so the Daleks launched an attack on the planet's surface. The Battle of Karar was actually one of the largest battles of the whole Time War. I don't know all the details, but I do know this: we lost. The Daleks won and took over the planet. It was a hundred years before we took it back. Amy, Luka, why don't you two take a look around the place while I salvage some of these parts."

Luka head off towards an ancient Dilbanian exhibit, whilst Amy wandered aimlessly through the Raxicoricofallapatorius area.

As she studied the skeloton of some large animal labeled as "Blittergaforius Beast", she heard a strange sound that seemed to emenate from under the floor. "Doctor", she called nervously, "I think there's something wrong with this floor."

"Nonsense," said the Doctor, coming to check, "The Ulrimanian builders are among the greatest in the universe. There is nothing wrong with this floor." He paused, listening to the sound. "Wait a minute," he said, "I think there's something under us. Veranhii!" The reptile came quicky to the scene. "Are there any large, burrowing animals on Karar?"

"No, sir," said the Kararan, "there are none."

A low rumbling sound came from the floor. "Are you absolutely certain?", asked the Doctor.

"Yes, sir," began Veranhii, before a large animal broke through the floor and onto the exhibit floor.

The creature was somewhat dragon-like; a large reptile with four legs and two wings. But it had four compound eyes on its head, and its tail was long and scorpion-like. The creature hissed and ran towards them. Needless to say, they were already running down the halls in the opposite direction.

They entered a large room, and locked themselves into it.

"What is that thing!?," said Amy hysterically. "I really don't know," said the Doctor, " I've never seen anything like it."

"I have," said Veranhii breathlessly, "Once, on an engraving in Karar City. We call them Manticores. Legend says that the Manticores lived underground, but rose to the surface to feed in times of great calamity. I had thought it only a myth."

"Doctor," began Amy, " There's something I think you should see." Outside of a small window, hundreds of Manticores could be seen burrowing out of the ground, and flying off into the wind.

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